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*curses limits of post lenght*

[15:34] Ken: *gives a throaty moan, bucking his hips up into omi's small mouth, aching for more of that sweet friction that would bring him fumbling towards ecstasy*
[15:35] Omi: *nibbles on the head and goes down, deepthroating him this time*
[15:37] Ken: *bucks his hips wildly, barely able to pull his senses together enough to pull out of omi's mouth and push him back onto the desk, wrapping his hand around his hard on for a couple more quick strokes, comming all over the smaller boy, aiming it for his chest and face* oh fuck!
[15:40] Omi: *ish suprised at the sudden movement but nearly purrs as he sees Ken stroking himself roughly* Ken-kuuunn... <3
[15:44] Ken: *grins broadly, prowling over omi preditorially, rubbing the smaller boy's cock with one hand while using his tongue for the duel purpose of lapping up the pungent come spread on the boy, and to tease the sensitive flesh of his chest and neck*
[15:45] Omi: *writhe helplessly, letting out moans and squeals* Ken-kunn....
[15:47] Ken: *stops for a moment, lying on omi's slick chest and sliding up it, nibbling his collar bone* yes, my sweet..?
[15:48] Omi: Don't stop!!! Oh Gods!! Just don't stop!! You're too hot!!
[15:49] Ken: *grins, continuing on his merry way to teasing the boy to all hell, sucking harshly on his nipples, licking hotly over his sticky chest and face*
[15:52] Omi: *writhes and thrashes for him, his moans and gasps like a constant music*
[15:54] Ken: *moans lightly, licking up his collar bone, nipping and teasing up to his ear, whispering* now i want you to come... and lick it all off me.. *slips back down the smaller boy's lithe frame, pulling the head of his cock into his mouth with a quick movement, sliding his tongue slowly over it, using the barest hint of teeth to further tease omi's erection*
[23:38] Omi: *arches off the desk, whimpering and fingers curling around the edge* Keeeeeeennn!!!!! *pants*
[23:42] Ken: *sucks omi's cock in, all the way to the hilt, bobbing ferociously up and forth, willing the smaller boy to come*
[23:44] Omi: *already nearly there from giving the blowjob earlier, writhe on the desk* Oh gods! ohgodsohgodsohgods!! Ken-kun, I... I'm gonna....
[23:50] Ken: *pulls back off of omi's aching erection, pumping it slowly, idly* well.. what are you waiting for, omittichi..?
[23:52] Omi: Harder.... faster, Ken-kun.... I'm nearly there.......
[00:02] Ken: *slips his mouth back over the head of omi's throbbing member, jerking him off quickly with his hand while concentrating on the tangy sweet precum oozing from the smaller boy's sensitive slit*
[00:03] Omi: Now! Get OFF!!! *tugs at Ken's hair, throwing him back but holding him close enough that his cum splattered all over Ken's face*
[00:04] Ken: *licks his lips, his eyes filled with lust as he laps up the remains from omi's legs, staring intently into omi's bright eyes* it's... you're turn
[00:07] Omi: *grins lightly and pounces Ken, licking him clean, his hands playfully caressing Ken's body*
[00:14] Ken: *lies back, enjoying the play the smaller boy is giving him* mmmm... omi-kun...? what.. time is it..?
[00:15] Omi: 01:14, why?
[00:19] Ken: just trying to figure out why aya and yohji haven't tried to contact us yet...
[00:25] Omi: *worries* You think they're dead?! Oh no!! What are we---?!
[00:28] Ken: shhh!! *claps his hand over omi's mouth* wait... a minute... it's too quiet.. something has to be wrong...
[00:30] Omi: Y... You think... they're dead?!!
[00:35] Ken: *gasp* shit! how could we be so stupid!! not that it wasn't fun.. but... fuck!! *pulls omi off the desk, pulling his head in for a quick kiss as he stumbles around to find his clothing*
[00:36] Omi: *dresses up quickly, trying to arrange his hair so they don't look too much like aftersex*
[00:37] Ken: ehh.. omi.. you got a little.. on your chin
[00:38] Omi: eh? O.O A wha--? Oh!! *wipes it off quicly, blushing brightly*
[00:39] Ken: all better! *grins, pulling omi closer, rubbing his body against the smaller boy, kissing him deeply* how.. do you do it... drive me fucking.. crazy...
