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Shumea's RPs

Ken: mikage
Omi: shumea

((Was done in two parts and left unfinished))

[02:53] Omi: *licks Ken*
[02:53] Ken: *drools*
[02:53] Ken: *giggles*
[02:54] Omi: Omi : *blinks cutely*
[02:55] Ken: o.o *snuggles omi* ^_____^
[02:55] Omi: ^___^
[02:56] Ken: nyaaa... how is omi tonight?
[02:57] Omi: Hyper and jumping around, pouncing random people and stuff...
[02:58] Ken: ...why are you not jumping and pouncing on _me_?
[02:59] Omi: *pounces* Because I didn'T know you wanted it!! *licks*
[03:00] Ken: rawr! *tackles him* anyone teach you not to lick? ^_~
[03:02] Omi: *licks* no
[03:05] Ken: *pins him, sitting on his stomach* well they should've. how would you know where people have been or what they have been doing..? you could get sick *leans forward and licks the tip of his nose
[03:05] Ken: *
[03:07] Omi: *giggles*
[03:09] Ken: *smiles*
[03:13] Omi: *lick lick* Ken-kun...
[03:17] Ken: *looks him in the eyes* yea?
[03:17] Omi: You want to know what? *giggles*
[03:18] Ken: *confused* o.o what?
[03:19] Omi: You taste good!! *licks and gigges... He's a bit tipsy*
[03:20] Ken: *snatches up a bottle of rum and points to it* o.o is that why? this tastes good too... *takes a drink off the bottle*
[03:22] Omi: Doesh it? Gimme !! *takes bottle and takes a swing*
[03:25] Ken: uh huh *slowly realizes omi took the bottle from him* heyyyyy!! give that back! *snatches the bottle back and takes a couple gulps, then hiccups* iiyaaaaaa that's warm >_O
[03:29] Omi: Mou... *pouts* you're not shawing... I dun like you anymore...
[03:31] Ken: o.o *sniffles* but but but butbutbutbut... i like you omiiiiiiii
[03:32] Omi: The you... y'have to sha... shaw... share, y'know...
[03:33] Ken: *clumsily offeres the bottle, spilling a little bit on omi's shirt* whoopsh.. here you goooo *^_^*
[03:34] Omi: Wayyyiiiiiiiiiii!!! *hugs botttles to chest and rubs his cheek on it lovingly then takes a swing*
[03:36] Ken: na.. o..mi >_o itsh.. not good fora.. little guy likeshh.. you to drink *hic* so mush.. let me clean that up ferr you... *sways forward, licking the alcohol off of omi's shirt* yum.. :)
[03:37] Omi: *purrs* Ken-k.... kunn.. You're... *giggles* Tickling me... and it,s making me... all hot... =*-*=
[03:39] Ken: *hic* nuh uh.. ish the alcohol.. makesh me all warm and fusshy inside.. *_* you.. tasty good tooo *___*
[19:59] Omi: *glomps and giggles*
[19:59] Ken: *tackleglomps and grins*
[20:01] Omi: *giggles* Ken.. You're heavy... =*-*=
[20:02] Ken: *grins* naw, youre jusht scraaawwwwny *tickles omi*
[20:03] Omi: *giggles* Shtop it.. *giggles more* you're tickling meeee... XD
[20:04] Ken: *blinks* #o.o# *giggles*
[20:06] Omi: *takes another swing, still giggling*
[20:08] Ken: heyyy.... gimme thaaaaaat!! *snatches the bottle and pours some down his throat, grimacing* aiiiiiii that's a shpicy meatball >_<
[20:11] Omi: *giggles* I like it...
[20:11] Ken: ish verrrry good *hic* just.. dont pour it dir..directly down.. your throat. #^_^#
[20:12] Omi: I di... O.O did... wh.. wha'sh gonna happen?
[20:16] Ken: wont.. hurt you *hic* just burns going.. down.. *giggles, taking few more gulps* omiiiii-kuuuuun.. i feelsh all warm and fuzzy inshide.. *collapses on omi and rubs his head against his chest* mmm... warm and snuggly..
[20:18] Omi: *giggles* you're all ... www.... waaarm... too..Ke.. Ken-kun! *giggles*
[20:18] Ken: n______________________n
[20:19] Omi: *wraps arms and legs around Ken*
[20:19] Ken: #O_O#
[20:19] Ken: o..omi..kun... *blushes and hiccups* wee n_n
[20:22] Omi: warm... ish wam... *giggles*
[20:23] Ken: *snuggles omi and licks the tip of his nose* omiii kuuuun.. do we ha.. ha.. have anymore of.. thish.. stuff?
[20:24] Omi: *giggles* I dunno... But I'm... nto lett'n goo... you ish warmss...
[20:25] Ken: *whines* but but butb utbutbutbut.. i want...smore.. *hic* *buries his head in omi's chest* shmellsh.. good.. omikun...
[20:27] Omi: I wantsh more of you... *giggles*
[20:29] Ken: *confused* huh? @_@ you.. can have.. wahtever you want.. i..if.. you g..go get me more of thish stuffsh #^_^#
[20:30] Omi: *purrs* Wha... whatever... I.. wantsh?
[20:31] Ken: *giggles and grins* uh huuuuuuh #n____n#
[20:34] Omi: *whispered in his ear* Give firsht...
[20:35] Ken: *whimpers* unnhhhhhh!! but.. but... *bats his eyelashes* pweesh?
[20:37] Omi: Give firsht. *obstinate*
[20:37] Ken: ;.;! ...ok... what doesh you want..? *confused*
[20:38] Omi: *purrs* you...
[20:40] Ken: #O.O#
[20:40] Ken: m.. me..? *confused, swaying slightly*
[20:41] Omi: I wantsh you. now. here.
[20:42] Ken: #O.o# like.. how... ? *lies his head on omi's shoulder, breath tickling the smooth skin underneath his face*
[20:43] Omi: *whispered* Make love to me....
[20:44] Ken: *squeaks* hontou ni? #O_O# *giggles*
[20:45] Omi: *giggles and blushes* C'mon... Ken-kunnn...
[20:49] Ken: mmm.. *sits up slowly and nods* na... where doesh omikinsh want me.. to.. start..?
[20:50] Omi: #O.O# I don'.... *giggles* know... *hic* K... Kiss mee?
[20:52] Ken: ok ^_______^ *grins, sliding his tongue lightly up omi's cheek, searching for his lips* omi.. tastesh.. good..
[20:55] Omi: *giggles and tries to help Ken find his lips but is too tipsy*
[20:56] Ken: mmm.... come here you.. *grabs the smaller assassin's chin lightly and tilts it toward him* mm..much bet... better *licks omi's lips, seeking entrance into his small mouth*
[21:03] Omi: *opens his lips and giggles, wrapping his arms closer around Ken*
[21:06] Ken: *giggles, kissing omi deeply, hungrily, his tongue battling that of the smaller boy* omi... kun... *wraps his arms around omi, pulling him up slightly*
[21:26] Omi: *moans and giggles* K... Ken-kunn...
[21:29] Ken: *grins* yes...?
[21:33] Omi: I loves yew.... *giggles and kisses again but miss Ken's lips and kiss his nose*
[21:35] Ken: ^0^ aii omi-kuun! you sho.. cute..
[21:35] Omi: *giggles* and you're... g... gorgeous!
[21:36] Ken: O_o
[21:36] Ken: wee! *holds omi's body tighter*
[21:43] Omi: *licks*
[21:44] Ken: *grins* heeey that ticklesh!
[21:45] Omi: *giggles * I knyooow!
[21:49] Ken: nnn!! shtop teashinn meee.. ish not fair ;.;
[21:51] Omi: *giggles* But it'sh fun!!
[21:59] Ken: but.. not fair.. ifyer gonna.. teash me.. you gotaa.. teash me _everywhere_.


