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evilmastermindspacepirateslavetrader!Rikkai part deux

Series: Prince of Tennis
AU evilmastermindspacepirateslavetraderverse!Rikkai
Niou, Yanagi, Yukimura & Marui played by ruebert
Kirihara, Jackal, Yagyuu & Sanada played by mikage
With various NPC boys (Nitobe, Atobe, Kamio, Shinji, Dan, Inui)

Another few months and another facility it would seem they both and several other inmates were headed to. Akaya figured they had to rotate every once in a while as the people there would probably get so sick of cultivating they'd figure out some way to poison the food source.

And so it would be the boys, bound in cuffs and shackles for safety measures or somesuch were boarded onto a shabby cargo ship (couldn't the fuckin' goverment afford a little bit better transportation?) to be shipped off to who knew where.

Akaya for one was not thrilled with being woken much before the time he'd become accustomed to.

Niou twisted, trying to find a better position to go back to sleep. What the hell was all the noise for? Someone was yelling, and --

"Get the fuck up!" The yell was slightly strained, slightly hysterical, and when Niou sat up to eye the young guard who was standing in the doorway of the prisoner's cabin. What the hell? Get up? They were bloody well strapped in, Niou wanted to say, shaking his wrists chained to his waist, but the gun in the guard's hand changed his mind. What the hell was going on?

And if only Niou knew that was the exact question going through Kirihara's mind right about now. The younger boy eyed his (former? Who knew when they got there) cellmate, then the guard and to the few other boys scattered about the cabin.

It was probably the fact that he couldn't move 5 inches in any given direction that irritated him the most.

"We can't fucking stand up," Niou said, and he was about to follow that up with a choice expletive describing the guard's idiocy when his mutter was cut off by a loud, sharp sound, and the guard's head exploded in a mess of blood and brain and bone.

Oh fuck, oh fuck. Not good at all, Niou thought, and as the guard fell forward, his eyes were drawn to the slim figure that entered the doorway, and aimed a wicked-looking assault rifle at them all.

"I suggest that none of you move or say anything. I shouldn't like to have to shoot you. It would be such a waste," the boy said in a smooth, soft voice, before smiling in a way that Niou didn't like one bit.

Okay, the fruitcake with the headband was really starting to creep him out, even moreso than the head exploding right in front of him and splattering over the walls (and unfortunately the unlucky boys who'd been put in the front of the cabin.)

...If this was a dream, could someone wake him up now? Please? It would be muchly appreciated. Akaya bit his lip, a cold gaze focused on the tall boy with the big fucking gun.

"Good," the boy said, and then he half-turned, yelled something over his shoulder in a language that Niou didn't recognize at all, and moved into the cabin proper, closing the door behind him and leaning against it.

"Ah, you're restrained anyway," he said, noting the cuffs and chains. "So it isn't just a regular supply ship after all." Sharp eyes sought face after face until they hit Akaya's, and then the smile widened. "A prison transport? But you're too young."

It was all Akaya could do to bite down on his tongue, keeping a few choice words threatening to slip free at bay. Teeth ground tightly together with a quiet growl, eyes never leaving the creepy bastard.

He didn't like this. Not at all.

"You should answer questions when you're asked them," the boy said, stepping forward and suddenly looming over Kirihara, reaching down to tilt his chin upward sharply. "It's polite."

Niou watched this in silence; he wasn't going to stick his neck out for the kid. No way. They weren't friends, just cellmates.

"Ain't too young for nothin' 'n crime comes in all shapes and sizes." Came a slow reply, eyes narrowing slightly when his chin was jerked. "Now if you would kindly get your hands off of me."

Digging his own grave? Probably.

Cool eyes narrowed, then eyelids closed, crinkles appearing at the corners, and the boy with the gun laughed as he released Kirihara's chin. "Well said. I don't own you yet, after all."

Those words made Niou's stomach coil and curl, and he spoke before thinking: "You're Bril, right?"

He didn't really want to be proven right; the last thing he needed to happen in his --albeit short-- life was to be captured by Bril slave traders and sold for labor or whatever else the buyer in paritcular wanted. If they'd been regular passengers, they might be ransomed, but with juvenile criminal records like theirs, there wasn't a chance that any of them had rich parents who'd cough up the money."

"Very good!" The boy said, and his eyes fell on Niou now, who decided that looking away was going to cause more trouble than glaring was. "And if you know that, then there isn't much need for me to explain things, but I will anyway. Yes, we're Bril. You're our captives now, and that means that you're going to be bought and sold into service fairly soon, once we've made a bit of a long trip. That's after we've secured this vessel and destroyed it, of course." He reached up, touched a button on the communicator clipped to his headband. "Sanada? What's the current status on the bridge?"