[00:42] Omi: *gasps* K... Ken-kunnn.... We... we should go... Aya-kun and Youji-kun may be in trouble... But when we get home... *walks to the door and opens it carefully*
[00:44] Ken: anybody out there..? fuck man.. this is NOT cool.. in running to look for you and hiding.. i left my bag with my bagnuks in it somewhere...
[00:46] Omi: You /what/?! So we have no weapons?!
[00:47] Ken: umm more or less... yeaaaaaah.. *smacks self in forhead* i have.. a pocket knife. u.u -_- ._.
[00:49] Omi: -.- oh.... It's ok, Ken-kun, we can make it!! *exits*
[00:49] Ken: *chases after the smaller boy* omi! do you have ANY idea where we're going..?
[00:50] Omi: no.. just guessing...
[00:53] Ken: well.. i trust your judgement.. get us outta here!
[00:54] Omi: *runs down random hall, looking at his surroundings and knowing he's come this way*
[00:57] Ken: keep an eye out for my bag.. im sure its around here somewhere.. *chases after omi, running slightly out of breath, still tired from his previous.. activities*
[01:03] Omi: *turns a corner at a run*
[01:07] Omi: *finds his stuff, strewn around, most of it majorly hacked through with an axe* Oh no!!!! *picks it all up*
[01:09] Ken: ack >_O dude! this is not cool! *helps omi pick up his stuff, still searching around for an exit*
[01:12] Omi: Do you know where you left your stuff? I saw an emergency staircase near here...
[01:12] Ken: i dont really care about my stuff right now.. i just want to find aya and yohji
[01:14] Omi: What about your bagnuks?
[01:15] Ken: pissed off about those, but aya and yohji are still more important. i can get new bagnuks, i cant get a new aya or yohji.
[01:15] Omi: Ok, this way then!! *runs to the exit he saw*
[01:16] Ken: *chases after the smaller boy, watching his little ass shake in that cute little skirt he was wearing*
[01:17] Omi: *reaches the exit and looks down.. It's not stairs, it's a ladder fixed into the wall, descending three stories down to the ground* Eeeek... X_x
[01:19] Ken: O_o eek, what, omi? you've done scarier stuff than that, now get your ass going!
[01:19] Omi: *small voice* I'm scared of heights.....
[01:21] Ken: you choose NOW to decide that? who's the one always crawling and hiding in the catwalks, omi? you! and now all of a sudden you're scared of heights! get going!! *gives him a gentle shove towards the ladder*
[01:23] Omi: What if it's slippery... I'm gonna fall and die. *pouts*
[01:24] Ken: oh, for crying out loud, omi! you're 17 years old, stop acting like a little kid! what, you want me to go first so if you fall, you land on me and we both plummet to our horribly bloody deaths?
[01:25] Omi: Ok, Ok, I'm going!! *lowers himself to the ladder*
[01:26] Ken: no, i'll go first.. can't have omi mad at me cuz i didn't save his life on a ladder.. -_- *pushes past omi, climbing down onto the ladder* now hurry up, kiddo!
[01:30] Omi: Ken-kun!! I'm /not/ a kid!! *lowers himself on the ladder after Ken*
[01:33] Ken: yeah you are, because you're acting like one! *looks up to reprimand the boy some more, instead catching a lovely glimpse of omi's pantyless and pert butt* ahuyhahhs..
[01:35] Omi: Huh? What did you say? *looks down*
[01:35] Ken: *mumbles, looking down while blushing* nnnnnothing.. we're almost there!
[01:36] Omi: *follows Ken silently*
[01:38] Ken: *hops to the ground, grabbing his youger lover by the hips and and pulls him down to the ground, tickling his stomach*
[01:43] Omi: Eeeek!! Ken-kun, what are you--?! #O.O#
[01:44] Ken: getting your ass off the ladder and tickling you. what does it feel like?
[01:46] Omi: But Aya-kun and Youji-kun....?
