Shumea's RPs (shumeachan) wrote in anime_roleplay,
Shumea's RPs

Ken: mikage
Omi: shumea

[00:27] Ken: *stumbles loudly in the door, cursing to himself as he tripped over a shoe* (damn that fucking broad...
getting me all excited like that then leaving without doing anything about it...) *wanders down the hall, crashing into walls
and doors every so often, groggy from both too much alcohol and not enough sex*
[00:29] Omi: *looks out from living room where he was typing away on one of his many computers* K... Ken-kun...?
*rushes to him* Ken-kun are you alright..?! *tries to help Ken from the floor were he had fallen, looking dazed and blinking*
[00:34] Ken: *slowly opens his eyes, his vision blurring on the small angel above him*aicha... omi...-kun.. yea..
(this kid.. beautiful.. sexy.. i want him...) wh..what.. happened? *tries to stand and wobbles*
[00:46] Omi: You tell me!! Ke... Ken-kun.... *wrinkles nose* You smell like... sake... You drank...? *supports Ken*
Let me get you to your room...
[00:54] Ken: *leans on the smaller boy, his steps wobbly* a ... little.. more than.. i prolly.. shouldve... *leans
closer to omi, inhaling his intoxicatingly sweet scent*
[00:59] Omi: A little? I'd say a lot more... C'mon.... stairs now..... I'm getting you into bed before you break the
whole house down....
[01:01] Ken: *groans* probably X_X *walks slowly along*(hmm.. this pretty boy can help me...) *grins*
[01:04] Omi: *gets slowly to the top of the stairs and tries to open the door to Ken's room while holding the brunette
[01:08] Ken: *Tries to stand by himself, failing miserably. Leaning closer to the smaller assassin, he breathed into
his ear, whispering* Omittchi...
[01:10] Omi: *shivers, a strange feeling going up his spine* Y... yes, K.. Ken-kun...? *tries to brace himself against
the door to hold Ken up, forgetting he just managed to open it, tumbles through, falling hard on Ken's floor, Ken on top of
[01:15] Ken: *licks his lips, rubbing himself on the smaller boy with lust in his eyes* to.. bed..?
[01:16] Omi: *opens wide wide wide eyes* O.O K-K-K-K-K-K-K-Ken-kun!!! What are you....?!
[01:20] Ken: *licks the nape of omi's neck, nipping slighly* help me, omittichi.. ken-kun hash a problem..
[01:22] Omi: W-W-What's the... problem? *tries to push Ken up* Come on.. We have to get you... on that bed.....
[01:24] Ken: *grins* soundsh.. like a plan *pulls himself up, just barely able to stand on his own* (omi-kun is going
to be a biiig help to me...)
[01:26] Omi: *wraps gingerly his arm around Ken's waist, supporting his weight, trying to convince himself he just
dreamt the whole rub a dub dub thingy,,,*
[01:32] Ken: *trudges slowly to the bed, pulling omi down with him as he flopped down* Omi-kun.... *purrs into his
ear* you wantsh to help ken-kun.. doesnth he...? *nips*
[01:36] Omi: O-O-Of course... What does... Ken-kun... need help for...? *nervously, trying to push himself up*
[01:41] Ken: Ken needsh help with thish.. *pins omi down, rubbing his aching erection on the smaller boy, purring*
Omi.. can help me.. very good..
[01:42] Omi: W-W-W-W-W-WHAAAAAAATT??!!! O.O No!! Wait... K...Ken-kun.. I'm... I mean, I'm not.... *tries to push Ken
off him*
[01:46] Ken: *grins and runs his hand down omi's chest, then back to caress his cock through his shorts. * Omi-kun..
