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ken: mikage
omi: shumea

started : march 6, 2003

Thu Mar 06, 2003

[21:05] Shumea: *pokepoke*
[21:05] OmiLovesKen: moo
[21:05] Shumea: Omi is all tied up wearing a sign saying : "molest me"
[21:06] OmiLovesKen: *giggles*
[21:06] OmiLovesKen: *molestu omikins*
[21:06] OmiLovesKen: is he NAKED and tied up?
[21:06] Shumea: *purrs*
[21:07] Shumea: *nodnods*
[21:07] OmiLovesKen: woohoo!
[21:07] OmiLovesKen: *pulls kenken out of her pocket and biggerizes him*
[21:07] Shumea: All ukeish with little tears in his eyes
[21:07] OmiLovesKen: awwwwww
[21:09] OmiLovesKen: kenken will be back to take care of the wittle omikins in a minute ^_^ ima gonna go feed the animals real quick so we dont disturb nothing ^_^
[21:10] Shumea: *nodnods*

[21:34] Ken: *molests omi*
[21:37] Omi: hooooooo!! *blushes and giggles*
[21:37] Ken: *licks his lips*
[21:38] Omi: *kisses Ken's lips* ^.^
[21:38] Ken: yummy *grin*
[21:39] Omi: *kisses again* Nummy... *nodnods*
[21:40] Ken: *nibbles his lip, wrapping his arms around him* has omi been a good boy..?
[21:41] Omi: mmmmaaaaaybbeeeeeee
[21:43] Ken: *pushes him over and straddles him* maybe? how is maybe?
[21:43] Omi: hummmm... depends on what I get if I say yes and what I get if I say no.. *innocent grin*
[21:44] Ken: well i dunno what to give you till i know.. :)
[21:48] Omi: Letshay I was bad..... ^.^
[21:49] Omi: What do I get?
[21:49] Ken: i wont tell you till i know if you were :)
[21:54] Omi: How will you know? *pouts*
[22:00] Ken: cuz im thiiiinkin...
[22:00] Ken: of how to pamper you if you were good.. and punish you if you were bad.. *grins*
[22:04] Omi: hmmm..... *puppy eyes* you can just take pleasure in me until I scream? It works for both...
[22:05] Ken: *sniff* well if you tell me i can choose how i wanna do it *sly grin*
[22:08] Omi: *looks with wide innocent eyes* The choice is yours, master...
[22:08] Ken: mmmm *licks his ear and whispers hotly into* i like the sound of that..
[22:15] Omi: *ppuuuuurrrrsss*
[22:30] Ken: *slides a hand down omi's side and up his shirt, grasping a nipple between his fingers, tweaking it while sucking on his neck*
[22:34] Omi: *moans and arches into Ken* hmmmm....
[22:50] Ken: *grins, running his hand up omi's leg and under his skirt* so my little omittchi.. what's with the girls uniform..? *purrs* i like it.. very easy access
[22:51] Omi: *moans* Thought you'd like it... Annnn... <3
[22:52] Omi: *takes female attitude*
[22:53] Ken: meow.. *slides down his chest, pushing up his shirt to lick up to his nipple, taking it lightly between his teeth, teasing it with his tongue*
[22:54] Omi: *gasps and arches back, moaning* Ke~~nnn!! annn... <3
[22:57] Ken: *lifts him up slightly to pull his shirt over his head* no need for this... *kisses a trail up his chest, sucking on the nape of his neck before reaching up to kiss his mouth*
[23:02] Omi: *wraps arms around his neck* yyyaaannn~~ <3 Ken-kun~~ <3
[23:04] Ken: mmm... someone's a little frisky..... so what's your answer my little doll..? were you good or bad..? *nibbles on his ear*
[23:06] Omi: I wash vewy vewy goood.... <3 Ne? *tugs a bit on Ken's neck and stradles his lap*
[23:11] Ken: *grins* them omikins gets to scream in pleasure.. but not in the dirtiest ways i can think of... *sits back and slips omi on his lap so they're facing each other, hugging him tightly and sucking on his neck*
[23:15] Omi: ummmm... Omi-chyan likes dirty though... *pouts*
[23:16] Ken: yea i know.. but omi-chan was gooood today, wasn't he? *lick*
[23:20] Omi: hnnnnnn... did bad stuff tyoo
[23:21] Ken: *grins and looks him in the eyes* bad.. like what for instance? *licks down his chest* if you say "i killed someone" im gonna bite yer dick off and fuck you with it *circles his tongue around omi's belly button*
