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Shumea's RPs

Ken: shumea
Omi: mikage

[15:54] Ken: (It's today...) *paces their empty appartment, waiting for Omi to come back from school. Store is closed, Aya and Youji out* (He's teased me long enough.. I'm getting him tonight, no matter what...)
[15:57] Omi: *bounces up the stairs, sticking his key in the lock and turning it to open the door* Ken~K~un!! Aya-kun! Yohji-kun, I'm hooooomeeeeee!!! *kicks his shoes off, grabbing them and walks to his room, dumping his bag and shoes off on the floor* Aya-kun? Yohji-kun? Ken-kun? Is anyone home? *peeks out his door, confused at the quietness*
[16:00] Ken: O.O He's here... Ok.. calm.. *breathes* Here goes.... *peeks out of his room like he was sleeping, hair artistically mussled, wearing only tight jeans with button undone* M'here.... Youji and aya are out.....
[16:06] Omi: *grins, walking down the hallway to the kitchen* Ah, ok. How was your day, Ken-kun? *rummages around in the fridge for something to eat* hmm.. *frowns cutely before opening up the freezer* ah ha! *pulls out a popsicle and calls out to Ken* Ken-k~un! Do you want a popsicle?
[16:07] Ken: (popsicle = sucking = yum) YES! *goes back in his room to lay down on his bed, hoping Omi will come and imagining his lips around the popsicle, then around his.... * hmmm....
[16:12] Omi: *pulls another popsicle out, then opens his own, popping it into his mouth*(He could've at least come and gotten it.. I've got homework to do u.u ..Oh well...) *grabs Ken's popsicle and heads back down the hall to ken's room, pushing the door* Here you go. *tosses Ken the popsicle, mindlessly sucking on his own. slurping the cold wetness*
[16:13] Ken: *gulps* (want him... want him /now/) Yo, Oms.. C'mere.... *sits up and pats bed beside him....
[16:14] Omi: Hmm? *looks up* ok.. *walks over a plops himself down next to ken* yeah? ya need somethin? *oblivious*
[16:17] Ken: Hmmm... Maybe.... What flavor you got? *opens his own popsicle*
[16:18] Omi: lemon. *suckles on it, pulling it out of his mouth with a small 'pop'* why?
[16:20] Ken: *eyes widen* Lemon is good... *eyes never leaving Omi's mouth, puts his own popsicle in his mouth*
[16:21] Omi: *fidgits slightly, biting a chunk off his popsicle and chewing it quietly* did you need something, Ken-kun? Cuz I gotta go get my homework done...
[16:25] Ken: No. No homies tonight. I'm keeping you with me.... *sucks on his popsicle a little suggestively, but not too much yet*
[16:27] Omi: Huh? *stands up, his popsicle balanced between his lips* it was nice talking to you, Ken, but really I have to go finish.. *starts to walk awaay*
[16:30] Ken: *grabs Omi's hand* Oh no, you don't... *pulls him back on the bed rough enough that Omi falls flat on his back and Ken straddles his small hips, then sucking his popsicle like nothing happened*
[16:31] Omi: *struggles a little, then gives up and stares at Ken, wide-eyed and confused* K..Ken-kun? What are you doing? Let me up! *tries to sit up*
[16:32] Ken: *pushes him back down* No I won't.... I've had enough of your teasing... Tonight, I'm not letting you go.. I'll do your homeworks tomorrow morning if you want, but tonight, you're staying /right/ here...
[16:36] Omi: *stares at him* what? Ken, this isn't funny. let me go! *grabs for his legs, trying to push the older boy off*
[16:37] Ken: no way... I'm not letting you go...... *trails popsicle on Omi's lips*
[16:40] Omi: *pouts, shivering slightly, then glares* and why not?! what did I ever do to you? Ok, I'm sorry I used the rest of your shampoo, I was out!! I'll get you some more! But let me go! *squirms, trying to wiggle free*
[16:52] Ken: *smirks and licks the pout, where his popsickle left sweet trails* I don' care bout the shampoo.....
[16:54] Omi: #O_O# K..Ken-kun! What are you doing! (does he know i like guys?) Hey! *squirms more, trying to wiggle out of Ken's grasp*
[16:55] Ken: I'm kissing you, silly.. *kisses*
[16:58] Omi: *blushes* d..demo... ken-kun..