you shaid you'd.. help me.. you weren't.. lying were you..? *nibbles on his collarbone*
[01:51] Omi: B-B-B-B-B-But Ken-kun!!! This... is... not... *blushes as a slight moans escapes his lips*
[02:00] Ken: Omi-kun.. likesh it.. *slides farther over omi's body, catching the moans in his lips, kissing the
smaller boy hungrily, his hand still working on omi's cock*
[02:03] Omi: *tries to force the arousal he's getting down* No... No.. Ken-kun.. this is wrong... Too wrong... *eyes
softly loose focus* *hands grasp Ken's shoulders*
[02:07] Ken: Well this.. *gives a small tug on Omi's dick* doesn't seem to agree with you.. now STAY. *slides down the
smaller boy's body, clumsily undoing his shorts to free his cock from their fabric prison* It seemsh to me.. that it really
doesn't agree.. *slides a hand down omi's shaft, flicking a finger over the sensitive slit.*
[02:16] Omi: NO!! Ken-kun... Please... don't... you're drunk.. you don't know what you're doing!! (you don't really
love me like that...) *is crying softly, but laying helplessly, totally at Ken's mercy*
[02:19] Ken: Awww...... Omi-kun... if i just want a quick fuck.. i'd go to yohji.. not you sweetheart... i know
exactly what i'm doing.. *slides farther down omi's body, nipping at his torso before sliding the rest of the way down,
pulling the boys erection into his mouth, lapping at the end of it like a starving man*
[02:22] Omi: Oh GODS!!!! *arches off the bed, shaking his head even as he's moaning* Ken-kun... please... No.....
(more!! Please more!!)
[02:27] Ken: *slides his tongue down over omi's cock, running his mouth down it with the barest hint of teeth before
sucking in the smaller boy's length, bobbing his head up and down slooooowly, dragging the act out*
[02:29] Omi: *grasps and paws at the sheet* Oh gods Ken-kun!! Ken-k..kun!! What... Oh gods... Why...?! Please!! I..
I... Oh gods...
[02:35] Ken: *pulls off, eyeing omi lustfully* You really want me.. to... stop..? But i'm just getting started...
Omittchi... *trails a finger down omi's chest and abdomen, running it teasingly down the length of his now wet cock. A small
smile crossed his lips* you shaid.. you'd help me... i.. wantsh you.. omi..
[02:36] Omi: *moans softly, panting, half naked on Ken's bed* K... Ken-kun.... I..... Gods... I want you too..... But
you're drunk... It's not right....
[02:47] Ken: You want me.. I'm here.. you're lying half naked on my bed... *slides his head back down betwen omi's
legs, sucking his dick back into his mouth. Bobbing slowly, then faster, he swirled his tongue around the throbbing shaft,
keeping a steady suction while he dragged his head up and down, scraping the sensitive skin veeeeerry lightly with his teeth*
[02:49] Omi: *arches off the bed, crying out* Ken-kun!!! Ken-kun!! Oh gods!! ohgods!! ken... ohkenohkenohken!!!!!!!
[02:55] Ken: *smiles himself, continuing to work on the smaller boy's hard cock, reaching over to his windowsill for a
small bottle, popping it open and spilling some on his fingers before tracing a finger around omi's asshole, slowly sliding a
finger in, stretching the hard flesh with small pumps*
[02:57] Omi: *is letting out small whimpering sounds, half scared and the other half in heaven* Ken-kun.... *pushes
down on Ken's finger*
[03:11] Ken: *slides another finger into omi's tight ass, slipping it in and out quickly, at the same pace he is
bobbing on Omi's cock, wrapping his tongue around the head and concentrating on it. Moaning quietly onto the smaller
assassin's cock, he slowly slid in a third digit, moving them around, pushing them in farther, brushing against omi's
[03:17] Omi: *feels like something just imploded inside of him, comes in Ken'S mouth* KeeeeEEEEEEEENNNN!!!!!
[03:19] Ken: *grins, keeping his mouth firmly around omi's pulsing cock, swallowing every drop of the bittersweet
liquid emerging from omi, brushing his fingers inside against the boys prostate*
[03:20] Omi: *squirms and tries to ignore the wonderful feeling* Kn... Ken-kun... please....