[01:48] Ken: i haven't teased and tickled my best friend before? *puts him down with a quick kiss on the cheek* come on, lets go see if the cars are at least still here.. we shouldnt be far from wehere we parked..
[01:50] Omi: *runs after Ken*
[01:51] Ken: *sidles around the corner of the building, keeping an eye out for anything unusual*psstt.. hurry up omi!
[01:53] Omi: *sticks himself to Ken's back to look with him around the corner*
[01:55] Ken: *tosses him a quick grin, running towards the next patch of darkness with omi near plastered to his back*
[02:04] Omi: *chases after ken.. looking around behind him.. falling on his butt and scraping his wittle bumbum...* Keeeeeeeeeeeeeennn-kuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnn!!
[02:08] Ken: *stops dead* ehhhhhhh?? what now? *turns around* rehhhh? omi, you clumsy little imp! do i have to do everything for you? *heads back over to omi, picking him up onto his feet and dusting off his butt, giving it an extra little spank for good measure and a wink* lets go, kiddo
[02:09] Omi: Stooop calling me kiddo!!! X(
[02:10] Ken: *grins and taunts back teasinly* then stop acting like one, kiddo
[02:11] Omi: *huffs and walks on, ignoring Ken*
[02:12] Ken: *grins* your panties are sticking out.
[02:12] Omi: *pulls skirt down lower*
[02:14] Ken: *sidles up to him* awww, come on now, omittchi, you know i'm just teasing.
[02:15] Omi: Hmph! *keeps on walking*
[02:16] Ken: *grins softly, his voice low and raspy, catching omi in an embrace from behind, whispering* you know i'm teasing...
[02:17] Omi: *shivers and stops, holding very still*
[02:19] Ken: *nibbles on his ear, rubbing his aching mound against omi's butt, trying to relieve some tension in it's denim prison*
[02:20] Omi: *Whimpers, his eyes going wide, his breath starting to hitch* Kenn-kuunnn....
[02:24] Ken: *sucks lightly on the nape of his neck, reaching a hand down omi's stomach, heading under his skirt to stroke the soft mound underneath* omi... you're not mad... are you...?
[02:26] Omi: *moans* I am... ohhh... Ken-kunn.... *tries to stay pouty*
[02:28] Ken: *bites down lightly on his neck, his hand wandering into down underneath the waistband of his panties, stroking his cock softly* omi-kun...
[02:29] Omi: hmmmm... *moans* I'm mad... at you... Ken-kunnn.... *drawled out between pants*
[02:34] Ken: *continues rubbing omi's cock, reaching his other hand over under the smaller boy's shirt to pinch at and rub his nipples*
[02:36] Omi: hmmmm.... Ken-kun... we... we got... to go.... Hmmmm... *pushes his hips against Ken's hand so he strokes harder, his own hands caressing his chest*
[02:39] Ken: *grins, stroking omi's erection faster and harder, toying his finger against the sensitive slit, sucking hotly on his neck and ear*
[02:41] Omi: Ohhhh... Ken-kunnnn... ken-kunn... *reaches behind to grasp Ken' butt*
[02:43] Ken: *moans lightly, working his hand quicker around omi's erection* omi.. kuuun.. *bites down oon his shoulder, drawing blood*
[02:50] Omi: Haaaa!!! *nearly comes right then and there* Ken-kuunnn,,, *moves his hips, trying to increase the friction and speed*
[02:53] Ken: *rubs his aching cock against omi's back through the fabric of his pants, pumping omi's dick quicker and harder, his teeth sinking father into omi's shoulder, sucking up the metallic tasting blood*
[02:58] Omi: *cums, arching back into Ken, the conbined pain and pleasure too much for him*
[03:01] Ken: *smiles, sliding his now wet hand still lightly over omi's cock, licking his ear* are.. you still mad at me omi-kun....?/ *pulls his hand out of omi's panties, bringing it up to the boy's lips so he can taste his essance*
[03:02] Omi: *licks Ken's fingers* Hmmmm.... mmmaybe.....
[03:02] Ken: *pouts*
[03:04] Ken: saa.... *kisses omi lightly on the neck*
[03:05] Omi: *giggles and turn around* What? No more?... I was just about to forgive you too!
