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Shumea's RPs

Ken: shinishuichi
Omi: shumea

[01:21] Omi: *fighting with the uniform, in his bedroom* Mouuuu... >_<
[01:22] Ken: *yelling up the stairs* OMIIIIII!! Hurry up already!!!!
[01:22] Omi: Stupid thing!! >_< Keeeeeeen!! I can't get it on!! Help meee!!
[01:23] Ken: *sighs, walking heavily up the stairs* how can putting on a damn skirt and blouse be so hard?
[01:24] Omi: Keeeen!!! >_< I can't get the stupid bra on!!!
[01:28] Ken: *blushes slightly* they're making you wear a bra too? weirdos! why i oughta... *pushes omi's door open, his jaw dropping and his words shoved back into his mouth as he gaped at the smaller boy struggling with the bra*
[01:31] Omi: *has only skirt and loose socks on, fumbling with the bra to get it clasped in his back* Ah... Ken!! Can you...? *turns so Ken can help*
[01:33] Ken: *gapes, then snaps back into reality* who wha? oh yeah.. come here.. (damn.. he looks good dressed as a girl... ) *fumbles with the clasp* you know, i never was any good with these things...
[01:38] Omi: You're probably better than me.... -_-
[01:44] Ken: you've never gotten under a girls shirt? o.o; my god, omi, i woulda figured you'd.. well you know at least done SOMETHING with a girl by now.. i mean you're always surrounded by them, and you're quite good looking.. for a guy.. (oh god, what the hell did i just say to him? >_< i hope i didnt say anything.... freaky..) *gets the clasps done and snaps it teasingly on the smaller boy's back*
[01:45] Omi: Yikes!! >_< Keen-kuunnn!!!! Mou.... *turns around, cheeks flushed* That hurts, you know!! *avoid the comment about girls*
[01:50] Ken: awww come on, you can tell me omi ^____^ you don't have to blush. i'd feel sad if my favorite little guy didn't tell me or ask me anything n_n (i hope he doesn't think im weird for saying that.. but damn.. stupid.. skirt.. make.. me want..) well, hurry up and get your shirt on, we got a job to do
[01:53] Omi: *puts socks into bra and puts shirt on top* Girls surround me, yeah, but it's not like I'm interested or anything... *ties little bow and suddenly realises what he just said* Well.. huh.. I mean.. like.. *blushes and fumbles for words*
[01:58] Ken: (oro? did he just say what i think he did? hmmm *grins to self* this.. could be useful..) did.. you just say.. you weren't interested in those girls? then.. does that mean.. *walks up behind him and slips his arms around the smaller boy, whispering into his ear* you like.. boys?
[01:59] Omi: *turns a bright red and lets go of the bow he was trying to tie* #O.O# I...uh... I mean... y...y...yeah....
[02:03] Ken: *purrs into his ear, sliding his hand down to reach up the boy's skirt* do you like boys like this too..?
[02:04] Omi: *lets out a soft moan before clamping a hand on his mouth* K... Ken-kun... Wha... What are you..... ?
[02:08] Ken: *brushes his lips against the smaller boy's neck, whispering to him* shh... just relax.... *turns omi around and pushes him lightly on his cluttered bed, sliding up to him and kissing him* oh.. my omi.. *nibbles on his ear, sliding his hand up the skirt, rubbing omi's dick through the soft material underneath* they made you wear girl's panties too? *purrs*
[02:11] Omi: *blushes and moans softly* Ke... Ken-kun... dame!! We... Oh my... We have... mission... to.... *closes his eyes, bracing himself against the bed* (Oh gods... Ken-kun... wants me!! He wants me!! I can die happy... /after/ enjoying it... )
[02:15] Ken: *grins, speaking between kisses on the boy's neck* fuck.. the mission.. they can wait a little longer.. *runs his other hand down omi's chest, sliding it under the blouse, pinching a nipple*
[02:16] Omi: *moans again, head thrown back, legs open wide, panting a little* B.. But Ken-kunnn... Won't... Won't we get in trouble..?