[03:22] Ken: *pulls off, using his free hand to wipe the corner of his mouth* pleash.. what, omittchi..? you want me
to stop..? you wantsh to know you lied to me..? *slides forward, slipping omi's shirt up over his nipples, firmly placing
his lips around it, teasing it with his tongue*
[03:23] Omi: I'm... This is... Ken-kun..... *tries to push Ken off* No, please.. This is not what I meant... I
thought.... *looks around looking for help he knows won't be there*
[03:26] Ken: *pulls his fingers out of omi, sliding them up the boy's smooth chest, growling* you said you'd help
me... quit squirming! *shoves omi's shoulders back down on the bed, using one hand to keep him there while spreading the
boy's legs with the other, moving his hips slightly to align himself with omi's ass, shoving in quickly*
[03:29] Omi: *cries out, trying to push Ken off him* Noo!! Ken-kun!! Stop!! Please!! Please stop!!!! *cries, silent
tears running down his cheeks* *bites his hands as he's entered,* it hurts!! Oh.. GODS *when Ken hits his prostate again with
his cock* oh GODS oh GODS oh GODS!!!
[03:31] Ken: *smiles, sliding in and out slowly, placing featherlight kisses on omi's chest, nipping the soft flesh
lightly, running his tongue over the small nubs of flesh* mmm.. you.. feel good omittchi.. *starts pumping in and out faster,
moaning lightly*
[03:37] Omi: *paws at the sheet, nearly ripping it off the bed, even as he cries out with each thrusts, still crying
and shaking his had, but lost in passion*
[03:43] Ken: *pulling mostly out slowly and thrusting back in quickly, angling himself so he would hit the smaller
boy's prostate with each thrust* mmm.. omi-kun..*licks the smaller boys chest, rolling a nipple between his teeth lightly,
teasing it with his tongue*'
[03:45] Omi: *gasps and cries out in both pleasure and pain as his small body is invided by Ken, still half-fighting,
but loosing against his own desire for Ken*
[04:09] Ken: *grins, rubbing a hand against omi's spent cock, teasing the head with his finger*omi-kun... you like
it.. *thrusts in faster, aching for more of the sweet friction of the smaller boy's tight ass*
[04:14] Omi: *whimpers* I like it Ken-kun.... I like it..... *ish still crying*
[02:03] Ken: *paws at Omi's sides, grabbing ahold tightly, ramming into the smaller boy faster, harder, twisting
slightly to brush against the smaller boy's prostate*
[02:10] Omi: *gasps and cries out in pleasure with each hit to his protaste before coming again with a cry*
[02:15] Ken: *grunts, giving a few final thrusts before emptying his seed into his younger lover, hissing* nnn....
[02:16] Omi: K.. Ken-kun.... *tries to push him off*
[02:17] Ken: *wraps his arms tightly around the smaller boy, burying his head in his chest* omi..
[02:19] Omi: Ken-kun... get off me!! Get off...!! *ish stil crying*
[02:20] Ken: *brushes his lips against omi's chest* shh... omi.. be quiet... *nips at the tender flesh*
[02:22] Omi: Ken-kunn... Please.. *sniffles* *looks all uke with tears and all*
[02:23] Ken: *reaches a hand up and wipes omi's eyes* shh.. omi, don't cry. Ken-kun will make you feel a loooot
better... *nibbles on his collarbone*
[02:23] Omi: Ken-kun...? What are you doing... *pathetic voice*
[02:24] Ken: gonna make omi feel good.. *licks up his neck and nibbles on his ear*
[02:26] Omi: It tickles.... .Ken-kunn.... Please...?
[02:30] Ken: *wraps the fingers of one hand in omi's hair, tugging slightly* please, what, omi..? *pulls his head in
to kiss him hungrily*
[02:31] Omi: *yelps in the kiss, lips bruised* *pushes Ken off him* Let go!! you're hurting me!!
[02:33] Ken: *falls back, hitting the floor roughly* oww...!!! *rubs his behind, then stares at omi preditorially*
playing hard to get are we omi..? *reaches down to stroke his own erection*
[02:34] Omi: *hides his eyes but look through his fingers* What a--?! Ken-kun!! stop that!!
