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hmm.. mission part 1

Nagi : mikage
Omi: shumea

NagixOmi - NC17 - Non Con, Rape, Angst, Sap

>[00:26] +Omi+: *skidders to a halt, getting his darts ready* schwarz!

[00:26] +Nagi+: *stops dead in his tracks and stares, growling* weiss..

[00:27] +Omi+: *throws a few darts towards nagi, missing him as always;
how could he ever hurt this pretty sad-looking boy?!*

[00:29] +Nagi+: *stares at omi* why do you always do that?

[00:34] +Omi+: do what..?! *crouches in a defensive position, ready to
spring into action*

[00:34] +Nagi+: miss me.

[00:35] +Omi+: *glares* because you dodge them...

[00:39] +Nagi+: how can i dodge if i don't even move.

[00:39] +Omi+: *blinks a few times, taken aback*

[00:40] +Nagi+: you miss on purpose. why?

[00:41] +Omi+: i don't want to hurt you if i can avoid it... *a bit sulkily*

[00:42] +Nagi+: oh? why not? aren't you weiss bastards sent to kill us?

[00:43] +Omi+: well... aren't you the schwarz bastard set to kill /us/
?! i'm only doing my job.... i don't want to hurt people unless i have to.

[00:44] +Nagi+: if you won't, then i will. *a little puff of wind comes
up and throws omi against a wall*

[00:44] +Omi+: *gasps and is slammed into a wall, knocking the breath
out of him* ooof!!!

[00:46] +Nagi+: *rushes over and puts a hand against omi's throat, the
other ripping off the older boy's earpeice and transmitter*

[00:48] +Omi+: *opens wide eyes and tries to struggle*

[00:50] +Nagi+: *slams him against the wall again* hold still!

[00:50] +Omi+: *gasps* aah..

[00:51] +Nagi+: *leans against him veryvery close* keep your mouth shut..

[01:05] +Omi+: *looks at nagi with wide wide blue eyes* n.. nagi-kun...!

[01:07] +Nagi+: *tightens his hand around the bigger boy's throat* i
said shut up!!

[01:13] +Omi+: *gulps and closes his eyes, hand going to his darts slowly*

[01:14] +Nagi+: *looks down and grabs omi's wrist tightly, using his
powers to grab the darts and throw them off somewhere*

[01:14] +Omi+: *holds very very still, wincing as nagi's powers chokes
the breath out of him*

[01:22] +Nagi+: *lets go of omi's throat, grabbing his other wrist as
he leans to press his whole body against omi, pinning him there* that's a good
little bitch..

[01:27] +Omi+: *opens his eyes and glares, starting to protest at the
term "bitch"*

[01:31] +Nagi+: awww, what's wrong kitten, cat got your tongue? *purrs
against his throat*

[01:37] +Omi+: *lets a soft squeak* no!!

[01:45] +Nagi+: *purrs* good. because i wanna hear you scream. *uses
his powers to keep omi pinned against the wall, a hand reaching down to grope
at omi's crotch*

[01:48] +Omi+: *squeaks in surprise* nagi-kun!!! ##O_O##

[01:51] +Nagi+: *bites down on his neck almost hard enough to draw blood,
hand working on getting omi's shorts undone*

[01:52] +Omi+: aah!! n.. nagi-kun... stop!!! stop it!! please!! *squirms

[01:55] +Nagi+: *slides a hand back up to omi's throat, squeezing tightly,
the other pulling off the bigger boy's pants*

[01:56] +Omi+: noo!! STOP!!! *tries to fight him off, will need convincing*

[01:59] +Nagi+: *slides his hand between omi's legs, tugging at his cock
and suckling on his throat* your mouth says no.. but your body says keep going,

[01:59] +Omi+: *whimpers a bit* stop it.... *softer*

[02:07] +Nagi+: *continues to stroke omi's cock, biting down hard on
the boys ear before licking and tugging on his earring*

[02:11] +Omi+: *moans softly, apparently nagi found a sensitive spot*

[02:12] +Nagi+: *purrs and quickens his pace on omi's cock*you want it..
you know you do..