[02:18] Ken: *pulls omi's shirt up, moving his head down to suck a nipple between his lips* no.. they.. already left... we're.. supposed to meet them there.. *slips his hand into omi's little panties, rubbing his palm against the smaller assassin's cock*
[02:20] Omi: *moans* Ummm... Ken-kun.... <3 I... I .. finally got into the... the uniform too~~!! *whiney voice, half drowned in his own moans and gasps*
[02:22] Ken: *grins, trailing featherlight kisses down the boy's sleek stomach* then i wont take it off.. just.. these.. *latches a finger in the waistband of omi's panties, sliding them down the boy's thin limbs*
[02:23] Omi: *blushes a brighter red still* Ken-kun!! What.. What are you doing??!!! We can't... we..... oh my.... (I don't want him to stop!! Don't stop!! >_< )
[02:26] Ken: shhh... *slides down farther, pulling omi's legs open wider, sliding a finger up and down the length of his cock*
[02:26] Omi: Haaa!! K.. Ken-kunnnn!! haa.haa..ha... oh gods... ohgodsohgodsohgods!!!! <3
[02:30] Ken: *grins, and keeps running his finger up and down, a light nail scratch here, featherlight there, teasing the boy* you.. want me to stop...?
[02:31] Omi: NO! Don't stop... gods.. Ken-kun.. you've no idea... how much.. I want.. you... how long.. oh gods....
[02:36] Ken: *chuckles lightly, blowing hot breath onto omi's hard on before sucking the tip into his mouth, his tongue lapping over the sensitive slit, his hand reaching under to cup his balls*
[02:37] Omi: *grasp the covers and opens his eyes wide, arching back* KEEEENNNN!!! ohgods... ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod!!!
[02:41] Ken: *smiles lightly, sucking the rest of omi's dick into his mouth, applying the lightest pressure of teeth as he begins to bob his head, the pace quickening*
[02:43] Omi: *starts moving his hips, maoning and thrashing on the bed, sucking on his finger and caressing his chest with his other hand*
[02:47] Ken: *opens his jaw, allowing the boy deeper access, fondling his balls, pulling slightly back on his dick, jerking him off while he concentrates one the sensitive head, his tongue working furiously over it*
[02:48] Omi: Oh gods... Ken... I'm gonna..... I'm gonna.... *pushes himself deeper in and comes, screming Ken's name*
[02:51] Ken: *grins, swallowing as much of the cum as he can, the rest dripping down his chin and omi's thigh* not bad kiddo.. *laps up the come from his thighs, cleaning the smaller assassin up
[02:52] Omi: #O.O# K... Ken... kunnn.... *ish shaking slightly, realising what just happened*
[02:55] Ken: *grinning and sliding back up omi's chest, nipping at the soft flesh before coming up to kiss his mouth*
[02:55] Omi: *is still stunned and puts his shaking hands on Ken's shoulders neither pushing nor pulling, just holding unto him, eyes opened wide*
[02:58] Ken: *lies down next to omi, wrapping an arm around him and resting his head in the crook of his neck, breathing in his sweet scent* hey.. omi.. are.. you ok?
[02:58] Ken: *tickles his belly, teasing him*
[02:59] Omi: Ken-kun, wha---?! *turns Ken and giggles as he's tickled* Ken-kun!! Stop!! *giggles* Stop it.... *wraps arms around Ken* This isn't a dream, is it?
[03:03] Ken: *smiles softly* no, it's not. *kisses the nap of his neck lightly*
[03:03] Omi: Then for once, I'm not going to wake up alone.. *snuggles closer*
[03:05] Ken: *snuggles him* yeah.... oh shit! what time is it?!
[03:05] Omi: O.O Huh?! We have to go!! *yelps and stands up, tripping over the panties around his ankles* Ouch!! x_x
[03:07] Ken: *helps him up, helping him get his clothes in order before rushing out the door* grab your stuff and hurry up!
[03:08] Omi: *grabs a duf bag near the door and runs after Ken*
[03:10] Ken: *runs out and starts up his bike, waiting for omi*comeoncomeoncomeon! aya will KILL us if we're late!