[03:06] Ken: *pouts* now who's the meanie ;.;
[03:08] Omi: *wraps arms around Ken's neck* You are.... And you can show me you regret it home and I'll see if I forgive you....
[03:13] Ken: *sniffles* h.. how am i supposed to make it up to you..?
[03:14] Omi: *whispers into Ken's ear, pressing his body flush against Ken* By fucking me crazy... all. night. long. *licks ear and bites it*
[03:15] Ken: #O_O#
[03:16] Omi: *pulls off and smiles sweetly and innocently at Ken* Let's go find the others!!
[03:17] Ken: *stands there, dumbfounded and blushing* ooo oi! omi!! matte! *chases after him*
[22:02] Omi: *looks back and giggles, walking fast, balancing his hips sexily*
[22:24] Ken: *wipes the slobber from the corner of his mouth, following omi with a blush*
[22:29] Omi: *finishes at a run, reaching the cars*
[22:45] Ken: *chases after omi, skidding to a stop, barely avoiding toppling over his bike*
[22:49] Omi: *looks around* Where are the others?!
[22:53] Ken: o.o;; *peeks* i don't know... comm must be down if they haven't contacted us..
[22:53] Omi: *looks in Youji's car, leaning forward and showing white panties unknowingly* They're not in there....
[22:59] Ken: *grins, enjoying the view before coming up behind omi, rubbing his erection on the smaller boy before pushing him in the backseat, jumping in himself and straddling the boy kissing him lightly*
[23:00] Omi: What are you---?! Kn-kun!!! *blushes and moans*
[23:05] Ken: sh... *licks his collar bone* just have fun ^_____^
[23:06] Omi: But Youji-kun and Aya-kun... *is kissed and moans softly, pulling Ken closer*
[23:13] Ken: they'll be around... *kisses him deeply, rubbing his erection against the smaller boy's leg*
[23:15] Omi: hmmm... Ken-kunnn..... .hmmmm..... *wraps one leg around Ken, the other between Ken's thighs*
[23:23] Ken: *grins, licking down omi's neck to lick the previous wounds he gave the boy*
[23:25] Omi: *moans and whimpers* Ken-kun.... gods... stop teasing...
[23:31] Ken: *slides a hand up omi's shirt, teasing a nipple* but you've been teasing me since we left that room.. purposely making me go first on that ladder... leaning over cuz you know your skirt will ride up.. just being you..
[23:33] Omi: #O.O# How can you... I was /not/ teasing!! *pouts*
[23:37] Ken: my ass.. you weren't.... *sucks lightly on his collar bone*
[23:38] Omi: What... Ken, you're getting me... What if the others come?!
[23:41] Ken: *bites lightly* you already made me... forget them for now...
[23:44] Omi: *moans* Ken-kunnn... Stop teasing.. We can't go through now...
[23:56] Ken: sure we can... even if they come.. they one mind... *pulls omi's shirt up to suck on a nipple*
[23:57] Omi: raaaaah!! *arches up* Ken-kun.... How.. how will we... haa... haa... explain?!
[00:05] Ken: we wont. simple as that. *licks his tongue lightly over his nipple*
[00:05] Omi: *gasps* Ken-kunnnn~~ *whiney voice* *grasps Ken's hair, moaning and panting*
[00:08] Ken: *stops, looking up at omi* you want me to stop?
[00:09] Omi: Gods, NO!! *latches his lips on Ken's, stroking his member through his jeans*
[00:28] Ken: *groans lightly, grinding his hips against omi's hand, seeking more of the sweet friction*
[00:30] Omi: *pushes him off slightly to unbuckle his belt and open the pants, slipping a hand in his boxers to pump Ken's erection with his delicate yet strong fingers*
[00:38] Ken: *gasps, sucking on omi's neck lightly*
[00:40] Omi: Hmmmm... Ken-kunnn.... I... want you.. to take me... now...
[00:44] Ken: *licks his lips* you got it.. but... you gotta find or make something to lube with ^_________^ *nibbles on his collarbone*
[00:46] Omi: We're in /youji's/ car... bet he has some somewhere
[00:47] Ken: true...