[17:03] Ken: Shhhh.... It's ok...
[17:07] Omi: *squeaks, giving up a little*
[17:08] Ken: *smiles in the kiss and nibbles on Omi's lip softly*
[17:09] Omi: *blushes bright red, closing his eyes like it would hide him* ken... *squirms against the older boy* let.. me..g..go..
[17:11] Ken: *pulls off sligtly, but not far from Omi's lips.* No way.... I'm not letting you go.....
[17:12] Omi: *sniffles, trying to hold back tears* why.. why not.. T____T *wiggles against ken*
[17:13] Ken: Hmmm... Because I've got you here... under me... *slips a hand in Omi's shirt*
[17:16] Omi: *gasps lightly, shivering at the older assassin's touch* (what the hell is he doing to me!!) ken!
[17:20] Ken: hmm...? If you have complaints, I'll hear them in the morning... For now.. I don't care... *buries his face in the crook of Omi's neck, nibbling the skin*
[17:24] Omi: *gasps, arching himself up against ken, pouting* ken, stop! please.. *squirms more*
[17:28] Ken: I don't wanna... *bites down softly*
[17:32] Omi: *lies back, whimpering* ken-kun... >_______< *pouts*
[17:34] Ken: *bites his ear and licks* I want you tonight, Omi.....
[17:36] Omi: *blushes furiously, stuttering* wh..what..? want.. what? k..ken..k..kun. wh..what.. are.. you..
[17:37] Ken: *pulls off slightly and smiles* Like I said... I want you...
[17:40] Omi: #O_O# (he isn't saying this he can't be saying this he's my best friend yeah i want him but not like this oh god oh god what am i gonna do he isnt doing this please tell me ken isn't doing this!) *tries to push him off* Ken, please!! Not like this.. *is crying* please.. get off ken..
[17:45] Ken: *frowns* Oh no... *grabs hands and pin them over his head* I won't let you go.....
[17:49] Omi: *cries in protest, squirming and putting up a fight* let! me! go! KEN!!!! *tries to flip his body and knock ken off balance* letmegoletmegoletmegoletmegoletmegoletmegoletmegoletmegoletmegoletmego!!!!! please!!
[17:54] Ken: *growls* No way!!! *reaches under his bed, fumbles a litttle, fighting to keep Omi pined to the bed and finds his cuffs, cuffs omi to the head board*
[17:56] Omi: *startled squeak* ken? what the fuck are you doing? let me go! *pulls on his restraints* god damnit ken, this isn't funny!! let me go!
[17:57] Ken: It's not supposed to be funny, love... It's supposed to be sexy.... *kisses wrists and all the way to Omi's shoulder.
[17:59] Omi: *growls* well i'm not finding this very sexy, Ken. let me go! *jerks away as far as he can*
[18:05] Ken: Un-un... I won't let you go, my pretty lil' thing.. *pushes shirt up to tease his nipple and caress the smooth stomach*
[18:08] Omi: *gasps and bites his lip* ken.. let me go.. this isnt right.. *wiggles*
[18:11] Ken: *looks intently into Omi's eyes* I've past caring if it was right or not... You don't know how long I've wanted you........*throws rest of popsicle in trash*
[18:13] Omi: *looks at his melted puddle of a popsicle on the floor* ya.. didn't have to do it like this.. though.. ken.. *bites his lip to keep from crying more* you.. coulda told me..
[18:17] Ken: Ummm... Maybe I could've... what would you have done then...? *continues to strip Omi of his lace-up shirt, slowly, teasingly*
[18:19] Omi: *sniffles*probably not be screaming and crying for one.. hey! stop that! *glares* Ken, I'm serious! let me go!! *tears are rolling down his cheeks*
[22:06] Ken: I won't. I won't let go... not now when I finally got you... *grins* C'mon, Omitchi... s'not like you don't want it, huh? *tease Omi's memeber through his shorts*
[22:08] Omi: *gasps, tugging on his restraints* k..ken-kun! *whimpers*
[22:10] Ken: *ravages Omi's chest, pushing the shirt open to lick and nibble and kiss, massaging the nipples into pert little nubs of flesh*
[22:13] Omi: *gasps and moans quietly, feeling his erection grow much to his horror* s..stop.. please.. *pulls tightly on his restraints*
[22:16] Ken: Hmmmmm.... *his voice rumbles on Omi's skin* You like it... I can fee~~l i~~t!!