Whatever this Sanada said couldn't be deciphered, but the boy's smile was enough answer for Niou to know that the ship had probably been completely captured. Shit.

Well wasn't this just the greatest way to start his day? Being captured by a batch of psychotic space pirate types with really bad accents to spend the rest of his life playing slave boy. Akaya had half a mind to just keep running his mouth and get himself killed right there. At least he wouldn't have to deal with being bossed around (he had a feeling slavery would be even worse than prison) but nah, that would be taking the easy way out now wouldn't it? Not exactly fitting for his previous lifestyle.

An icy glare was kept trained on the boy, still trying to sort out this whole slave trader thing.

Didn't the prison system have some sort of procedures to keep shit like this from happening?

Probably not. If someone raided their transport ships and killed off the inmates it just made one less mouth for the government to feed.

Yukimura smiled, patted Kirihara's head -- tangling fingers in tousled kinky curls and tugging gently -- then moved back. "You don't really need guards as you are, but I'll send someone to keep you company, just in case. I'll be seeing you later, when you're transferred onto our ship." He touched the communicator again. "Sanada, send me a couple of guards -- no, only two will be fine, they're already restrained -- I'll be out in a moment. I'll need to speak with the Captain as well."

Niou kept a close eye on this boy -- whomever Sanada was, and this Captain, he was sure he wouldn't like them. Then again, he wouldn't be seeing them for all that long. He'd be sold off pretty damn soon and then -- well. Yeah, he'd think about that when he got there.

The thought of biting those slender and somewhat girlish fingers right off was quite tempting to Akaya, but nah, that probably wouldn't taste very good at all. Alien slime, ew. He flopped against his binds, looking thoroughly disgruntled with slitted eyes and a clenched jaw. So not his day and so not the people he really wanted to die with.

Sanada sat back in his cushy chair, nodding to himself as the request was made. "I'll send them right in and patch you through when you get back to the bridge." he replied, eyes quickly scanning the room. "You. And you. Down to the cargo bay and await instructions." He waved the two off before tapping at the communicator on his chest and going about his business. Jackal just saluted with a quick "Yes, sir!" and left. How fun it was to be Sanada's whipping boy. -.-

At least the food was good.

Marui's salute was far less snappy -- but then, he didn't work for Sanada, and his role was somewhat more fluid than Jackal's, so he didn't much care. He trotted along after Jackal, chattering quietly (more to himself than in any expectation that Jackal might answer). "I bet that they're all poor guys -- this isn't a fancy transport or anythign, the cargo's all food and shit, I mean, yeah, we'll get an okay price for that, it's not bad, but how much did we risk to capture this thing? Bet we got some stupid farmers goign on vacation to the next workplant or some shit like that."

"Prisoner transport, I think." Jackal replied, shrugging it off as he stalked down the halls. Having been on far more escapades as this than Marui, by now Jackal had seen quite a few raids such as this. Same shit, different day. Take over a vessel, plunder the goods and capture anyone and everyone to sell off for a fairly hefty price.

Not all too bad though, he figured. It was afterall how Marui had become something of his partner. Maybe the Captain just liked redheads.

"So what, we have hardened criminals to babysit? Great, those will bring a wonderful price on the market. No ransoms either, I bet. But I'll spend two days looking up family histories and criminal records and shit for nothing anyway, just in case, 'cause Yanagi will want to be thorough..." More complaining, which wasn't necessarily normal unless Marui was faced with a situation like this. Normally, the boy was cheerful about whatever task he was set to, but he hated being put to this task by Yanagi.

"And here we are!" he ended, quieting up. It wouldn't do to complain in front of Yukimura or the prisoners, after all.

"Yo." Jackal gave a small wave to Yukimura and not so subtly attempted to peek into the room and see all the fresh meat. ...That was always something he'd liked about the bluehaired boy, he could give casual greetings as opposed to the straightfaced 'sir' he had to give Sanada. (At least Yukimura didn't smack him if he slipped when he really did need to be formal.) "How many?" He asked in reguards to the prisoners. Jackal, while friendly enough didn't really like being stuck with more than a handful of people for more than about 10 minutes. Gave him headaches.

Yukimura smiled widely at the two crewmembers sent by Sanada; he tended to enjoy their company moreso than many of the other crewmembers. Sanada was starting to predict him more easily, though, so he'd have to take care of that. "I counted sixteen, so you'll have to suffer a while, Jackal. If you two can get down what information they're willing to give, it will make things go more quickly during the trip to Ava. I'll let Yanagi know to have the infirmary prepare so the initial tests will go quickly."