[02:41] Ken: *grins, eyeing omi hungrily* and what if i dont..? *crawls closer to omi, never taking his eyes off of
him* what'll you do?
[02:43] Omi: Ke... Ken-kun... Stop it.. You're scaring me.... *backs off*
[02:46] Ken: *crawls closer, grabbing ahold of omi's legs and lying his head in his lap*sweet omi.. beautiful omi..
innocent omi.. won't you help me? *licks the inside of omi's thigh*
[02:47] Omi: *whimpers and tries to scamper off* Ke.. Ken-kun.. you're not yourself....
[02:52] Ken: *holds him down firmly*I am so myshelf. *slides up onto his knees, pushing the smaller assassin
backwards, climbing up to straddle his waist, rubbing his cock against the smaller boy's stomach*
[02:53] Omi: *whimpers and tries to push Ken off again* Get off!! Off!!! Ken-kun, you're hurting me!! You're scaring
me!! >_<
[02:57] Ken: *purrs, rubbing his face softly along omi's chest, licking trails* you're not going anywhere till im done
with you, sweetheart.. *pulls a nipple between his teeth, biting softly*
[02:59] Omi: *cries out, whimpering in fear, sweet and innocent looking* N.. No!! Stop!! STOP!!!
[03:05] Ken: *stops for a second, pulling his head up to look in omi's eyes* quiet you.. im gonna make you feel real
good, bishounen... *slides back, spreading omi's legs open and working his hand down the smooth thighs*
[03:07] Omi: *whimpers* Nooo... Ken-kunn.. I don't wanna!! I don't wanna!!!
[00:00] Ken: *kisses down omi's chest, stopping right above they boys cock* this tells me differently... *licks down
the length, twirling his tongue over the sensitive slit, sucking lightly on it while continuing to stroke the smaller boys
[03:23] Omi: *whimpers and grasps at the cover, twisting it in his fists*
[03:27] Ken: *nibbles on the head lightly, barely brushing his lips over it before sliding back up omi's chest, biting
a nipple*
[03:29] Omi: *shakes his head* Please stop.. Ken-kun.. I don't... not.. you're drunk.... It's wrong...
[03:30] Ken: *reaches a hand up to omi's face, running it along the curve of his cheek* shh.. no its not, omi.. just
[03:31] Omi: *calms a bit, but still whimpering and crying*
[03:34] Ken: just relax.. i wont hurt you.. *spreads omi's legs farther apart, pulling a leg up over his shoulder, his
aching erection seeking entrance* don't cry bishounen.. *slides his dick in with a quick shove*
[03:35] Omi: *cries out, his tears wetting his cheeks* Noooooo!!! Don't!! Stop!! Ken-kunn!! Stop.. please... stop!!!
[03:41] Ken: *hisses, his voice raspy with lust, whispering as he pounds into omi* you like it bishounen.. you dream
about it every night.. i hear you touching yourself.. moaning my name... it's what we both want, omittchi.. *pulls omi's
other leg up on his shoulder, spreading his legs wider for more access as he pounds mercilessly against the smaller boy's
[03:43] Omi: (he's right... I wanted this... ) chi.. chigau!!! It's not.. like that... (Not like that!! Not like
that... I wanted your loving.. not fucking...) It's not.... Let go.... Please.. Let go....
[03:48] Ken: *clutches the smaller assassin's hips as he slows down his pace slightly, pulling most of the way out
before slamming back in, his body beginning to shake with ecstacy*
[03:50] Omi: *starts to fight back, pushing Ken off him, only partly succeeding*
[03:54] Ken: *growls harshly, shoving omi back down onto the bed, thrusting into him harder* dont EVER do that! *grabs
ahold of the boys hair, holding it tightly as he kissed him hungrily* i dont want to hurt you, omi...
[03:56] Omi: *cries out in pain, tearing up as his hair is yanked roughly* K.. Ken-kunn!! Yadaa!! Boku ha yada!!! Get
off me!! Get off!!!