[18:43] Shumea: Ish KenKen home nyow?
[18:43] OmiLovesKen: uh huuuuuh ^____^
[18:44] Shumea: Yay!!!! Where ish he nyow? My Omi misses his KenKen!! Living room? BED room? =^.~=
[18:46] OmiLovesKen: probably giggling drunk in the living room attempting to use a computer :P
[18:47] OmiLovesKen: well.. lets find out.. *pulls kenken out of her pocket*
[18:48] Ken: *pokes at the keyboard, swaying slightly, yelling on the top of his lungs* >.O naaa omi! how the hell doesh thish thing turn on?
[18:49] Shumea: *pulls Omi out of her pockets but gets bitten* Ouch!!
Omi: Don' fling me aroun' like shat.... Sh' getting me all dizzzzzzzy.... *giggles and hiccups*
[18:50] Omi: *stumbles to keyboard and pushes a button* Like zzish.... *giggles* ah! Who cares!! *sits on Ken's lap and kisses him*
[18:52] Ken: O.O *snuggles omi* oooohh.. *returns the kiss, licking his tongue* omitaste gooooofdddddd.. n______n
[18:52] Omi: *giggles* Ken-kun tastes better!! *kisses again*
[19:01] Ken: *wobbles off balance with omi in his lap and falls off the chair, still kissing him, giggling* i..itai.. nuh uh.. omi tastes better than teh schnapps..
[19:02] Omi: *giggles, still on Ken's lap* Ken tastes like rhum.... *giggles and pushes Ken so he's laying on top of him*
[19:04] Ken: *squeaks* #O_O# omi..kun ish verrrry happy na?
[19:05] Omi: yesh!! Omi-kun likesh Ken-kun a lot and Ken-kun is wif Omi-kun so Omi-kun ish happy... *giggles*
[19:08] Ken: *giggles, lying back and putting his hands underneath his head, his arms spread out* ken-kun.. ish happy tooo..
[19:09] Omi: *licks Ken's nose* *giggles* Omi-kun wantsh Ken-kun to kissh him....
[19:11] Ken: *giggles and tries to sit up, getting a head rush and sliding back down to the floor* @_@ @.! you.. have to coooomme.. down here then.. =n_n=
[19:20] Omi: wif pleasure!! *giggles and kisses Ken*
[19:21] Ken: ^______^ :-* *wraps his arms around omi, toying with the soft hair on the back of his neck while kissing him hungrily*
[19:22] Omi: *kissing back as hungrily, slipping his hands under Ken's shirt*
[19:33] Ken: #O_O# eek! mmm.. omi-kuuuuuuun... *licks omi's neck up to his ear, giving soft kisses*
[19:34] Omi: Hmmmmmm..... *caresses Ken's stomach and chest* Hmmmmm..... Ken-kunnnnn.... Omi-kun wantsh you tonight....
[19:37] Ken: mmm... omi..kun can have.. whatever. he wantsh.. *slides a hand down the smaller boy's back, and up his shirt to run his fingers up his spine*
[19:38] Omi: *purrrs and kisses again and again*
[19:45] Ken: yum.. omi-kun.. you're the beshtest.. *snuggles and nibbles his neck*
[19:46] Omi: *giggles* That ticklesh!! #^.^#

~and it never was finished. evil nah? ~*~
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