Marui made a face. "It's to make your job easier," Yukimura said sweetly, and for that he received a not-so-well-hidden rude gesture that made him laugh, though his eyes narrowed. "I'll be sure to let Yanagi know your feelings on the matter," he said before walking away, back down the halls they had just come from.

"Bah." Marui rolled his eyes and shrugged, then reached forward to push the door open and survey the new merchandise.

Sixteen, sixteen.. Jackal could only hope the rest of the crew would get what they needed quickly so they could leave. Pushing past the door, he leaned against the wall; arms loosely across his chest as he peered from one inmate to another. The little curlyheaded kid was kinda cute, in that little-lost-puppy-about-to-bite-your-fingers-off kind of way. Maybe he'd leave that one for Marui to entertain (torment, question, whatever).

"We're going to play a little game." Jackal decided. "We're going to go down the rows one by one and ask you all several questions. If you answer honestly, we won't kill you here." Dead company was much nicer than noisy, bitchy company.

And so he started down the line. "Name, age, birthplace, the reason for your incarceration and any history of illness or disease." Wouldn't do to be selling diseased slaves. That could come back and bite them in the ass real quick.

Akaya just glared at the newcomers, attempting to think of a way to break out and make a run for it. Not likely it seemed, fuck these things were on tight and the gun hanging off the taller one's hip didn't look too enticing.


"If you do try to lie anyway, you'll be punished later," Marui said in his sweetest voice as he pulled his own datapad from its ever-present place on his belt, fingers moving quickly to open the proper program to input data so that it could be swiftly merged into the ship's files when they returned. "And I will find out, don't worry about that; it's easy to break into correction institute records to verify whatever you tell us, and I'm sure you're all well aware that your fingerprints and DNA are on file. So don't make my job difficult, okay? I'm not as nice as Jackal, I'll make sure you suffer first."

Niou had been just about to open his mouth to spout a long line of total bullshit when the short redhead -- was that a bubble he was blowing? Crap, what the hell was this, some stupid bunch of kiddies given a pirate ship? They had to be all his age or younger! -- reeled off his own threat, and then he closed it and rethought his strategy.

Someone else beat him to it. "Nitobe Inakichi, 16, Sen-four Colony, breaking and entering. Had, uh, chicken pox when I was two."

Niou would have laughed, but he didn't think it was the best idea as the redhead kept his gaze trained on the kid who had just spoken and only glanced down once at the datapad to be sure the information was correct. But that one didn't seem to have a weapon, either... interesting...

"Right. Next?" Marui said, moving down his row, pausing in front of the kid with the dark curly hair and sour-looking face.

Trying to think up some elaborate story would've been too much effort for Akaya, so he decided telling it straight would work fine. "Kirihara Akaya, 17, no clue, drug dealing, armed robbery, arson and most recently murder. Never had anything other than a cold I don't think. Good enough?" If he could've moved his arms he probably woulda popped the huge friggin bubble blown by a seemingly bored fruitcake. Didn't they have anything better to do with their time?

Jackal meanwhile had taken up the other side of the room, his own notes jotted down as he went down the line and stopped at his next victim. "And you?" The boy looked up at him from a under a fringe of red hair. What the hell ever. "Kamio Akira, 16. Earth. Tossed me in this joint on charges of prostitution and espionage. Several broken bones and strep." Jackal just shook his head, input the data and moved onto the next boy while whistling a jaunty tune.

The added comment made Marui raise one thin eyebrow and pop his bubble. "Fine," he said, though he paused after adding the information, gave Kirihara another once-over, added in extra information before continuing down the row. "Next?"

"D-Dan Taichi, desu. 14. R-Republic of Zion. Weapons and drug smuggling. I'm not really sure what I've had, desu. Malaria and ... I can't remember. Broken arm when I was little." The small boy looked away, obviously uncomfortable.

Marui made a small noise in his throat and marked that down. A real grab-bag, huh?

Niou looked at the dark-skinned boy that the other had called Jackal and tried to decide just how much he wanted to die versus how much he wanted to live -- being a slave. He didn't think this guy would really kill him, though. He'd be worth more as a slave than dead, right? Then again, the redhead brat seemed to be nasty and willing to make his life miserable before he got to die. Well, shit. "Niou Masaharu. 17 -- no, 18. Nishi-Twelve. Fraud, embezzlement, conspiracy to commit murder, murder. I'm totally clean."