[04:01] Ken: *bites down on his shoulder, hissing* im not finished yet, bishounen... *slides a hand down to omi's
shaft, teasing the head with a finger before taking it to his palm, stroking up and down softly, getting faster and harder,
moving in rhythm with his thrusts into the smaller boy*
[04:03] Omi: *moans and whimpers, grasping at Ken's shoulder* K.. K.. Ken.. k. k.. kunnn.... >_<
[04:15] Ken: **pulls omi up so he's sitting on his lap, wrapping his arms around the smaller boy, bouncing him heavily
on his lap, biting hard on his shoulder, pushing him farther down, impaling him on his throbbing erection* omi... *whispers
roughly into his ear, holding onto him tightly, short fingernails digging into his soft skin*
[04:16] Omi: *tries to push himself off of Ken's grip, but gasps as Ken's member hits his sweetspots, arms and legs
curling reflextively around Ken* Ahhhh!!
[04:19] Ken: *nuzzles his neck, still pumping rapidly into the smaller boy, feeling his orgasm dangerously close* i
told you you'd like it... *braces himself, holding tightly onto omi's lithe frame as he emptied his essence into the smaller
boy, continuing to pound, but his speed decreasing*
[04:21] Omi: *arches back, arms wrapped around Ken's neck, and comes between them, then slumps back on Ken's shoulder,
panting and sobbing*
[04:34] Ken: *pulls the smaller boy close, holding him tightly as he rest his head on his shoulder, breathing hard and
nibbling on his earlobe*
[04:37] Omi: *nuzzles* K... Kenn-kuun... Why..? Why did you...?
[04:38] Ken: *grumbles lightly* ken had an itch only omi could scratch..
[04:39] Omi: *blinks and pulls slightly away* An itch?
[04:40] Ken: it's a metaphor, omittchi.. *rests his forhead on the smaller boy's chest*
[04:41] Omi: *leans back on Ken* You... wanted me...?
[04:42] Ken: *nods his head against his chest, tears threatening to fall* i'm... i'm..
[04:43] Omi: *blinks numbly* You...?
[04:44] Ken: *mumbles* sorry.. so sorry..
idontknowwhatcameovermeicantbelieveijustdidthatohmygodyoumusthatemenowimsorryimsorryimsorry... *fights to hold back tears*
[04:46] Omi: *blinks back tears* Ken-kun..... *nuzzles* Want me to tell you a secret? *whispered*
[04:47] Ken: *blinks cutely* huh..?
[04:49] Omi: *whispers in Ken's ear* I wanted you to... BUT... I thought you were too drunk and you didn't care about
me.... I didn't want you to fuck me.. I wanted you to make love to me....
[04:55] Ken: You.. oh.. oh god.. what have i done... i'm so sorry... *Wraps his arms tightly around the smaller boy,
crying into his shoulder*
[04:56] Omi: *snuggles, crying too* Don't cry, Ken-kun.... Don't cry..... It's alright.... It's ok...
[05:01] Ken: *suddenly realizes he's still naked and omi is still half naked in his lap, then blushes, wiping away a
tear* um... perhaps.. i should give you your clothes back and go to bed.. im so sorry omi..
[05:04] Omi: *shakes head* I want to stay here..... I want you... to... be sweet to me now....
[05:05] Ken: ... *sad look* after.. what i just did to you..? i dont get how you cant still even stand to look at me
[05:06] Omi: Because I love you, Ken-kun.... I love you.. so please... don't push me away now... *clings*
[05:11] Ken: *holds onto him tightly*i.. i.. wont.. just.. let me think for a minute.. get a hold of my brain..
[05:14] Omi: *nods silently, still holding unto Ken*
[05:19] Ken: *pulls back slightly, running his hands over the welted bitemarks that littered the younger assassins
shoulders and chest* im sorry i did this to you.. i said i wouldn't hurt you.. *wraps him in his arms, pulling a blanket
around them* i've ruined you're perfect skin.. bishounen.. *whispers* im so sorry..
[05:21] Omi: *points a bite mark he did when he came* But so did I, Ken-kun... So did I....