[22:19] Omi: yes.. i mean no! ken! please! stop! *is bawling, trying to worm away from ken*
[22:20] Ken: uh...huh...? *licks down all the way to Omi's navel, starting to tug on his short's button and zipper*
[22:22] Omi: *shivers, not being able to form words *struggles, rubbing himself against ken*
[22:32] Ken: *gets Omi's shorts open and slide them down his hip with his underwears* Oh gods... Omi..... *whimpers hungrily*
[22:34] Omi: *blushes furiously* ken-kun!! *struggles* let! me! go!!!
[22:37] Ken: *holds Omi's feet down, kneeling between his legs, looking at Omi's member* I'm gonna eat you up, Oms! *takes the erection in his mouth slowly*
[22:40] Omi: *gasps, wiggling his hips* nnnahhhhhh ken stop!
[22:40] Ken: *holds still for a second, scraping his teeth /very/ slowly on Omi's erection*
[22:42] Omi: *shudders, stifling a moan, arching up against the older boy*
[22:45] Ken: *smiles and starts sucking, bobbing his head up and down on Omi's erection*
[22:48] Omi: *throws his head back, bucking his hips lightly, still tugging at his bindings*
[22:49] Ken: *uses everything : tongue, teeth, voice, lips, to bring Omi to orgasm, leaving his feet to knead his balls*
[22:51] Omi: *squeals, panting and bucking his hips wildly* k-ken! s..stop..!
[22:52] Ken: Hm... hmmmm.... *only fastens his pace*
[23:07] Omi: *gasps and moans loudly, throwing his head back, straining against the handcuffs, bucking his hips and comes, panting heavily*
[23:08] Ken: *drinks up all Omi can give and gets back up to kiss him*
[23:08] Omi: *closes his eyes, out of breath* k..ken.. let me go.. please..
[23:10] Ken: But... 'Mi~~!! I'm not done yet...... <3 *nuzzles his neck.* What now... I got all excited.. You can't leave me like that.....
[23:13] Omi: *struggles* d...demo.. you're.. the one who.. did that to me!! how.. can you blame.. me...? *pouts and glares*
[23:15] Ken: Because you were teasing me, lil' Omitshi... I saw you walk around in those damn sexy shorts and this little "sex-me-up" shirt too long.. *purrs in Omi's ear* You were asking to be fucked...
[23:23] Omi: O_O; what are you talking about!! i never.. asked..
[23:26] Ken: But you did.. Omitchi.... I've wanted you so bad... Look what I'm doing now..... *unzips his jeans and gets up to slide them off. He had no undies*
[23:29] Omi: *gapes* #O.O# Ken-kun!! *struggles even harder, the handcuffs leaving marks on his soft skin* let me go..!! ken don't do anything stupid! let me go!
[23:30] Ken: *growls* No way! *pins Omi under him, wrapping his whole body over Omi's*
[23:33] Omi: *flails wildly, swallowing the lump in his throat*ken! get! off! *is crying again*
[23:35] Ken: Shut up!!! *gets up, straddling the small body and backhands Omi* You don't know how fucking long you've been strutting around here like a sex kitten and all I could do was watch!!! I'm gonna sex you senseless, and you're gonna fucking /enjoy/ it!!!
[23:40] Omi: *scared now and shaking uncontrollably, sobbing his eyes out* k..ken-kun... what's wrong with you..! this isn't the ken i know and... er.. well.. know... *chokes back a cry*
[23:44] Ken: I sick tired of it, Omi!!! I want you, and I'm gonna take you so quit your whinning!!! *gets up and walks ragedly to the door, locking it and throwing the key somewhere in his mess and comes back to the bed, removing the cuffs, letting Omi free of the headboard and hugging him* Omi... I... I want you, damn it....
[23:47] Omi: then why the fuck couldn't you have just said something! *pushes ken off of him, jumping off the bed, quickly searching for the key* i'm sorry, ken but i have to go. *searches frantically*
[23:51] Ken: *grasps Omi's arm and turns him to face him* I told you you're staying here.... *growls* Do I need to cuff you again?! *shakes him slightly, the wraps his arms around him, gasping as their skin meets* Don't go.. Omi.. please.... My beautiful Omi... My pretty... gorgeous lil' Omi.... Let me touch you... Let me taste you again...
