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[MOD POST] (plus part of a log)

I probably should've nipped this in the bud a long time ago, but hell I'm a lazy mod (so sue me) who spends far too much time not paying attention to her own lj and far too much time paying attention to her RP ljs..

Just to note, if you'll notice by looking at the earliest posts in this comm, this is a LOG COMMUNITY and NOT a pimping community.

I'm not going to go through and delete all the posts, but please remember that this comm is for posting logs.

The following is an example, but you can post logs in whatever style you want. This log is incomplete as neither of us have really had the time to finish it lately :P


Series: Prince of Tennis
AU evilmastermindspacepirateslavetraderverse!Rikkai
Niou played by ruebert
Kirihara played by mikage

The cell was cramped and small and smelled strange too -- damn feds couldn't be bothered to maintain their damn prisons, wasn't there some sort of law about having to provide living space adequate for basic human rights? Whatever -- the cell was cold and stank, but it was perfectly clean at least -- and all of that was completely unimportant to Niou, because it was a single and had been for a few weeks now, and he didn't have to share it with any assholes anymore.

So when the door to the cell slid open and some strange kid was thrown in, he was, he thought, completely justified in being pissed off. "You can't put him in here!" He yelled as the door slid shut with a puff of metallic-tasting air. "Hey!"

"You want me in here just about as much as I want to be here." Kirihara snapped, a short glare cast to the boy who seemed to be his new cellmate. (Maybe strangling his last one hadn't been the best of ideas. But why the curlyhaired boy wasn't shoved into solitary confinement was anyone's guess.) He had every right himself to be pissed, stupid fucking government officials acting so high and mighty in thinking they can just manhandle kids like that. Jackasses.

Niou half-turned to aim a glare at the shorter kid. "I'm not supposed to have a cellmate. Shit. What the hell did you do, kill someone?" -- Why else would someone put another kid in with him?

"Think I'm supposed to be in here on drug charges or some shit but the last guy they had me with pissed me off. So I guess you could say that. Least, guy wasn't movin' when they dragged me outta there." Fuck this, why bother telling his life story to someone he'd only be with a few days at most? A waste of breath was all that really was. A wary glance was turned to the taller boy, almost as if Akaya were sizing him up for some sort of fight.

Coz hey, you never knew.

"Great. Well, that makes two of us." Two steps and a good left hook and -- no. This wasn't the time for a repeat of the Hiroshi incident. Niou'd wanted to avoid getting into fights at least long enough to get transferred to another workplant. "Stay on that side, got it? Leave me alone and I'll leave you alone. It's another ten hours until my workshift, if that's where you're assigned."

"Whatever." Akaya shrugged, taking the few steps needed to lean back against a wall before sliding down into a squat, dark eyes intently staring at the older boy. Nope, didn't trust him. Not one bit. "Suppose that's when all the bad kids get to go out and play, huh." He replied somewhat bitterly. Going home would be nice but he had a feeling his sixth month sentence would be increased greatly. At least, until they shipped him off to some prison or reformatory. Bah. Same shit, different day.

"Haven't you been on a workplant before?" Niou asked, one eyebrow raised a bit. Great. He was going to be babysitting some spoiled Earth brat.That would explain a thing or two.

"Can't say I have." Akaya quipped. "Just foster home to foster home to juvenile hall and back again. Must be losin' my touch, gettin' caught so easily this time. Though I have a feeling a little birdy tattled." Oooh. Birdies. So much fun to set on fire. An almost sickening smirk curled over his lips; gaze unwavering. "What you in for? No wait, let me guess. Mommy caught you stealing from the cookie jar so you killed her."

Whatever the kid was trying to prove with his big talk, Niou wasn't impressed. Just a stupid Earther who'd gotten himself in enough shit to get shipped out to a workplant. "You're boring me, and lights-out will be in a couple of minutes." He stood, kicked at a panel in the wall, and waited as the flat sleeping platform slowly lowered down to knee level. "You'd better shut up and get some, too, or you'll regret it in the morning." Fuck, kid was shaping up worse than the last one already. Damn annoying.

"Whatever. Ain't you just a bundle of joy and sparkly happy thoughts." He was quite comfortable right where he was so Akaya just leaned his head back, not even bothering to get up and make a sleeping space for himself.

Whether from laziness or just not caring, who knew. Dark eyes slid shut, and soon once could tell from the steady rise and fall of his chest that Akaya was fast asleep.

Satsified at last that the other boy was asleep, Niou finally closed his eyes. Couldn't be too wary, he thought as he attempted to shut out the ceaseless tickign of the clock above their heads.


The alarm started soft, but grew louder and louder and louder -- dammit, didn't Hiroshi know that he worked late, why wasn't he turning off the fucking alarm, too goddamned loud -- Niou reached up, rolled over to slap at the offending clock and found himself fallign the short distance to the cell floor instead.

"Aaaa, shit!"

The alarm had probably been going off for about five minutes before Akaya finally awoke. Although really it had been a sleepy squawk from his cellmate that had done him in, he'd been doing quite well ignoring the clock on his own.

Long since stiff muscles stretched out in front of him, a cross and very sleep-blurred look spreading over his face.


It took a minute to really notice his cellmate -- that's right, they gave him a cellmate, the fuckers -- and another minute to get upright and standing while the alarm continued to go off, louder and louder. He looked at the other kid and then smirked just a little. The Earther was probably totally out of sync with his hours, he'd bet -- even better. The alarm was still going off.

"We're fucking UP already!" Niou yelled, banging a fist on the door. The alarm continued for another fifteen seconds while he swore before stopping.

Groggily the younger boy slid back up the wall, a hand raising to ruffle through dark curls and down his face sleepily. "The fuck time is it..." He yawned out. Eh, nah. He wasn't a morning person. And damn that alarm was irritating and thank all above when it finally turned off.

It's four a.m., here anyway. We've got about an hour to shower and eat and then we're out doing whatever the hell we're doing today. Probably working in the greenhouses, that's where I was yesterday." And the day before that, and the day before that -- damn, he was sick of dealing with that shit. Then again, the kid was new, so they might get something simple and easy. Like weeding. Couldn't trust a new kid with chemicals just yet.

"Fucked up time to be awake." Akaya grumbled while scratching at his belly. Greenhouse? Fuck. Greenhouse meant plants which meant pollen which left for a very disgruntled Kirihara Akaya. Allergies could suck it.

Someone remind him again how he'd gotten stuck here? Nevermind, maybe he didn't want to know.

"You'll get used to it," Niou said, before reminding himself that the kid was a jerk and didn't deserve any more of his attention or somewhat-friendly advice.

The door opened with a soft sound of compressed air, and he sighed and walked out.


part 2 to come in the next post. >>
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