So far, so good, Jackal hadn't had to kill anyone on his round and he didn't have a headache yet. The little pad was tucked back into its holder on his belt as he made his way back to the front, an eyebrow raised at the little curlyheaded kid who kept staring at him. The hell was that kid's damage, anyway? Jeez. "Oi, Marui. Hurry up." Impatient? Yeah.

Kirihara curbed the urge to spit at the snippity little bubble blower, an irritated look on his face. Good concentration he did have but patience was a completely different story. "When the hell you gonna let us out." he growled, rattling the chains of his binds a bit. Though all he got for his snapping was a bullet zipping right past his head and embedding itself into the wall a few inches away.

"When we're good and ready. Do be a good brat and keep your mouth shut." Jackal replied, tucking the gun back into its holster. "Next time I won't miss." And speaking of... tapping at the small communicator on his chest he asked "How're things going up there? The brats are getting irritable and I'm gonna shoot someone if I have to stay down here much longer."

"Preparations for the transport are almost complete. It'll be a few more minutes." Sanada replied coolly, rolling his eyes as he leaned back in his chair. "And Jackal? You're not to harm a single one of them or there will be severe punishment." That was all he said before cutting the transmission short.

...Punishment, huh? Oh joy, he'd be stuck cleaning up after everyone again.

"Look, I've got three more to go. Just wait, okay?" Marui grumbled back, not at all his usual cheerful, easily-handled self. "Or you can give me the gun and go back to Sanada and I can guard them, I don't care."

Being the only 'crew member' who didn't get to carry a gun really pissed him off when he actually thought about it, because he'd damn-well proved himself more than a couple of times. Pfeh. He'd be glad when this part was over and they could get back to their ship and he wouldn't have to deal with slaves or any other bullshit until Ava.

Niou listened through the last three names without interest; he'd worked with all of them for a while on the workplant, so the information wasn't new for the most part, though Atobe's usual protestation of his complete innocence was a bit amusing, considering the circumstances. But then that one had always considered pride to be worth whatever punishment he got, so nothing new there either.

"I'm done, you can go jerk off now," Marui announced as he saved the last of the information and clipped the data-pad back into place.

"Yeah, ditch duty and get demoted, how fun!" Jackal replied sarcastically. With any luck the rest of the crew would be done and down to get the damn prisoners in the next few minutes. Idly Jackal wondered why exactly he'd chosen to join this little group of loving friends, but the thought was quickly pushed aside as his figurative superior officer sensor went off.

"..Captain!" Jackal all but stood at attention, a salute given as he froze in his spot. Just great, he hoped Yagyuu hadn't heard that.

"At ease." Yagyuu replied as he wandered into the room. More juvenile deliquents to sift through and ship off to the highest bidder. Why was it they couldn't pick up civillian ships more often? People were always willing to shell out insane amounts of money and goods for ransom. Hmph. Glasses glinted slightly under the low light, a tiny smirk crossing his lips as he peered at the batch of boys they had hostage. Well wasn't this interesting...

"Niou Masaharu, the boy wonder. So nice to see you." he said in an indifferent tone.

Shit. ........ Shit. ...Captain, huh. Somehow, it just... fit. Niou leaned back, head hitting the rest behind him, and then he smiled, a lazy, smug expression to hide the fact that his stomach was tied into knots. "S'been a while, Hiroshi."

Marui's eyebrows rose so high that they were hidden by his hair, and he sought out Jackal's face, confusion marking his expression. Calling the Captain by his given name? Was this kid crazy? How'd he know Yagyuu, anyway? Was he a former crewmember? But Yagyuu didn't usually let anyone leave the ship, once they'd boarded it and learned its secrets... (which was why he didn't understand why they wouldn't give him a gun; it wasn't like they'd ever let him go anyway, even if...whatever.)

"A while indeed. Seems you haven't changed much at all. You seem to be doing well, considering the circumstances." Yagyuu smirked, the corners of his mouth quirking upward just slightly. This was interesting indeed. He wouldn't have figured his crew would ever end up capturing a ship carrying his former cellmate. He made his way toward the other boy, leaning forward as a hand caught in Niou's hair and jerked back just slightly, lifting his cheer to peer directly into his face. "Although it should seem payback's a bitch, wouldn't you say Masaharu?"

Kirihara just stared at the exchange, brows furrowing confusedly. Hiroshi, Hiroshi.. he knew he'd heard that name somewhere before. Wait... was that the guy Akaya himself had replaced as Niou's cellmate? Eh, whatever, it wasn't any of his concern as long as the glinty freak left him alone.