[23:56] Omi: *tries to pull away, crying* ken.. let me go.. please.. ken you're hurting me.. *struggles*
[23:57] Ken: Damn it!!! *pushes Omi hard, throwing him on the bed and pinning him under him again, strugglin to keep him from escaping.* You don't fucking understand, do you?!!! I'm not letting you go!! *place a bruising kiss on his lips*
[00:04] Omi: *screams, throwing his small fists at the older boy* getoffgetoffmegetoffmegetoffme what did i do to deserve this ken you're hurting me let go god damnit ken let me go!! *sobbing*
[00:07] Ken: FUCK IT OMI' STOP STRUGGLING!!!! *slaps him and turns him around so he's on his stomach. cuffs his hands behind his back. wraps his body over Omi's, growling in his ear* Like it better like that, maybe...?
[00:09] Omi: *whimpers and sobs into the mattress* ken.. leave me alone.. i dont want this.. not like this.. please ken..
[00:11] Ken: Not like this?! Then why are you fighting me??!! If you wanted soft and nice, why did you fight me??!!! *reaches for his drawer for the lube*
[00:13] Omi: *sobs, biting his lip* you didn't ask me first.. you.. you just *sniff* took what *sniff* you wanted.. without asking.. *clenches his eyes shut* please ken.. stop..
[00:15] Ken: *gets the tube* Didn't ask?! All you thought about was those stupid homeworks.. Believe me, it's not how I wanted this... *chokes* Now stay still!!! *lubes fingers* I don' wanna hurt you... *enters one*
[00:16] Omi: *gasps, begging and pleading* ken.. stop please dont do this.. this isn't you..
[00:20] Ken: *swirls finger around, looking for his prostate*
[00:22] Omi: *bites his lip, shaking and whimpering
[00:24] Ken: Fuck it, Omi, I'm just about to burst here... Can't you at least respond to me??!!! *inserts second finger and continues search*
[00:36] Omi: *squeals and tries to move away from Ken's hand* K..ken-kun.. i.. don't want this.. please.. *bites his lips, choking back tears*
[00:40] Ken: *wraps his arm around so he's grasping Omi's cock, pumping him roughly to shut his mouth, still fingering his ass, cissoring his finger, making it stretched enough to welcome his dripping cock*
[00:46] Omi: *bites hard on his lip, moaning softly*ken.. stop.. please..
[00:47] Ken: I won't stop so shut the fuck up!!!! *removes fingers and positions himself, getting in in one fast, angry thrust*
[00:58] Omi: *screams, clutching the mattress with white knuckles* ken.. stop, it hurts.. it hurts ken, stop it! *growls, clenching his eyes shut, trying to block everything out*
[01:00] Ken: It won't hurt long, my Omitchi... I promise.. It won't hurt long... Shhh..... *grabs Omi's hips and tries a tentative thrust*
[01:03] Omi: *whimpers, still clutching the sheets tightly, sobbing quietly*k..ken.. stop.. please.. i'm begging you, stop!
[01:06] Ken: SHUT UP!!! *hits the back of Omi's head, pushing his face in the mattress and pulls off only to slam back in*
[01:09] Omi: *slumps, biting hard on his lip, tasting his blood to try to get his mind off it *squirms, gasping and moaning quietly*
[01:11] Ken: *pulls out, pushes in. Out, in, out, in. Building a pace, jerking Omi at the same time*
[01:14] Omi: *whimpers, feeling the tension in his stomach building, his cock beginning to drip again*oh god.. ken, no more, please!!!
[01:17] Ken: *quickens his pace, raming into Omi's little body*
[01:20] Omi: *screams, gasping for air, bucking his hips a little*
[01:22] Ken: *gives a last few thrusts and comes, slumping back down on Omi*
[01:23] Omi: *screams, feeling his insides instantly warmed, breathing roughly and comes, panting hard*
[20:23] Ken: *pulls off and slumps on the bed next to him, eyes closed, breathing hard*
[20:24] Omi: *huddles as far away from him as possible, still crying, still biting his lip* ken.. let me go.. please..
[20:26] Ken: Oh.. Omi... Don't be like that... *brings him closer to hug him to his chest*
[20:31] Omi: *curls up into the fetal position, clutching his knees to his chest, lashing out at ken, growling threateningly* leave me alone! don't touch me!