[00:48] Ken: *looks around on the floor, then grunts and gets up and looks in the glove compartment* ah ha! found some ^__________^
[00:48] Omi: *pulls Ken back to him* Then hurry and fuck me... *searing kiss*
[00:53] Ken: .was planning on it.. *slides down and pulls omi's panties off, tossing them in the front seat*
[00:54] Omi: *opens his legs wide to Ken, fully exposed under the skirt* Ken-kunnn... Hurry.... *whimpers*
[00:56] Ken: *grins and licks his lips, opening the small tube and dispensing some into his palm, working it around on his fingers before trailing them over omi's asscrack, sliding a finger in*
[00:59] Omi: *gasps and arches back* Oh gods, Ken... yes.. yessss!!! More.... Oh gods...
[01:07] Ken: *works another finger in, scissoring them, pushing them deeper in to brush against his prostate* mmm.. omi..
[01:09] Omi: *arches off the seat* Ken-kuuuunnn!!! Oh yessh!!! More.. more... fuck me... *opens legs wider, hitching the skirt up. caressing his own chest*
[00:41] Ken:*grins, sliding a third finger in, his tongue flicking over a nipple before teasing it lightly with his teeth, rubbing his cheek on the smaller boy's smooth chest*
[00:44] Omi: *whimpers* Get in already!! I want you in!!!!
[00:46] Ken:Patience, patience, my dear bishounen.. *pulls his fingers out, trailing them up omi's chest* just you wait..... *angles himself, the head of his aching erection poking at omi's entrance. Grunting and hissing, he pushed in, his head overwhelmed with sensations*
[00:52] Omi: *grips Ken's shoulder* Aaaannnn!!! <3 Yesss!! That's it!! oh gods.... *pushes against Ken, getting him deeper in his already slick hole*
[00:55] Ken:*holds onto omi's hips, sliding in and out, thrusting in quicker and harder, lapping at his neck and shoulders with his tongue*
[00:57] Omi: *pushes up against Ken so he's straddling his lap and rides him hard, fast and furious*
[01:01] Ken:*wraps his arms around the smaller boy, licking and nipping at his chest and shoulders while thrusting into him, bouncing the boy on his lap*
[01:03] Omi: *bites down and suckles on Ken's neck, leaving bruises and lovebites* Hmmm... Kenn... Ken-kunn!!! <3 More... mooree...
[01:10] Ken:*holds omis shoulders, pushing him down farther onto his cock, twisting and thrusting to hit the smaller boy's prostate*
[01:11] Omi: *comes with a cry, gripping his legs around Ken and his arms around his neck* Keeeeeeeeen!!!!
[01:14] Ken:*bites down on omi's shoulder, the sensation of the wetness between them shooting through his body, twitching a little and shaking as he continues to pound into omi, feeling the precum beginning to drip from his cock*
[01:15] Omi: *bounces on Ken's lap, trying his best to give Ken as much pleasure as he got*
[01:16] Ken:*grunts and moans quitely, his essance seeping out of his aching cock*omi... *gives a couple more quick, hard thrusts before filling his younger lover with his seed, hissing and moaning*
[01:17] Omi: *clings to Ken, even when they stopped moving, keeping him in and purring in his ruffled shirt*
[01:18] Ken:*nibbles on his neck and shoulder, taking his earlobe between his teeth and chewing softly*
[01:20] Omi: Hmmmm.... Ken-kun....... *nuzzle-purrs*
[01:45] Ken:*nips on his shoulkder, tightening his grip around the boy and pulling him closer, resting his cheek on the smaller assassins shoulder*
[01:46] Omi: *ish drowsing off, tired by all their bout of sex* Hmmmm.....
[01:47] Ken:*speaks softly, brushing his lips against the boy's neck* hmm? yes omi?
[01:47] Omi: Shleeepy..... --.-- And I have school tomorrow... Where are the others... *whines*
[01:49] Ken:awww... *holds him tightly* i'd let you stay home tomorrow..
[01:50] Omi: Exam... *yawns* Ne... Ken-kun.... You think we can play again when we get home? Then snuggle in my bed...?