[02:25] +Omi+: n.. nagi... kun... aah..!! *starts moving his hips*

[02:32] +Nagi+: that's a good little bitch.. *stops his hand movement,
teasing at the tip of the older boy's cock with his thumb*

[02:39] +Omi+: *whimpers softly*

[02:40] +Nagi+: *licks and grins wickedly* like that kitten? you want

[02:40] +Omi+: n... no..n *barely audible* let me go.. please...

[02:48] +Nagi+: i'm thinking.. no.. *flips omi around and presses his
face against the wall, moving behind him and pressing against him tightly*

[02:51] +Omi+: *yelps and gets scared, trying to push nagi away* get
away!!! get away from me!! HELP!!! ken-kun!! aya-kun!! youji-kun!! help!!!

[02:52] +Nagi+: *purrs against the back of his neck* no one can hear
you, kitten.. *jerks his hips against omi's butt a couple times*

[02:55] +Omi+: *whimpers and squeazes his eyes shut* please.. no... you

[03:00] +Nagi+: *purrs into his ear and licks the shell*oh, really? because
it seems.. that you're at my mercy, bombay. better get used to it. *shifts to
unbutton his own pants, sliding his cock against omi's crack, hissing slightly*

[03:04] +Omi+: *whimpers* (oh my..... oh my... he's going to rape me!!!
at least he's pretty.... oh gods... what should i do..?!)

[03:12] +Nagi+: *nibbles at his neck, a cute little moan in the back
of his throat* if you relax.. it won't hurt as much, kitten

[03:13] +Omi+: but.. you.... scare me.... *bites his lips, fighting the

[03:15] +Nagi+: *purrs and positions himself at omi's entrance, spreading
the older boy's legs a bit as he jerks in in one hard thrust, hissing at the
tight heat* i'm not all.. that scary, now am i..?

[03:16] +Omi+: *cries out in pain, bracing himself against the wall,
tears falling now*

[03:20] +Nagi+: *gives a choked moan, pulling omi's hips back down against
him, thrusting in slowly at first, then gaining speed*

[03:23] +Omi+: *can't help his body's reaction... he's just a teenager
after all... son starts to move with nagi, moaning*

[03:27] +Nagi+: *purrs against his neck, wrapping his arms around the
older boys waist to thrust in harder and deeper, a small hand snaking down to
caress omi's cock*

[03:28] +Omi+: *moans and leans forehead on the wall, moving with nagi,
and panting*

[03:29] +Nagi+: *licks his ear, moaning and stroking and fucking the
daylights out of omi*

[03:31] +Omi+: *groans and thrusts into nagi's hand until he comes*

[03:32] +Nagi+: *chokes out a moan as omi's muscles tighten on him, panting
as he comes, spilling his seed into the bigger boy*

[03:35] +Omi+: *just stays there, not knowing what to do, very confused.*

[03:39] +Nagi+: *pants and pulls out, letting go of omi as he zips up
his pants and starts to walk away* i'll let you live.. for now. ja

[03:43] +Omi+: w... wait.... *tries to put his shorts up*

[03:46] +Nagi+: *stops and looks over his shoulder* what is it, bombay?
you're wasting my time.

[03:47] +Omi+: why....? why did you do that...?!

[03:47] +Nagi+: because i could, you there wasn't anything you could
do to stop me.

[03:47] +Nagi+: i wanted to hear you scream, bombay. you have such a
pretty voice. i'll be leaving now.

[03:50] +Omi+: *stays there, all stuned. his first time and such hate....*

[03:51] +Nagi+: *walks off, chuckling at a mental conversation he's having
with schu*

[03:52] +Omi+: *slides to the floor, hugging himself*

[03:53] +Nagi+: *snickers and leaves*so long, kitten. in my opinion,
you weren't half bad. just wish i had a camera

[03:53] +Omi+: *cries softly*

[03:53] +Omi+: ((ooooh... he was evil!!! >XD ))

[03:54] +Nagi+: *gone*

[03:54] +Nagi+: ((i think that was the meanest i have ever been to omi
O.o; ))

[03:54] +Omi+: ((hehe.... *snugs*))

[03:55] +Nagi+: ((shall ken come to the rescue?))

[03:58] +Omi+: ((SURE!!! =*--*= ))

[03:58] +Nagi+: ((teehee))

[03:59] +Nagi+: *~*~* Character Change *~*~*</p>

.....continued in the next post

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