[20:33] Ken: Awww.. comon Omi!! Would you stop being so emotional.. I just want to cuddle with my sweet precious lil' Omi....
[20:35] Omi: *growls, eyeing him warily* it didn't exactly SEEM so damn precious two minutes ago! now leave me alone, ken, I'm fucking serious!
[20:36] Ken: Oh Gods, Omi!! *heaves a big, exasperetated sigh* Why do you think I wanted you so bad, huh?
[20:39] Omi: *balls up tighter* You didn't have to force yourself on me! you didnt have to take me against my will! you didn't have to hurt me... *sobs more*
[20:42] Ken: *gets up* Against your will? You fuking liked it!! You wanted it you horny little sex-machine!!! For MONTHS you've been walking around, showing your booty in those skin-tight shorts... I would have to have been BLIND not to fall for it!!!
[20:46] Omi: .....It's almost SUMMER, ken, it's fucking HOT outside! You'd have to be fucking crazy not to wear shorts this time of year! *scoots farther away*
[20:51] Ken: Gods!!! Don't you get it?!! You were driving me crazy!!! Everytime I saw you I would wonder what it'd be like to kiss you, hold you, make love to you!! But did you care??!! NO!! I was going crazy!!!
[20:51] Omi: you could've said something. don't touch me. just leave me alone. *sniffles*
[20:55] Ken: *looks hurt* Fine, Omi... whatever.... *slumps down with his back to the door, burrowing his head in his knees*
[20:59] Omi: *looks up at him, his eyes going softer, feeling guilty now for hurting his friend's feelings* (what the fuck? why am i feeling guilty? he just fucking raped me! i can't believe he did that.. but.. it.. did feel good... after it stopped hurting so much... ah fuck, what am i gonna do >_______<) ...ken...
[21:18] Ken: *doesn't look up, thinking pretty much the same Omi did, about how fucked he is with Omi right now*
[21:22] Omi: *goes back into his cowering state, tears still dripping down his face, hugging his knees tighter* can i go now?
[21:23] Ken: *whimpers* Please don't.....
[21:25] Omi: you have no clue how much this has fucked me up already. let me go. *crawls off the bed, kicking through ken's piles of random crap, looking for the key* where is it? the key, where is it, ken.
[21:27] Ken: *shrugs, still not looking up* If you go.. it'll be over....
[21:27] Omi: there never was anything. so how could it be over?
[21:28] Ken: *flinches* I won't see you again....
[21:30] Omi: slightly impossible. we live together, work together, risk our lives together. unless you plan on leaving weiss i don't think you can say that, ken.
[21:31] Ken: but.... you won't ever aknowledge me.... it'll be the same.... and I'll get angry... and.....
[21:39] Omi: and? *looks up* and what, ken? and you'll do that again? and again, and again? make me not want to be around you? make me not trust you anymore? you hurt me ken. you knowingly and purposefully hurt me. *tries to choke back a sob* and you have the fucking balls to sit there and say that shit like i agreed to it?! that's fucked up, ken. even for you.
[21:40] Ken: You're right.. I'm fucked up.... And if you get out of this room, I just hope you come back with one of your poisoned darts....
[21:41] Omi: *silently stares at him* know full well I would never hurt a teammate. get pissed off and wish i would, yes, but actually do it, never.
[21:42] Ken: You wish you could kill me right now?
[21:44] Omi: More like I wish you had never done that. Strong feeling to hurt you just as bad as you hurt me.. but I'll never act on it. though you're not exactly the first person on my good list right now.
[21:45] Ken: I wish you'd hurt me back.. *said very softly* Anything but you walk out of here....
[21:51] Omi: me leaving right now would probably hurt you more than any physical pain i can deal you. and i've got a right mind to do it..
[21:52] Ken: *flinches* I guess I deserved that..... *sighs* I... I'm sorry, oms...
[21:54] Omi: prove it.
[22:01] Ken: What... What should I do to prove you....? *looks up, he was crying a little*
[22:02] Omi: you're smart. you're resourceful. figure it out for yourself. *keeps looking for the key*
[22:04] Ken: *gets up slowly, tipping a little and bracing himself against the door*
[22:11] Omi: *stands up, staring at ken, then blushes, remembering he's not wearing anything and covers himself with his hands*
[22:12] Ken: *walks slowly to Omi, looking sad, not noticing they are both still naked*
[22:14] Omi: *growls, still eyeing ken*
[22:17] Ken: *stops at some distance and reachs out to wipe Omi's eye.* What can I do to erase these tears...?
