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hmm.. mission part 2

Ken: mikage
Omi: shumea

ken + omi, sap, angst, language

[03:59] +Ken+: *comes running down the hallway, looking in every room
he passes through, worried as all hell* Omi!! omi where are you! come on buddy,
answer me!

[04:00] +Omi+: *is curled up where nagi left him. his comm is laying
a little ways away. he's got his face burried in his arms over his knees*

[04:02] +Ken+: *blood drains from his face as he sees omi crumpled up
on the floor, rushing to him* omi! omi.. what happened.. come on buddy talk
to me.. *kneels and pulls omi up against his chest*

[04:03] +Omi+: *starts crying in earnest, clinging to ken* ken-kun!!!
*sobs loudly*

[04:04] +Ken+: *wraps his arms tightly and comfortingly around omi, rubbing
his back* shh... omi.. stop crying.. it's ok.. just tell me what happened...

[04:05] +Omi+: *starts hitting on ken's chest, crying* why didn't you
hear me?!!! why didn't you hear me call?!! why'd you let him touch me?!!!!

[04:12] +Ken+: *clutches omi* omi, omi, dear sweet omi.. none of us could
hear each other.. we all got seperated.. i'm sorry buddy, i'm sorry.. we were
all attacked by schwarz.. they..

[04:13] +Omi+: nagi... he... he.. oh gods.. *clings to ken, sobbing*

[04:16] +Ken+: *realization hits* oh my god.. omi.. *holds him tightly*
come on.. we have to get out of here.. cops'll be here any time now.. aya and
yohji sent me to find you..

[04:19] +Omi+: *tries to get to his feet, wincing in pain, nodding and
sniffing* okay....

[04:21] +Ken+: damn.. come here *picks omi up carefully in his arms and
runs towards the fire escape, running to his waiting bike* think you can hold
on? or do i have to find a hotel?

[04:22] +Omi+: it hurts.... *sniffles* it hurts, ken-kun......

[04:26] +Ken+: *growls* come on then.. *sets him against the wall* let
me move my bike... *hides it behind a bush, then runs back to pick up omi in
his arms, searching about for a motel* damndamndamndamn *finds a place and rents
a room, kicking open the door and putting omi down on the bed, then running
back to lock it* hang in ther ebuddy.. let me call the guys.. *makes the call*
ok.. they know where we are.. just relax and i'll get you cleaned up..

[04:28] +Omi+: *nods softly, still crying* thank you ken-kun...

[04:32] +Ken+: *rushes to the bathroom and gets a wet washclothe, coming
back to wipe down omi's face and neck, eyes going wide at the bruises* jesus..

[04:33] +Omi+: he wouldn't let me go... no matter how much i begged...
*breathing ragged, crying*

[04:36] +Ken+: *climbs on the bed behind omi* anywhere else..?

[04:38] +Omi+: i.. i think i'm bleeding... *shaky voice*

[04:41] +Ken+: lifts up omi's shirt and looks around, no sign of anything
except minor bruising* i dont see any..

[04:43] +Omi+: down... down /there/... *mere whisper, eyes closed, looking

[04:47] +Ken+: *eyes go wide, a slight blush going across his cheeks*
umm.. d..do you.. want me to leave.. and give you some privacy..? or..

[04:48] +Omi+: d... don't go!!! just... just... don't go... i'll.. i'll
go to the bathroom and wash, but please... stay close...

[04:53] +Ken+: *nods and helps him to the bathroom, then walks out and
closes the door* i'll stay right outside the door.. okay?

[04:56] +Omi+: promise you won't move from there...? *sounds veryvery

[04:57] +Ken+: i promise omi..

[04:57] +Omi+: ok... *sniffles and starts undressing, washing himself
while crying, and hissing in pain*

[05:00] +Ken+: *leans against the wall and sighs* omi.. you okay?

[05:05] +Omi+: *sniffles* i'll be fine, ken-kun.... *can't bear to see
his clothes, he needs them washed. throws them in a corner and wraps himself
in a towel, trusting ken* ... i'm ok... *opens the door and looks at ken with
wide blue eyes*

[05:11] +Ken+: *looks at omi, eyes a little sad* omi.. i'm sorry.. i
couldn't get there sooner..

[05:13] +Omi+: it's ok, ken-kun.... i just... wasn't strong enough....

[05:20] +Ken+: *pulls omi into a hug, whispering softly* it's okay omi..
there isn't much you could have done against him.. considering his powers..

[08:16:48] +Omi+: *hugs tight, burrying his face in ken's chest* (i wish...
it was you... i wanted you to be my first... i'm soiled.. ) soiled...

[05:23] +Ken+: *holds onto him tightly, nuzzling the smaller boys' hair*
you're not, omi..

[05:25] +Omi+: i wish... i wish it had been someone i loved.. for the
first time at least... *cries silently*

[05:27] +Ken+: *clings* i know buddy.. i wish this didn't have to happen..
but.. nothing we can do now..