[23:26] Omi: Nyooo.... I *gasps* hacked into... *moans* porno sites.... *yaaannn* and... stole a bunch ... oh god... of videos... I didn't pay for... can't use a.. credit card... m'too young...
[23:35] Ken: *grins and wraps his arms around the smaller boy, undoing the skirt so he can slip it off* i like that answer... *kiss* you're gonna *kiss* share with me *kiss* right? *lifts him up to slide the skirt off and throw it on the floor*
[23:38] Omi: *moans and whimpers* I am... Uniform.. Got the idea.. from.. one... *rubs himself on Ken*
[23:41] Ken: *smiles and slides down omi's body, sucking the tip of his cock into his mouth, running his tongue along it*you' show.. me
[23:44] Omi: *whimpers and starts moving in Ken's mouth, soft whimpering sound coming from his throat* Kyeeeennn <3 Ahh.. annn.. nnmm.... More... <3
[23:46] Ken: *rubs his thigh with one hand and grasps omi's throbbing shaft with the other, nibbling down the rigid underside before taking his entire length into his mouth, bobbing his head slowly*
[23:47] Omi: Oh God... Ken... *moves hips, fucking Ken's mouth* Ohhh.. faster.. oh god... annn...
[23:50] Ken: *reaches his hand down, caressing omi's balls, sucking and licking on his cock, going back and forth faster and faster, concentrating mainly on the tip while he jacks him with his other hand*
[23:51] Omi: *is going more and more loud until he explodes into orgasm - right into Ken's mouth*
[23:52] Ken: *laps up the salty-sweet sticky liquid, swallowing as much as he can* mmm... taste.. so good..
[23:57] Omi: *purrs* Ken-kun... Omi-chyan needs yew....
[00:00] Ken: *slides up his chest and kisses him* and what does *kiss* omittchi *kiss* need me to *kiss* do?
[00:00] Omi: *purrs into Ken's ear* Possess me.... *bites it*
[00:04] Ken: *winces slightly, grinning* whatever you say... *flips omi over onto his back, then reaches over to get a small tube o'lube out of his drawer, squirting the contents into his hand, running it down the crack of omi's ass before inserting a finger, wiggling it around*
[00:09] Omi: Yaaannn.... <3 Ken-kun ttara.... *opens legs wide for him, caressing his own chest and sucking on his fingers*
[00:11] Ken: *smiles, sliding another finger in, pumping them in and out, deeper to touch that sweet spot*
[00:12] Omi: *arches off the bed with a lustful moan when touched /there/* Keeennnnn~~~
[00:15] Ken: *grins to himself, licking his lips* ready, omikins.? *slips his fingers out, pulling omi onto his lap so their facing each other and thrusts his rigid cock all the way in to the hilt in one quick movement* oh god.. *_* nnn.. omi-kun.. *wraps his arms around the boy, thrusting in slowly, gaining speed*
[00:17] Omi: *wraps his long feminine legs around Ken's body, wrapping his arms around his shoulder, he uses them to make Ken fuck him deeper and faster, going up and down on him, crying out lustfully with everythrusts*
[00:25] Ken: *licks and nibbles on his ear, pumping into him faster hitting his prostate, whispering hotly* mmm... feels.. so good.. *thrusts faster and deeper, feeling his tip beginning to ooze with precome*
[00:28] Omi: *rolls his hips to make it hotter, sucking on Ken's neck till he's got bruises and moaning with each thrusts against the skin*
[00:30] Ken: *gives a few final fast, hard thrusts before spilling his essance into the smaller assassins lithe frame, clutching him tightly, his nails digging into his skin* ahhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnn......
[00:32] Omi: *arches back as Ken's hot seed splatter his inner sides and comes with a cry, a mingle of orgasm and pain where Ken is deliciously scratching him*
[00:36] Ken: *kisses him and pushes himself forward, knocking omi back onto the bed underneath him, slowly pulling out and licking omi's chest*
[00:37] Omi: hmmm.. *purring*
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