[22:20] Omi: *sniffles* you.. figure it out.. *shies away*
[22:32] Ken: *kisses his lips softly* What can I do? Serve you? Be your slave? Let you hurt me? OR... le... leave you.. alone.... *gulps and fight back tears*
[22:36] Omi: *smirks slightly* my slave..? *thinks* i.. just want to be left alone for now.. I.. Ive got homework to do.. big test tomorrow.. but.. *trails off*
[22:38] Ken: ... but...? *bites lower lip*
[22:40] Omi: ... i.. don't know.. come talk to me later.. maybe... hopefully we can get this solved.. *swallows the lump in his throat, still blushing*
[22:42] Ken: *nods and walks back to the bed to get Omi's clothes, trying not to watch Omi's body*
[22:43] Omi: *stays where he is, covering himself and blushing furiously watching the older boys movements*
[22:46] Ken: *gets Omi's clothes and brings it back to him, slipping some boxers on himself and starts looking for the key, still not daring to look at Omi*
[22:48] Omi: *nods quietly, pulling on his own boxers and shorts, then pulls his shirt on over his head, turning to help ken look for the key* aiii... -.- how can you find anything in this mess -_-
[22:48] Ken: I can't... -_-
[22:49] Omi: >____< then why don't you clean it up? jeeze, i swear, your room is _almost_ as bad as my mun's!
[22:51] Ken: *shrugs* Too much trouble
[22:51] Omi: -.- you're hopeless. *tosses random articles of clothing at ken* do something with those
[22:53] Ken: *blinks and catches them* *shrugs and dump them in the laundry basket*
[22:58] Omi: *picks up a ball and tosses it at him* that too
[22:59] Ken: *kicks it under the bed*
[23:00] Omi: *gets on his hands and knees looking on the ground, unintentionally sticking his cute lil rear out in the air*
[23:01] Ken: O.O (don't look, don't look, don't look!!!) *gets hands before his crotch as innocently as he can, to hide what's behind*
[23:03] Omi: *looks up cutely, confused look on his face* ken-kun...? what's wrong? keep looking >.< and put some of this stuff away -.-
[23:04] Ken: errr... yeah... I should.. *doesn't move*
[23:07] Omi: .... >.> *reaches out and pushes ken's leg* move! find that fucking key u.u *looks around on the floor, moving his eyes across, then blushing, picking up the cause* *cough* ermm.. ken..? *holds up porno mag* think you might wanna do something with this..? -*blushing furiously*
[23:08] Ken: #O.O# Errrrrr....... You can keep it.. Don't want it anymore...
[23:09] Omi: *chucks it at him* no.. that's ok.. i dont need it.. >.> keep it. *still on his hands and knees, searching around*
[23:11] Ken: *catches the mag and puts it in front of him like he did with his hand to hide his groing arousal*
[23:15] Omi: *sits back on his haunches, watching ken intently* hello.. earth to ken! hey! help me down here >.<
[23:15] Ken: but but but but but!!! I can't move..... >_<
[23:16] Omi: *confused* ?? why not? *peers up at him*
[23:18] Ken: err.. I mean.. I.. just have a little tiny problem here.... >_<
[23:19] Omi: huh? *cute confused innocent look on his face* you look fine to me -.-
[23:20] Ken: Oh shit.. *drops magazine and turns quickly* I'll clean... that part... *goes to a corner where Omi can't see him too well*
[23:20] Omi: ok.. just look for the fucking key so i can get out of here u.u remember if you can't find it it means you can't eat either u.u
[23:22] Ken: *pretends to be searching, but concentrating on getting his hardness to go away*
[23:24] Omi: *keeps searching, bumping his head against the desk* itaii!! *sits back and rubs his head* who put that there... >_<
[23:25] Ken: Ah!!! sorry!! *gets up and nearly runs to him to see if he's ok* you alright?
[23:25] Omi: >.< *rubs his head* yeah.. it just hurt ;.;
[23:29] Ken: *takes Omi's head gently and tilts it to look at the bump*
[23:33] Omi: *looks up at him, eyes wide* k..ken..?
