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Shumea's RPs

Ken : mikage
Omi: shumea

[01:20] Omi: *passed out on Ken*
[01:21] Ken: *poke* na... omi? ooooommmmmiiiiiii!!!! *bites his shoulder lightly*
[01:22] Omi: *blinks, snuggles closer, bites ken's neck and falls back*
[01:22] Omi: asleep*
[01:23] Ken: *confused look* oooommiiii!! waaaaaake uuuuuuuuuppp! *pouts and clamps his teeth on the boy's ear*
[01:24] Omi: *purrs and snuggles* Ken-kunnn... so hot... wantsh you... *snores softly*
[01:26] Ken: *blinks* welll duuuuuuuuhhhhhh wake up!! *clumsily pushes omi's head up and smacks him lightly a few times* wake! up! omi!
[01:28] Omi: *blinks* Ken-kun... mou.. you're still dressed!! *starts to undress Ken*
[01:30] Ken: ^______________^ now thatsh more like it :D *helps him, pulling his shirt off over his head and tossing it aside*
[01:30] Omi: Hey!! I thought I was through with that!! *starts on his own clothes*
[01:35] Ken: *leans forward and pushes omi over onto his back, kissing his neckline and unfastening his shorts*
[01:35] Omi: *moans* K.. Ken-kun... *giggles* Huwwy....
[01:37] Ken: ^_______^ with much pleasure... *slides down omi's sleek chest, lifting his hips up slightly to pull off the offending article of clothing, licking around a nipple before teasing it with his tongue and sucking on it*
[01:41] Omi: *moans, pawing at Ken's chest*
[01:43] Ken: *slides a hand up omi's thigh, gently stroking, nipping at his chest and the hard nub of flesh between his teeth* omi... kun.. so beautiful.. *slides his hand up omi's erection, with soft touches here and there, teasing the boy*
[01:44] Omi: *arches back, blushing, moaning and whimpering* Ken-kunnnn....
[01:50] Ken: yes.. omi...? *moves to the other nipple, teasing it before sliding his tongue down omi's smooth chest* is this.. what you want..? *takes a hold of omi's cock, sliding down to blow his hot breath onto it, stroking it softly*
[01:52] Omi: I want you!!! *whimpering* Nyaow.. pleashe.... Ken-kunnn.... takesh me nyaow...
[01:53] Ken: just like that..? none of... *licks the sensitive slit* this? or this? *sucks the head into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it, applying even pressure with his sucking*
[01:54] Omi: Oh gods YES!!!! *moves hips, caressing his own chest*
[01:55] Ken: *smiles to himself, sucking more of omi's throbbing cock into his mouth, reaching his hand underneath to toy with his balls*
[01:58] Omi: *moves faster, fucking Ken's mouth madly* Oh.. godsh... Kennnnnn....
[01:59] Ken: *giggles onto omi's dick, loosening his jaw to go farther down on omi's shaft, bobbing his head faster and faster, his fingers beginning to toy with the senstive flesh of the smaller assassin's forbidden entrance*
[02:02] Omi: *pushes down on Ken's finger, moaning wildly, nearly screaming with each pump on his cock* God! KEN! YESS!! More! Faster! MORE!!
[02:05] Ken: *bobs his head up and down ferociously, sliding his finger in and out slowly, gaining speed, searching for that sweet spot that would push omi over the edge* (god damn, doesn't this kid feel any pain?)
[02:07] Omi: Oh GODS !!! KENN!!! *comes*
[02:08] Ken: *continues sucking on omi's proud dick, sucking down as much of his tangy sweet come as he can, sliding another finger into omi's ass, pumping furiously to prepare him*
[02:09] Omi: ohhhh... Ken-kun.... jusht.... Huwwy wif it...
[02:19] Ken: *grins, small dollaps of come on the corners of his mouth* all in due time, sweet Omittchi... *slides his fingers out of omi's tight hole, sliding up the smooth skin to kiss his neck and mouth* you dont want to be in too much pain.. do you? *realizes they're still on the living room floor* aww hell.. we dont have anything to..
[02:20] Omi: *latches mouth on Ken's, pulling him in a tight embrace, cutting whatever he was going to say*
[02:23] Ken: *sighs into omi's mouth, kissing him deeply, his aching erection rubbing on the boy's inner thigh*omi.. we.. dont.. have anything.. to ..