[03:12] Omi: *jumps on the bike behind Ken, wrapping his arms around his waist and leaning on his back*
[03:13] Ken: *zooms off into the sunset*

[03:21] Ken: *screeches to a stop in front of the building* alright, bishounen, get your ass in there. we'll all be here and let us know if there's any trouble
[03:22] Omi: *gets off the bike and nods, then turns around to kiss Ken lightly before running to the building, holding his duff bag like a girl who is nervous because it's late and dark and creepy*

**scene flash forward: inside said building***

[03:29] Omi: *Omi cursed slightly. The target had proven more ressourceful than anticipated. He had lost his com. And his bag. All that was left now was a scared boy in a skirt. No weapons, no way to contact the others, nothing. He had ran for what seemed hours, and now he had hidden in a small room, between a tall bookshelf and a pinewood desk*
[03:37] Ken: *hiding behind the door in the small room, ken heard footsteps running down the hall outside, coming closer*(Fuck! its coming closer.. ) *holds his breath, hoping whoever it was wouldn't hear him and catch him in there. he tried to ignore the throbbing erection that had been plaguing him since his run in with omi, and was just barely able to contain himself. the door opened and slammed shut, someone across the room panting deeply*(ohfuckohfuckohfuck! what am i gonna do! i was supposed to find omi and now i'm trapped here with god knows who!) *tries to slow down his breathing*
[03:39] Omi: *hears something and perks up, looking for a weapon* Who... Who's there...?! *grabs scissors on the desk*
[03:40] Ken: *stops*(was that omi's.. voice?) o.. omi? *clenches his fist, releasing his bugnuks, ready to spring if need be*
[03:41] Omi: *sighs in relief* K... Ken-kun?
[03:42] Ken: *lets out the breath he had been holding* omi! shit, man, you had me scared when i couldn't get ahold of you! what happened? are you ok?
[03:44] Omi: yeah... I lost all my stuff though.... The guy's a maniac... He had an axe this long *shows with his hands wide appart, stopping and squatting before Ken, hair amiss and shirt ripped* He nearly got me... x_x
[03:46] Ken: whew. im glad you're ok, kiddo. *pulls omi towards him, wrapping his arms around him and resting his head on that of the smaller boy*
[03:49] Omi: *snuggles closer* I got scared though... I have no weapon left.. They were in the bag....
[03:52] Ken: *snuggles him* it's ok.. we'll get them back later when we hear from aya and yohji.. *kisses his ear lightly*
[03:55] Omi: Hummmm.... *nuzzles Ken* MMmm'k...... *cuddles*
[03:57] Ken: *pulls omi's face towards him, licking the smaller boy's lips before kissing him*
[03:59] Omi: *makes a little startled noise but kisses back happily* (I'm in heaven... *-* )
[04:06] Ken: *runs a hand through omi's soft hair, sucking on his tongue and lip lightly, his other hand creeping up omi's leg*
[04:08] Omi: *moans softly, startled by Ken's hand on his leg, pushing up against Ken*
[04:10] Ken: *grins, sliding his hand back up the smaller assassin's skirt, whispering into his ear*oi.. omi... remember what i did back home..? *small smile panning across his lips*
[04:11] Omi: #O.O# How could I forget...? (what.. does he want? Why is he asking me that... hmmm. ..comfy....) *snuggles closer*
[04:12] Ken: *smiles softly, nipping at omi's collar bone and rubbing his aching erection agianst his leg* well... wanna do that.. do me..?
[04:13] Omi: #O.,O# *whimpers and moans* Gods.. Kennnnnn.... O.O wha--?! Now?! B.. but.. the mission...? *fingers dance towards Ken's crotch shyly*
[04:19] Ken: sure, why not, we're stuck in here till god knows when.. and you DID cause this little problem.. *rubs his erection closer to omi, purring*
[21:31] Omi: *nearly pulls his hand away when Ken's arousal touches it but then leans down to kiss him hungrily, closing his eyes and rubbing Ken more firmly*
[21:33] Ken: *moans lightly, pulling omi closer to kiss him, sucking lightly on kiss-swollen lips* well..?