[23:36] Ken: *touches bump delicately* Should fix that....
[23:37] Omi: *confused* how do you fix a bump?
[23:38] Ken: *smirks and kisses it softly* Like this
[23:46] Omi: #O_O# k-ken-kun!
[23:47] Ken: *pulls away* Ahh!! Sorry!! (bakabakabaka!!!)
[23:50] Omi: *jerks his head back and smacks it against the desk again*checheche! SHIT that hurts >______<
[23:50] Ken: *wraps arms instantly around Omi* Gods, Omi... you ok...? O.O
[23:54] Omi: god DAMNIT i'm such a clumsy ass >____< *keeps rubbing his head*
[23:54] Ken: Ssshhhh... It's alright... *kisses the new bump* see?
[23:55] Omi: -.- it still hurts, ken.
[23:55] Ken: Awww.. But what can I do, then?
[23:55] Omi: find the fucking key so i can get some ice >________<
[23:56] Ken: Right... -_- *moves away reluctantly, on hands and knees and starts looking for the key*
[23:59] Omi: *moves as far away from the desk as he can, rubbing his head and mumbling, still searching for the key*
[00:01] Ken: *finds it and hesitates*
[00:14] Omi: *keeps searching around, grumbling and swearing quietly*
[00:23] Ken: *sighs and holds it up* H... Here....
[00:24] Omi: *takes it, gets up and walks towards the door* come talk to me later.. *fits the key into the lock and turns, opening the door*
[00:26] Ken: *watches Omi leave and curls on the floor, wondering how "later" Omi meant*
[00:30] Omi: *walks into his room and flops down on the bed, sighing* (damnit...) *pulls his books out of his bag, and gets up to sit at his computer*
[00:31] Ken: *turns around to curl on the other side*
[00:38] Omi: *boots it up and opens up his word processor, staring at the blank screen* shit.. -.-
[00:40] Ken: *gets up* (wonder if he'd be mad to see me now..) *stops just outside Omi's there and stands there looking at him through the partly opened door*
[00:41] Omi: *leans back in his chair, stretching his stomach and staring at the ceiling* feh....
[00:43] Ken: *fidgets*
[00:48] Omi: *whistles to himself, pulling his book off his desk, opening it up and finding his page*
[00:52] Ken: *opens Omi's door slightly, peering in*
[00:52] Omi: *scratches his head and chews his lip* hmm....
[00:54] Ken: Can I come in...?
[00:55] Omi: *looks up quickly, losing his balance and falling out of his chair* itai... @_@
[00:56] Ken: *runs to him* Omi... What.. what happened?! You ok??!! O.O
[00:59] Omi: *rubs his behind* ow... you startled me.. -.-
[01:00] Ken: Sorry!!! I didn't mean to....
[01:05] Omi: *looks up and blinks, rubbing his cute lil butt still* it's ok.. just let me know before i fall next time..? that stuff creeps me out T_T makes methink someone is stalking me *shudders*
[01:07] Ken: *gulps* (Am I stalking him...?) *sits on Omi's bed*
[01:10] Omi: *gets up and puts his chair back upright, straddling it and looking at ken* what's up
[01:11] Ken: N...Nthing.. I just wanted to be with you...
[01:13] Omi: oh. ok. *leans on his chair*
[01:14] Ken: *watches omi*
[01:18] Omi: *stares at ken* stop doing that. you look like you want to eat me >_<
[01:19] Ken: Maybe I do...
[01:23] Omi: .... O.o O.O
[01:27] Ken: Nevermind.. *flops on bed, looking up at the ceiling, hand behind his neck*
[01:28] Omi: *confused now, craning his neck to watch the older boy* ken-kun..?
[01:28] Ken: Hnn?
[01:29] Omi: *holds his breath for a moment* why.. did you do what you did earlier?
[01:32] Ken: *tenses* B... Because... I.. I wanted you.. I wanted to touch you and feel you and make love to you... But I tried my best to be nice... But you treated me just the same as Aya and Youji and so... I just thought... At least... If I couldn't have your love... Maybe I could have you.. For a little while at least...
[01:40] Omi: ...ken-kun.... *swallows hard, blushing* ...all you had to do was ask....
[01:41] Ken: And... what if you have said no...?! I couldn't take it!! *sits up*
[01:43] Omi: *blushes harder, hiding his face in his arms, mumbling* i.. i... wouldn't have...