[02:24] Omi: Dun care... fuck me... Or I'll pout...
[02:25] Ken: but.. you.. know omi.. you're cute when you pout...
[02:26] Omi: *pouts*
[02:27] Ken: you sure? it.. will hurt.. >.> *nips at his collar bone*
[02:28] Omi: It,sh exshiting!
[02:32] Ken: mmmm... *breathes in omi's sweet scent, resting his head on the small chest* if you say so... *slides back onto his knees, spreading omi's legs father apart, then spitting in his hand, running up the length of his cock to provide at least some lubricant*
[22:11] Omi: *looks at Ken with his best slutty uke begging eyes, opening his legs wide* I'm watiiiingsh....
[22:14] Ken: alrighty.. here goes... *pulls omi up onto his lap, wrapping his arms around him to embrace the boy and guide him over his hard cock, lowering him slowly down onto it, biting his shoulder*
[22:15] Omi: *lets out a low lustfull moan* Aaaaannn... Ken-kuuunnnn.....
[22:16] Ken: almost.. there.. *whispers and grunts as he slides into omi with one quick thrust* ahh!! shit!
[22:18] Omi: *ish running his hands up and down Ken's arms* Kennn.... gods... feelsh... good.... *Moves his hips to urge him on*
[22:23] Ken: nnn... *holds onto the smaller assassin tightly, sliding in slowly, trying not to cause any pain to omi, allowing his body to adjust to the new proportions*omi..kun.. *bites lightly on his shoulder, thrusting in a little faster*
[22:25] Omi: *gasps when Ken brushes againt his sweetspot* Oh Keeennnn!! <3 *uses his legs to ride Ken deeper and faster*
[22:32] Ken: nn.. ah! *clings tightly to omi's back, sucking on his neck and pounds in faster, harder*
[22:34] Omi: *pulls away just long enough to kiss Ken hungrily and pushes him down so he's laying on the floor, Omi riding him and caressing his own chest*
[22:44] Ken: *looks up at omi, caressing his thighs and watching the boy as he rode him, his cheeks flushed with pink* so.. fucking.. beautiful.. omi.. ahhhh!! *bucks his hips, trying to get deeper into his smaller lover, feeling his orgasm intensly building*
[22:46] Omi: *goes even faster, biting his lower lip and calling out to Ken*
[22:52] Ken: ahhh! *thrusts in, seeking release, his hands clamped firmly on omi's hips, watching his dick slap against his hard stomach* ahh!! omi!omiomiomiomiomiohgod *screams the smaller boy's name as he begins to spill his seed into his lithe body, pumping in harder and faster*
[22:55] Omi: *gasps and arches back, pawing at Ken's chest as he comes too*
[23:00] Ken: *gives a final thrust before lying back, panting and trying to catch his breath* o..omi.. p..erfect..
[23:01] Omi: *kisses all of Ken's chest, giggling softly*
[23:16] Ken: *pulls omi down onto his chest, holding him tightly and kissing him*
[23:19] Omi: *kisses back, giggling*
[23:20] Ken: *snuggles* beautiful.. sweet omi..
[23:22] Omi: Keeenn-kuunn... <3 *giggles* Nyaow... *takes up bottle and tips it so Ken has to drink* I gives ash pwomished!
[23:23] Ken: woo! *chugs it, spilling it on his neck and chest, coughing slightly* >_O itsh hard to drink lying on your back.. #^_^#
[23:24] Omi: Nah... Ken-kun ish jusht a bad boy... shpilled good shtuff.... #^.^#
[23:25] Ken: syour faault... omi ish a bad boy too n__n
[23:30] Omi: ish noooot!
[23:30] Ken: uh huuuuh
[23:30] Ken: if you weren't.. you wouldn't have just rode me on the middle of the living room floor n_____n
[23:32] Omi: *giggles* Nuuuuh... That'sh me being a gooood boi to my Ken-kunn <3
[23:33] Ken: and a veeeery goooood boy you were *tries to sit up*
[23:34] Omi: *pushes him back down* Omi-kun ish not done wif yew...
[23:35] Ken: #O.O#
[23:36] Omi: *giggles*
[23:37] Ken: *wobbles and props himself up on his elbows, omi still on his lap* o.o;; not.. done?
