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Anime Role Play

All the smut you can handle ^0^

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Hey there, me fellow roleplayers! I created this created this community for those of us who love to role play our favorite animes, so we can share them with the world (or the rest of the members here... n.n;;)

This is a LOG community, NOT an RP pimping community. The goal here is to just post whatever random roleplay logs you feel like, whether it's completely random or part of some other LJ roleplay. ALL PIMPING POSTS WILL BE DELETED ON SIGHT.

There are a few simple rules, but not many.

1. Please use the LJ-cut tag for longer posts.
2. Include an appropriate rating, and pairings if there are any, as well as the anime they're from either before your post or in the subject line.
3. Be nice! Don't leave mean and nasty comments just because you didn't like the style, or the pairing. Constructive criticism is always good, but please, let's keep the flames to a minimum ^_^
4. Have an open mind. A lot of the RP's posted here may involve male/male pairings.
5. You must love mikage. Just kidding. There is no rule number 5.

That's it, kiddos! Have fun and happy posting!

ps, if you can think of anymore interests (its like 330 in the morning. i cant think) let me know ^_^ Also, if you would like to donate an icon to the community, send it to omikins @ukepile.com. ^_^