[05:23] Ken: *mumbles* i deserved it.. hell you have every right to kill me now.. what you did, thats just another
scratch to deal with.. what i did to you.. i ruined perfection without caring.. *snuggles omi as close as he can without
suffocating the boy*
[05:25] Omi: *licks Ken's neck* Hmm... I'm far from perfect, Ken-kun... And if anything.. I'm happy you wanted me
enough to do what you did. *nuzzles*
[05:28] Ken: *confused* how the fuck? Omi, i RAPED you. how can you be happy about that? I disgust even myself.. drunk
or not, there was no excuse.. I'm telling you right now.. if I EVER try anything like that again..shoot me, dart me, spear
me, whatever, i dont care, just kill me and put me out of everyone's misery. *sniffles into his shoulder*
[05:32] Omi: Don't you get it!!??? If I didn't fight more it's because.. damn it Ken-kun, I /wanted/ to sleep with
you!! Not under these circomstances, but I wanted it!! *pulls Ken in a kiss*
[05:34] Ken: *slightly shocked, but returns omi's kiss, searching for his tongue* omi..
[05:34] Omi: Ken-kun.... Ken-kun.... *kisses hungrily*
[05:39] Ken: *kisses him deeply* omi..
[05:44] Omi: Ken-kun.. Take me again.. but this time.. make it slow... Please... *kisses again and again*
[03:28] Ken: *smiles lightly, pushing omi onto his back and kisses him* omi.. are you sure..? *licks his ear* if so..
i might need a little help... *looks down at his lap and blushes*
[02:47] Omi: I'm sure Ken-kun... Please.... Help? *blinks in cute confusion*
[02:50] Ken: umm...... *blushes and continues staring down* i'll need a little help to.. umm.. you know.. *blushblush*
[02:51] Omi: Help to what? *blinks and looks up to Ken innocently*
[02:54] Ken: umm.. *grabs omi's hand and puts it in his lap* with.. that.. fix it it's broken T_____T
[02:55] Omi: *blushes a bright red* what am I supposed to do, Ken-kun?
[02:55] Omi: O,O
[02:57] Ken: umm.. re.. remember what i did to you earlier..? with the mouth and the licking and such..? could you...
*blushes bright red*
[03:37] Omi: My mouth on... Isn't it dirty, Ken-kun? *pushes Ken so he stradling him*
[03:38] Ken: *blushes* not really... *smiles meekly, running a hand down the smaller boys thigh*
[03:41] Omi: Hmmmm.... I don't know if I can do that, Ken-kun...... *caresses down Ken's chest with feathery touch,
resting his fingers softly against the tip of Ken'S erection* What do you think...?
[14:37] Ken: *shivers slightly at the boys touch* i think... you can do it.. you're a big boy...
[14:39] Omi: I'm... a big boy, huh?.... *crawls up to kiss Ken on the lips* Hmmm... Maybe... *pumps a few time ith his
hand, smirking down at Ken*
[14:41] Ken: *nods, moaning a little* uh.. huh... *wiggles his hips a little*
[14:42] Omi: *trails down Ken's stomach, feeling a lot older than a few minutes ago* *reaches Ken's erection and
smirks up*
[14:43] Ken: *whimpers softly, sliding a hand up the smaller boys side*
[14:46] Omi: *wrinkles his nose, concentrating on Ken's erection now, wondering how to go about it*
[14:51] Ken: *sits up slightly, watching him contently*
[14:52] Omi: *takes a tentative lick and wrinkles his nose more*
[14:52] Ken: *squeaks, pushing his hips closer to omi* please...
[14:54] Omi: *hand still around the shaft, pushes the head in his hot lil' mouth*
[14:57] Ken: *gasps, the warm wetness of omi's mouth making him even harder*omi.. *slips his hands down to toy with
the smaller assassin's hair*
[14:59] Omi: *bobs head slowly up and down, screwing his eyes shut*
[15:00] Ken: *bites his lip lightly, wrapping his fingers in omi's hair, moaning quietly*nn...
[15:04] Omi: *picks up the pace, feeling his own emotion raging between his legs*

~*~left unfinished?~*~
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