[01:52] Ken:*snuggles him close* sure ^______^ but.. wouldn't that make you more sleepy?
[01:52] Omi: But if I sleep better the rest of the night, it'll make up for it...
[02:02] Ken:*pulls his bike into the driveway, turning off the headlight and engine, coasting to a stop*
[02:03] Omi: *gets off, tugging on his skirt cuz he left the panties behind* We're home!!
[02:03] Ken:we sure are. now get your ass inside and get cleaned up.
[02:06] Omi: haaai!! *runs to the door and unlocks it, dissapearing inside*
[02:08] Ken:*grins to himself, watching omi's cute little ass randomly show under his skirt* i'll be there in a few... *locks his bike up, cliimbing the stairs up to his room*
[02:09] Omi: *hyeads for the shower* Laaa... la lalaaa... *hums*
[02:17] Ken:*pushes past his bedroom door, tossing his jacket and sweatshirt on his bed, then sits down and pulls off his shoes* damn that little tease T____T had to do that to me... *feels his erection beginning to come back* ah fucking great. T____T *gets an idea* i need a shower too.... ^________________^
[02:18] Omi: *closes the door behind him and starts brushing his teeth, dancing and swaying his hips to his humming*
[02:25] Ken:*pulls off his shirt, tossing it aside, then starts to unfasten his pants, sliding them down over his strong legs* hmm... i don't think aya and yohji are back yet... *strokes his erection through his boxers and walks out his door and down the hall*
[02:28] Omi: *washes his mouth and starts singing again, fighting with the bra* Laaa.. la lilaaa *still swaying his hips*
[02:34] Ken:*stands quitely outside the bathroom door, giggling quietly at omi's singing*
[02:38] Omi: ahhh moouuuuuu!! Keeeennn-kuuunnn!!! Stupid bra ish stuuuck so heeelp meee!! *didn't know Ken was right next to him so he yelled it at the top of his voice*
[02:40] Ken:*quietly opens the door and wraps his arms around the smaller boy from behind, tickling his chest, whispering into his ear* you rang?
[02:42] Omi: *eeeps and stiffens before relaxing back into Ken* I hate wearing this.. Dunno how to get out of it!! =>_<=
[02:46] Ken:*giggles* just a second, chibi. *pushes omi forward slightly, fumbling with the snaps on his bra before getting it undone, sliding the straps down the smaller boy's shoulders*
[02:47] Omi: *purrs and leans back on Ken, letting him undress him*
[02:48] Ken:*grins and purrs into the boy's ear, running his hands down the muscled chest and stomach of the smaller boy*
[02:50] Omi: *puts his hands on Ken's* Hmmmmm... *sighs* Ken-kun......
[02:52] Ken:*nips on the nape of his neck, sliding his thumbs into the waistband of the smaller boy's skirt, sliding them around to his behind, unzipping it slowly* yes, omi-kun?
[02:55] Omi: *shakes his head* Nothing.... just like to say your name.... #^-^#
[03:01] Ken:*lets the boy's skirt fall down around his ankles, pulling him closer, wrapping his arms around him tightly, then pushing him towards the shower* get your but in there. you're all sticky >_<
[03:03] Omi: *pouts* well so~~~rry!!! *gets in the shower*
[03:06] Ken:*giggles* well do you enjoy being covered in your own bodily fluids? *pats him on the butt and scoots him into the shower*
[03:07] Omi: Heey!! *glares cutely with an offended huff and starts the water*
[03:11] Ken:*giggles and sits on the counter, watching his naked counterpart get ready for the shower* oh, stop it. you know it didn't hurt.
[03:12] Omi: Humph!! *closes the shower door*
[03:13] Ken:*grins and whistles a random song* well nyaaaaaaah to you too, omi. i _could_ just go to bed right now.
[03:15] Omi: *doesn't reply, pretending not to have heard over the water*
[03:18] Ken:*grins* well, alright then, im going back to my room and going to sleep. night omi. *hops off the counter top and walks out the bathroom door, leaning on the wall just out of sight*

~*~ i think that was all...~*~
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