[21:35] Omi: *glares cutely* Mou... Ken-kun... I'm doing what I can.. It's not like I have done that before..... (did I just tell him I'm a complete virgin?! Eeeesh.. I guess I just did... x_x ) I mean... argh... *starts rubbing more, closing Ken's mouth with another kiss, his free hand slipping inside Ken's shirt*
[21:38] Ken: *smiles lightly, shivering ever so slightly under omi's touch, kissing him deeply* ne.. omi.. just... do to me.. what you'd want someone.. to do to you.. i'll teach you.. *rubs his thigh under his skirt*
[21:40] Omi: *nibbles down Ken's neck, biting a little, getting more confident and... aggressive* Ummm... Ken-kunnn.... <3 *starts to unbuckle Ken's belt and pants*
[21:43] Ken: *grins and helps omi pull his pants down, whispering sweet nothings into the boy's neck and ear* yes, omittchi..? *pulls his pants off and sits back, his aching erection lying against his stomach*
[21:47] Omi: *tries to keep his hands from shaking in excitement, wide eyes staring at Ken's proud erection. crawls forward and brings his face to, hovering just over it, watching it attentively*
[21:49] Ken: *smiles* go ahead.. touch it, it won't bite... touch it how you'd want to be touched.. *runs his fingers through omi's hair, patting his head and grinning*
[21:51] Omi: *brings his fingers forward in a gentle caress than grasps it firmly, pumping it roughly a few times.* Keeeennn - kuuuun.... (l) *grins wickedly - as wicked as his innocent eyes can get* Did /I/ do that?! *pumps a bit more*
[21:53] Ken: *wiggles under omi's touch* feels.. good... you're not as sweet and innocent as you seem... *grins, his bright eyes shining at omi*
[21:55] Omi: Really now... .*grins wider and lowers his head to blow hot air at the tip, teasing, but not touching, his hand firm around Ken's cock and still pumping it roughly*
[21:56] Ken: *squeals lightly* keep.. doing that.. and.. teasing's not fair.. *wiggles his hips in omi's hand*
[21:57] Omi: *smirks and goes down on it, scraping slightly with his white teeth, slowly going up *
[21:59] Ken: *shivers, letting out a low moan* ahh.. omi.. feels good.. *wraps his fingers in the smaller boy's soft hair, massaging his head*
[22:02] Omi: *pumps roughly with his hand, taking the tip fully in his mouth, twirling his tongue around it and sucking as hard as he can*
[22:03] Ken: *gasps loudly, thrusting his hips towards omi's busy hand and mouth*
[22:04] Omi: *has to brace himself slightly against the wall with one hand, his butt raised up higher, the skirt nearly slipping up to reveal the panties as he's busy on Ken's cock*
[22:06] Ken: *grins wickedly, rubbing his beautiful younger lover's back while watching him go to work on his aching cock* nnn... *moans quietly and squirms under omi's tongue*
[22:08] Omi: *uses tongue and teeth and lips to do the best he can -using all he read in porn sites to do it the best he can, still using his hand to pump the shaft. Start low rumbling sounds in the back of his throat*
[22:11] Ken: *moans, thrusting his hips towards omi, trying to fuck his mouth, his body shaking in ecstasy, feeling the small drops of pre-come beginning to ooze from his twitching cock* ahhh!
[22:15] Omi: *leaves Ken's shaft to slip his hand under Ken's shirt to caress his nipples, taking the dick deeper into his hot little mouth*
[22:17] Ken: *shouts, then claps his hand over his mouth, remembering they're in hiding, sucking and biting his fingers to keep from crying out* nnnaahhhh!! more.. go.. faster..
[22:18] Omi: *complies, not able to take the whole in yet, but trying to bring Ken off anyway*
[22:19] Ken: *bucking his hips, a hand clutching omi's hair, thrusting his hips closer to the smaller boy's hot tongue*
[22:22] Omi: *pushes further and further with each pump, and tries to deepthroat him, trying not to choke, but having tears in his eyes from the strain.*
[22:32] Ken: *bucks his hips wildly, trying his best not to scream out in passion, moaning loudly as he begins to come*
[22:35] Omi: *tears streaming down his innocent face as the hot cum shoots down his throat, nearly choking him. He swallows it instead then pulls off, wiping his lips*
[22:38] Ken: *sits back, panting, pulling omi up to hug him and wipe his tears* you.. didn't have to swallow.. especially.. for your first time... *tilts his chin up with a finger and kisses him softly*
[22:39] Omi: *wraps his arms around Ken, kissing back hungrily.. He's feeling really hot now that he saw Ken in obvious orgasm and his very aroused and willing*
[22:43] Ken: o.o; *grins, sliding his arms down omi's back and under his skirt, playing with his panties and stroking his smooth little bum*
[22:44] Omi: *purrs into the kiss, straddling one of Ken's legs and rubbing himself on it, hands roaming Ken's body*
[22:49] Ken: *nibbles on omi's neck, the smaller boy's erection on his leg bringing his own erection back to life* mmm.. omi-kun.. *slides his hand in omi's panties, rubbing the soft skin underneath*
[22:51] Omi: *whimpers, biting down on Ken's neck then licking it* Ken-kun.... Take me... Fuck me now.. I'm going crazy...