That... was just weird. Beyond weird, or so Jackal was beginning to think. So the captain just waltzed in and starts talking like he knew the jerk? Whatever. A clueless shrug and an equally confused expression were returned to Marui. Er. Yeah.

"Captain, pardon me but are we almost ready?"

Yagyuu gave Niou's hair a small tug before he wandered away completely, face masking over into something of expressionless. "Ahh.. yes. The last of the food should be transferred soon, and we'll move the hostages afterwards. Please continue to wait here. Others will be down shortly to help escort."

Niou took shallow breaths to conceal his nervousness. Well. Fuck. Fuck. This wasn't good at all. Maybe he should get 'Jackal' to shoot him already. No, no, Masaharu, think straight. You can use this. Somehow. But getting sold was suddenly seeming to be the least of his problems.

"You're the captain?" Another voice spoke up loudly, and Niou groaned. Not Mr. Big-Headliner. Maybe he'd get killed, too. Not that Niou had anything against him, but he'd rather have Yagyuu -- wait, a distraction could be a good thing, too. Keep on talking.

"You can't hold me like this -- I'm not a criminal! Look, my father will pay well--"

Marui cut in quickly before the prisoner could continue. This wasn't a matter that merited the captain's attention, right? "Yeah, yeah, we all know that story. Look, don't waste the captain's time. You're not the real Atobe Keigo, so no one's going to be paying any ransom for you, so just shut up."

"I AM the real--"

"Shut up or I'll make sure you don't eat anything solid for a week."

After several more minutes of waiting, the call they'd all been waiting for finally came. "Everything's loaded, Captain. We can move the hostages now." Came Sanada's voice over a small receiver. Shortly afterward several of the lower-ranking crewmembers showed up to aid in the task of escorting the boys onto their own ship.

"Well gentlemen. It seems the time has come! Your chains will be removed and afterwards you will all follow the Ensign onto our ship. Keep in mind that if you try anything, you most definately will be shot." And let the games begin. The ensign in question was a bit of a noisy bastard and somewhat irritated Yagyuu, what with his constant complaining and mumbling but he was good and reliable in a pinch. He gave the signal and chains gave way, finally allowing the sixteen inmates a little bit more freedom. Kirihara for one was not thrilled that he still had those damn shackles on though.

"Move it along people... jeez, so slow. This is boring, I don't get why I'm always the one who has to do stuff like this, it's not fair. But then again I did get demoted for almost killing Sanada's pet, that's it, it's my fault. It wasn't my fault he snuck up on me, how was I supposed to know he asked him to get me? How mean." Shinji continued to ramble on as the boys gathered, his gun waving around almost carelessly and without any reguard for who might be around.

Yagyuu silently made not to find a nice gag for the longhaired boy, joining Jackal and Marui as they brought up the back of the line. Once everything was cleared and those thought unfit for slavery were weeded out, he could be a very happy man.... boy.. thing. Although the thought of a gladiator type fight for those left over did seem rather entertaining.

Niou kept carefully towards the center of the line, not really wishing to get any closer to Yagyuu than necessary at the moment, though it meant he had to walk alongside the Dan boy, a little coward he'd never really thought that much of. Actually, the boy was being surprisingly non-snivelly, so it wasn't too bad. Better than walking next to Keigo, who was probably muttering quietly beneath his breath, as he always did.

Marui wanted a gun, he decided, though now wasn't the time to ask. He'd talk to Yanagi about it. Really, by this point, he deserved it, he thought as he brought his datapad out to double-check what he'd entered. Better to check now than to have Yanagi on his ass later. He glanced at Jackal; he didn't really have the place to ask the Captain what was going on, but that didn't mean that he didn't want to know. He reached out and lightly tapped Jackal's arm, patterned code asking him to ask Yagyuu about the prisoner. It was worth a shot.

Jackal just dropped a palm on top of Marui's head, a silent gesture of 'ask me later.' It probably wasn't something to be asked anywhere besides the captain's private chambers out of earshot of hostage and crew alike. Perhaps when he brought the other boy his supper (Yagyuu for some reason didn't like eating in front of people and thus rarely joined the crew in the mess hall).

Once everyone was boarded and secured in several small cells, Yagyuu headed back to the bridge, casting Sanada a small glare. Stupid bastard always taking over his chair when he was gone. It wasn't like Sanada would be Captain anytime soon so why did he even bother trying? Shaking his head slightly, Yagyuu waved off his mates and took his seat, a cool look on his face as he began barking out orders for their departure.


No more for now >3
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