[23:38] Omi: *shakes head and giggles*
[23:39] Ken: #O_O# wha.. what do you want? *tries to sit up more*
[23:40] Omi: You. All. night. *giggles*
[23:41] Ken: *blushblush* but... shouldn't... we move..? yohji.. and aya. they'll be back soon #O.o#
[23:42] Omi: Let them! *giggles*
[23:44] Ken: but.. uhh.. wha... what do you think they'd do..? they'd prolly.. kill me for... well.. you know..
[23:45] Ken: >.> especially on the living room floor..
[23:48] Omi: They won't!! They did it on the kitchen counter yeshterday!! ^.^
[23:49] Ken: ehhhhhh??? you've got to be kidding me!! >.> the playboy and the iceman..? *shivers*
[23:51] Omi: *nodish* Aya wash far from ice.. so hot, iche melted away!! *nodnods*
[23:52] Ken: o.o;;; you know this.. how?
[23:53] Omi: I shpied on them!! #^.^#
[23:53] Ken: *shudders* .. there.. are some things.. you shouldn't.. spy on.. omittchi.. that.. being one of them
[23:55] Omi: *giggles* But it waszh sohooo hot!!!
[23:55] Ken: *#O_O#
[23:56] Omi: *giggles* You'sh have to shee too!! *nodnods*
[23:57] Ken: show.. me? what.. did they do?
[00:05] Omi: Show you?! Yaaa~~~n! Ken-kuunnn !! <3
[00:06] Omi: You knowish... They were arguing and I heardthem.. So I came to the kitchensh to shee what'sh waj wrong, but....
[00:07] Ken: o.o;; them arguing? now that's a little closer to normal.. but.. what omi?
[00:09] Omi: When I got to the kitchen door.... O.O They were kisshing!!! *loud whispers and nods enthusistically* Like... Like that!! *grasps Ken's shoulders and pulls him in a /hot/ , deep kiss, devouring his mouth*
[00:10] Ken: *surprised, but returns omi's kiss with just as much passion, wrapping his arms tightly around him*
[00:12] Omi: *pulls away when he can't breathe anymore* Un! Jusht like that!! Aya went all stiff... And then... O.O Then he kissed Youji back!! Me thought he was eating him up!! *gigggles*
[00:14] Ken: O_O like.. this? *pulls omi back down onto his chest, kissing him hungrily*
[00:20] Omi: *kisses back then giggles* Un! Like that!! Then Aya growled.. *takes Aya-pose and glare* What do you think you're doing!! *imitating Aya's deep voice*
[00:21] Ken: *giggles* you do that so well, omi #^_^#
[00:22] Omi: Then Youji wentsh *imitates Youji this time* I am kissing you, pretty thing.. And I like it... And then they kisshed again and Youji pushed Aya against the counter!! *nonods* And Aya.. was /moaning/!! =*o*=
[00:24] Ken: O_O;; *giggles* ...somehow i can imagine yohji saying that.. but /NOT/ to aya!
[00:24] Ken: i mean.. yeah aya is good looking but.. >.>
[00:27] Omi: Then... Youji pushed Aya-kun up on the counter!!! But Aya started fighting back.... He glared like thatsh *glares* .. and I nearly squealed in fright.. but Youji-kun laughed and mmm... rubbed him.... he shaid "you shay you don't want to but /that's/ telling me differently" Then Aya-kun shaid "Shut up. I'm gonna kill you!" And then Youji-kun jusht smirked and kissed him again, still rubbing him /there/....
[00:32] Ken: #o.o# and then..? *rubs omi's leg*
[00:34] Omi: Well... Aya-kun grabbed Youji-kun like that... *grips Ken's shoulders* ..and started moving hish hips like that.. *moves hips, still straddling Ken* ...and Youji-lun grabbed hish assh...
[00:38] Ken: *moans lightly* oh.. my.. then what.. did they do..?
[00:56] Omi: Then they grinded together.... #^.^# They were moaning and Aya-kun threw his head back... *imitates graceful movement of head* Then Youji-kun got Aya-kun's shirt up and shtarted licking and kisshing Aya-kun's chest and Aya wash bracing himshelf on the counter and Youji-kun kept getting lower...
[00:57] Ken: *blushes* oh.. god.. O_O;;
[00:58] Omi: And then... And then.. *opens wide, innocent eyes* Youji-kun got Aya-kun'sh pantsh open and.. and he...

~*~ and now that's all i have for real... =-_-= ~*~
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