[22:54] Ken: *rubs the carpet on the floor* hmmm... don't want to hurt you.. you'll get rug burns! we.. could wait till we get home and use my bed.... and... just play here.. *winces slightly from omi's teeth, grinning as he bites down on the smaller boy's shoulder, sucking lightly*
[22:55] Omi: Now. Can't wait... Play now.... *rubs more to dare Ken to say no*
[23:00] Ken: ahh... fuck it
[23:01] Ken: get on that desk *stands up and pulls omi up with him, pushing him onto the desk, leaning over him between his legs, pulling up his shirt and kissing his chest*
[23:02] Omi: *opens his legs wide, the skirt hitching up and showing the white panties. braces himself against the desk, throws his head back and moans*
[23:10] Ken: *smiles, licking down omi's chest, hitchin up his skirt and sliding the white panties down his slim legs*
[23:11] Omi: *moans* Huwwy... Kenkunnnn.... Want you... want you to fuck me crazy.... *eyes hooded with lust, panting*
[23:16] Ken: don't worry.. headed... in that direction.. *licks up omi's leg and under his balls, playing his tongue around omi's virgin hole*
[23:19] Omi: *whimpers and moans, lifting his ass slightly to help the job, hands curling against the wood of the desk*
[23:23] Ken: *slips his tongue around the outer rim, poking into the small hole lightly, readying his smaller lover for entrance*
[23:32] Omi: Keeeennnn..... *panting, looking at his friend with evident lust in his blue eyes* oh gods....
[23:35] Ken: *slides a finger in along with his tongue, working it in to stretch omi's virgin hole*mmm.. omi... *inserts another finger, scissoring them, pushing them in farther to brush against his prostate*
[23:39] Omi: *pleasure literally explodes in Omi's small body* O.O oh GODS!! ohgodohgodohgodohgod!!!! *moves his hips, urging for more*
[23:45] Ken: *slowly slides a third finger in, removing his tongue and trailing it up omi's balls and cock to his stomach, nipping and kissing here and there, pulling a nipple into his mouth and sucks on it, teasing with his teeth*
[23:48] Omi: Oh Gods, Ken-kun.... Take me already!! Take me now!! >_<
[23:53] Ken: *pulls his fingers out of omi and bites down on his nipple, pulling back on it slightly before letting it go, giving omi a wicked grin and climbing up on the desk with him*as you wish, omittchi.. now get on your hands and knees *spits in his palm and rubs his cock fervently*
[23:59] Omi: O.O F... from behind...? #O.O# *turns around, pushing stuff off the desk - it would make a salary man awefully surprised in the morning - and highers his ass, presenting it to Ken, the skirt hitched up on his hips* K.. Ken-kunnn.... *whimpers, looking back at Ken, face flushed and a begging/unsure expression on his face*
[00:01] Ken: *smiles softly and rubs the globes of omi's ass with his palm* you'll be fine omi.. don't worry about it.. *slides up behind him, his aching cock poking omi's waiting hole, kissing him up his back with soft, feathery kisses* you know.. omi.. we don't have to do this if you're worried... *bites down on his shoulder softly*
[00:06] Omi: I'm a little scared... but if you don't take me now, I'm gonna be /pissed/!! So hurry already and fuck me into mush!!! Can't you see I'm waiting?! My cock's gonna explode, Ken-kun!! >_< I want you to touch me!! I want you in me... I want you to possess me and fill me.. *wiggles butt invitingly* So get in already and fuck me crazy!!! And you'd better make it hot!!