[05:28] +Omi+: *clings* i want it again... i want it clean.... i want.....
love.. *faint whisper*

[05:29] +Ken+: *snuggles and pulls back a bit, shrugging off his jacket*
here.. wear this.. i'll call yohji and have him come get you and bring extra

[05:30] +Ken+: ((my god, ken, you really are a dumbass -.-))

[05:30] +Omi+: no.. *clings* don't leave me!! don't.... i don't want
to face them right now.... let's stay here... please...?

[05:32] +Ken+: shh... it's okay omi.. *rubs the back of his head soothingly*
we'll stay here.. let's get you into bed.. i'll take the floor..

[05:33] +Omi+: no.... no.... stay with me.... *clings*

[05:35] +Ken+: *blinks* oh.. okay.. come on.. let's get you to bed..
you can wear my sweatshirt..

[05:37] +Omi+: *follows ken to the bed silently, not protesting yet,
wondering how to go about that...*

[05:42] +Ken+: `*tosses his jacket on a closeby chair, taking off his
sweatshirt and handing it to the smaller boy*

[05:43] +Omi+: *snuggles into it, shivering, removing the humid blanket
before slipping in bed*

[05:47] +Ken+: *climbs in beside him, staying as far away from omi as
possible, thinking he might not want the contact* 'yasumi, omi

[05:48] +Omi+: *snuggles close to ken, wrapping his arms around him*

[05:49] +Ken+: *meeps a little, then wraps his arms around omi, holding
him gently* it's ok.. you're safe omi.. just go to sleep..

[05:52] +Omi+: i don't want to sleep.... *burries his face in the crook
of ken's neck*

[05:53] +Ken+: *blushes a little but snuggles anyway*

[05:57] +Omi+: i want to be loved..... *whispered against ken's ear*

[06:01] +Ken+: *stiffens and tightens his hold on omi*

[06:03] +Omi+: ....... love me...?

[06:04] +Ken+: *stiffens again* i do, omi..

[06:06] +Omi+: .... i love you.... i wanted you to touch me first....
touch me, ken...

[06:07] +Ken+: *blushes bright red* i.. uh.. but.. omi.. a.. after..
what happened..? i'll.. just end up.. hurting.. you..

[06:11] +Omi+: no... no... it won't hurt here... *touches his heart*
.. if it's you...

[06:16] +Ken+: omi.. even.. if i dont hurt you emotionally.. i still
will physically..

[06:17] +Omi+: i don't mind... i'm already sore... i need you, ken, pleaaase....
*has dropped the kun*

[06:19] +Ken+: *clings* you're sore.. which is exactly why i don't want
to.. well.. i WANT to, but.. omi.. i can't.. i refuse to hurt you any more..

[06:20] +Omi+: *pulls away angrily* but i need it!!

[06:23] +Ken+: omi.. please.. some other time.. i care about you too
fucking much to hurt you, okay?

[06:31] +Omi+: *turns away, angry and desperate tears escaping his eyelids*
ken-kun no baka!

[06:33] +Ken+: omi... please don't be mad.. *follows him and pulls him
close to his chest*

[06:38] +Omi+: don't touch me!! *pulls away* i'm dirty... i'm so dirty...
no one will ever love me again!!

[06:42] +Ken+: omi.. omi sweetie.. that's not true.. you're NOT dirty,
you CANT help what happened, it's NOT your fault, and i DO love you.. i just..

[06:42] +Omi+: no you don't!!! if you did you'd at least KISS me!!

[06:45] +Ken+: *growls and shoves omi down onto his back, kissing him

[06:57] +Omi+: *whimpers and clings, kissing back desperatly, hooking
a leg around ken*

[06:58] +Ken+: *purrs and pulls off, looking at omi in the eyes from
above* proof enough..?

[07:00] +Omi+: *whimpers again, but out of frustration at the lost, wanting
more* again... kiss me again... i can see stardust!!

[07:03] +Ken+: happily.. *leans forward, kissing omi tenderly, tongue
probing the smaller boy's sweet mouth*

[04:58] +Omi+: *moans and wraps his arms around ken's neck, clinging
to him*

[05:00] +Ken+: *slips his arms around the smaller boy, kissing him gently
and holding him tightly*

[05:02] +Omi+: *kisses back needily, small hands pulling him in a tight

[05:03] +Ken+: *nibbles on his lip*

[05:19] +Omi+: *soft gasp, slipping a knee between ken's legs*

[05:20] +Ken+: *purrs, pulling back a bit to nibble at omi's throat*

[05:20] +Omi+: *tilts his head back, groaning*

[05:22] +Ken+: *suckles lightly, a hand snaking up under omi's sweatshirt,
pinching at a nipple* omi..

[05:38] +Omi+: *moans softly, arching back* ken-kun...

[05:41] +Ken+: *nuzzles up omi's neck, licking and nibbling at his earlobe*


And that's where we stopped cuz we got bored of it :P

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