[01:48] Ken: *hesitates* You... wouldn't have... refused...?! Oh gods... *hides face in his hands*
[01:52] Omi: *shakes his head slowly, still hiding his face* i.. wouldn't have.. i..i..i..
[01:53] Ken: What... what have I done... *grips his head*
[01:58] Omi: *bites his lip, tears starting to run down his cheeks*
[02:01] Ken: No.. nononoono... Dun cry.. Dun cry, Omi... *runs to him, to hold him gently* I'm sorry.. I'm so sorry... I'm so sorry I hurt you... I was such an asshole!! It's unforgivable... If anyone else I'd done that, I'd have killed him!!! And maybe I ought to do it...
[02:08] Omi: NO! .. i mean.. no.. you couldn't do that.. i..i guess it was kinda my fault.. i.. didn't know.. you... well, you know.. liked.. guys... so i didn't... say anything..
[02:09] Ken: Your fault?! Omi, no.. no... forget what I said.... I was trying not to feel guilty... But it's my fault.. It's ALL my fault
[02:15] Omi: *sniffles, wiping his eyes on his sleeve* but.. i did try.. to get your attention.. i guess.. *sniff* it worked a little.. better than i had hoped..
[02:27] Ken: Y... You did...? *hugs Omi* I'm sorry I'm such an idiot....
[02:28] Omi: you're damn right you are >_< what would you have done if I said no, Ken? it wouldn't be the end of the world. you woulda found someone else who could make you happy. i didn't think you would want me.. cuz i was a guy.. and a virgin.. and cuz we work together..
[02:30] Ken: *shakes head* Noone woulda have been ok after you.. You were the one. the only one......*stops*! -- O.O -- Oh. My. Fucking. God.....
[02:33] Omi: *nods meekly burying his face back into his arms* ...s'why it hurt so much... besides how rough you were... you wouldn't stop.. that's why.. that's why i said i didn't want it like that... i didn't want.. my first time to be like that..
[02:34] Ken: *starts trembling, eyes wide* Oh my god.. oh my sweet fucking god....
[02:35] Omi: *bites his lip, choking back sobs*
[02:37] Ken: *is totally numb with the shock* Oh Jesus.. You oughta kill me right now... Oh fuck.. Oh gods...
[02:52] Omi: *looks up and leans forward, wrapping his arms around ken* it's ok.. i.. wanted you to be my first.. just.. not like that.. *clings*
[02:52] Ken: I did something... so.. horrible.... it's not ok!! It's not!!
[02:56] Omi: *holds him tighter* no.. you're not.. you couldn't help yourself..
[02:57] Ken: *pushes him away, eyes wide* How can you say this? How can I wash this.. this SIN away??!!!
[03:01] Omi: you.. can make.. it right.. do.. it the right way.. *blushes*
[03:01] Ken: *blinks* O....Omi...?
[03:01] Omi: *stares back* ...what? did i say something wrong?
[03:02] Ken: want me to...? After what I've done to you..?
[03:04] Omi: *looks him deep in the eyes* show me.. how its really done.. how it's supposed to be.. *leans forward and licks ken's ear*
[03:06] Ken: *shivers and wraps his arms around Omi almost without realising he did so* Omi... *whimpers, feeling the want a desire run hot in his blood*
[03:09] Omi: *smiles* show me.. ken.. but.. this time.. make it slow.. make it gentle.. i want you.. to make love to me.. not fuck my brains out.. *clings*
[03:11] Ken: *is trembling as he caresses down Omi's face softly, tears falling unbidden from his eyes* Omi... My precious omi.... *leans to kiss him, light as a feather, right on his lips*
[03:12] Omi: *pulls him closer, deepening the kiss, his tongue seeking entrance* ken..
[03:13] Ken: *opens his lips, battling Omi's tongue with his own, words forgotten, take him up softly, and carries him to Omi's bed, settling him softly on it and crawling on top of him to kiss him again and again, never getting enough*
[03:20] Omi: *wraps his arms around ken, swallowing his tongue, savoring the taste of his mouth, arching his small body up to run against ken*
[03:22] Ken: *caresses Omi's sides almost reverently, still kissing him*

~*~ and we just say they have some sweet lovin' now <3 ~*~
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