[00:12] Ken: *grins, his voice raspy with lust as he replies* can't argue with that.. *pokes himself into omi lightly.... then rams himself in in one quick thrust, biting down on omi's shoulder from the tightness* oh fuck! that's tight! *grabs omi's hips, pulling him closer, back onto his dick as he begins to thrust in, holding omi's hips with almost bruising force*
[00:15] Omi: *cries out and then has no breath to talk as he his too busy thrashing and getting fucked, voicing his pleasure in low moans and gasps, feeling Ken in and ou, in and out, splitting him in two but filling him with horny pleasure every time he hits his sweetspot*
[00:26] Ken: *slams quickly in and out, tossing his head back then leans forward, nibbling on omi's shoulder as he reaches around to grasp the smaller boy's erection, jerking him off at the pace he's fucking him*
[00:28] Omi: *nearly buckles into Ken, gasping, nearly fainting as the pleasure becomes so intense.... Lets out various squealing and uke-in-heat sounds to drive Ken mad with desire and fuck him harder*
[00:30] Ken: *breathing hard, pouding into omi's lithe frame, the warmth of the smaller boy around his aching cock sending shivers up his spine, making him lose his senses for short periods of time*ahhh.. nn omiii!! *lets go of the younger assassins cock as he clutches his hips again, thrusting in harder and faster, itching to hit that spot that would make the boy scream every time he thrust*
[00:36] Omi: *bites down on his hand to keep the screams in and screws his eyes shut, still letting out muffles cries with each of Ken's deep deep thrusts, pushing back against him in his need for more and get so high with orgasm that when he crashes back down, he promptly fainted*
[00:40] Ken: *thrusts harder, so wrapped up in his pleasure he doesn't notice that the boy fainted, pounding harder and harder, until he finally releases his seed into the smaller boy's inner sanctum* mmm... *lies forward, wrapping his arounds around the boy, panting hard, .... then notices he isn't moving* omi! omi! wake up!! *slides out of him, and jumps off the desk, running around to omi's face, smacking it lightly, fighting to hold back tears* oh god.. i killed him.. no.. he's still breathing.. omi.. come on buddy, wake up...
[00:41] Omi: *blinks and opens wide eyes* Oh... /gods/!!! O.O
[00:42] Ken: *huge sigh, still wearing a worried look on his face* are.. you ok..? it was too much for you. im so sorry omi... it's my fault you passed out.. im sorry..
[00:45] Omi: I passed out?! *blinks* I s'ppose I did.,.. Oh gods, Ken, it was so fucking great!! Let's do it again!! *said in the same manner he'd ask for a game of cards, innocent eyes full on*
[00:50] Ken: *grins* you know, i like your attitude, kiddo ^_____^ mind waiting a couple minutes to calm down from the last run..? *slips back up onto the desk, and ends up sticking his hand in a wet spot* O.o;; ew.. *sidles up to omi, wrapping his arms around the boy and pulls him up to his chest, nipping the back of his neck and running his hands down the smaller boy's erect nipples*
[00:52] Omi: Hmmmmm.... *leans back into Ken* Call me "kiddo" again and I'll bite your balls off...
[00:55] Ken: that a threat or a promise..? doing so would mean you'd have to have my balls in your mouth first... *grins wickedly, tickling the boys chest* you got spunk... kiddo
[00:57] Omi: *growls* I don't think you'll enjoy it so much when I bite them...
[01:00] Ken: *grins* now dear sweet innocent omi wouldn't do that would he? *nuzzles his neck, kissing softly* why.. if he did, i wouldn't be able to fuck him anymore.. what a pity... ^________^ *bites down on his neck, pinching the skin lightly between his teeth then lets go*
[01:03] Omi: ...and then I'll just to go for Aya or Youji... *innocently but evil teasing nonetheless*
[01:04] Ken: don't think it would happen... remember? yohji and his no one under 18 rule.. and i dont think aya would fuck anything, male or female.. the iceman is like asexual or something >.> i dont think he ever jerks himself off..
[01:23] Omi: Mou... I would never know if I didn't try.... *pouts* And I'm gonna be 18 soon... just a couple of years...
[01:28] Ken: *smiles* that couple years keeps it from happening ^___^ *runs his hand down between omi's leg, sucking on the back and side of his neck*
[01:29] Omi: *leans back into Ken again, moaning softly, widening his legs - an open invitation* You're mean, Ken-kun...
[01:37] Ken: *whines* but it's true... *slides his hand back up omi's skirt, caressing his cock lovingly, teasing it*
[01:39] Omi: *rubs back into Ken, snuggling into him* Mou..... still, I don't want you calling me "kiddo"... M'not a kid...
[01:42] Ken: *kisses his neck, his own cock getting _very_ hard again, mumbles into his ear* i'm just teasing omi.. *nips on his ear*
[01:45] Omi: I hope so because if not, then you're having sex with a kid. *pouts and runs a hand up Ken's thigh*
[01:51] Ken: *shivers lightly* that doesn't matter though.. you're not that much younger than me.. *places feathersoft kisses along his neckline, sucking lightly as he moves his other hand slowly on omi's cock, teasing*
[14:43] Omi: *arches back into Ken, which pushes his arousal more on his hand* Hmmm...
[14:44] Ken: *bites down on his shoulder, mindlessly jerking the boy off slowly, explicity* hmmmm?
[14:49] Omi: Gods... Ken... Haa...haa... haa... *breath comes in short pants as he gets really hard again, head thrown back on Ken's shoulder, pushing his shirt up to caress himself*
[14:50] Ken: *pulls the boy closer to him, his erection rubbing against omi's back, reaching around with his other hand to pinch and tease at a nipple while idly jerking him off* tell me what you want......
[14:51] Omi: YOU!!! *still panting, whriting helplessly*
[14:56] Ken: *whispers in his ear raggedly, his lips just barely brushing it* yeah.. and what do you want me to do..?
[14:58] Omi: Oh gods.. Ken... I.. I don,t.. know... just... just fuck me!!!
[15:00] Ken: that's it? nothing else? you're gonna have to be a little more specific.. what do you want me to do...? *bites down on his earlobe, whispering hotly* how do you want me to fuck you...
[15:03] Omi: *whimpers and squirms* Ken-ku~~nnn!! I don't.. haa... don't know!!! Just... haa.... just..... make... make me helpless.... I... I want.. to... submit to you....
[15:07] Ken: submit to me... hmm..? *runs a hand lightly over a nipple, still rubbing omi's dick absently* you're a naughty boy, aren't you, omi..? *sucks on the nape of his neck* it makes you hard thinking about all the filthy ways i can take you doesn't it.. how do you want it..?
[15:09] Omi: I... I want... I want... oh gods.... I want you to... haa. to cum... all over me... and lick me clean....
[15:15] Ken: soo.. you.. want me to fuck you.. pull out.. and come all over you.. oooor.. *concentrates his fingers lightly on the tip of omi's erection*you want to suck me until i come all over you.. then lick it all off..?
[15:15] Omi: *raises hips, trying to get more* I... want you.. in my mouth...
[15:19] Ken: *smirks* i like the sound of that... *pushes the boy forward and pulls him around to face him, pulling his head in for a deep, crushing kiss*
[15:20] Omi: *kisses back, whimpering and blushing prettily*
[15:22] Ken: *pulls him closer till their cocks are rubbing against each other, making small gasps and moans eachtime his throbbing erection met with omi's*
[15:24] Omi: *breathing hitches and he grasps Ken's shoulders, fingers digging in Ken's skin*
[15:26] Ken: *moaning, leaning back a bit, pushing omi's head down towards his crotch, whispering* do your duties.. bishounen..
[15:27] Omi: *goes hungrily on Ken's arousal, no hesitation this time, taking it nearly roughly, teeth scraping, tongues swirling, sucking for all he's worth, his cute little bum high in the air*
[15:29] Ken: *tosses back his head, moaning loudly, supporting himself on the desk with one hand, using the other to ruffle the younger assassin's hair, his fingers entwined in it*mmm ahh!
[15:32] Omi: *gets of slighty, panting, getting up to kiss Ken hungrily, pumping him with his hand, before going down on it with a vengance, his whole mouth put to work, using his hnad to caress Ken's thighs and balls, then up under his shirt to his nipples, making low rumbling sound with his troath*
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