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schu x nagi x ken x omi

ok, big warning on this one! yaoi, smut, nc-17, non-con-ish (at first), foursome...
date : feb 27, 2004
schuldig: tsuki_fru
ken: aionwatha
nagi: aionwatha
omi: tsuki_fru

started off very randomly and rather abruptly after omi, reacting to what i was saying about hockey players, made ken want to try and play hockey too...

Omi: Mmmm hockey players <3!
ken: >_>;; *runs off to learn to play hockey*
schu: i'll teach you! <3!
ken: YOU play hockey??!!!!!!!!!
schu: Yes, i do! ^.~
Omi: ooo *-*
ken: ¬_¬ you're shitting me!!
schu: nono! i relaly know how to play hockey!
ken: you're only saying this to get in omi's pants!
schu: No! i really do know how to play
ken: prove it
schu: -.- must i prove it.. come now ken, i can read people's minds.. if someone knows how to play hockey i can learn simply by looking into their thoughts
ken: doesn't mean you can do it!! try playing and see!!
schu: playing against who?
ken: ME!! *poses*
schu: -_-; but you don't know how to play
ken: i'm an athlete, i can play any sports i set my mind to!!!
schu: ^_^ in that case.. you wouldn't mind making a little bet on who's gonna win?
ken: betting what?
schu: what would you like?
ken: hmmmm..... i dunno.... what will -you- ask if i lose?
schu: Well.. presonally, i wouldn't mind borrowing your boyfriend for a while.. or even borrowing you.. ^,~ or both! <3!
ken: ##########O.O########### "borrow"...?
schu: Yes, well you know.. have as a little sex slave for a day or two.. or three.. or maybe four?
ken: i can't put my -boyfriend- in this situation!!!
schu: sure you can! i'll put mine in if you like!
ken: yours? ##.Ô####
schu: hai! <3! my widdle Nagikins, or Bradly! <3!
schu: >.>;; i don't think you want farfie.. he plays rough
ken: they're all your boyfriends??! ALL OF THEM??? *suddenly blinks, looks at omi* ....nagi, you said...?
schu: Mhm! nagi!
Omi: o,o! <3! *waves*
ken: omi~! c'mere a minute... *walks away from sschu, even though schu'll read his thoughts ayway*
Omi: Hm? *follows and goes to talk with the kenken*
ken: y'know.... schu an i have a bet ongoing... and um... the stakes are a bit.... yeah... if i lose... well.. he's got you for a couple o' days. and if i win, we've got nagi....
Omi: *-* really??! Nagi-kun!<3! eee *seems to have totally missed the first part*
ken: i knew you'd like that, but.... if i lose... .
Omi: if you lose..?
ken: ##### -_- #### you have to be... schuldig's... sex slave....
Omi: ##o,o## Ehhhh?!
ken: gomen... i'll... i'll see if i can change it... maybe.... maybe he'll let me switcch place with you so... so you don't hhave to get through that.. but i'll win anyway!!
Omi: w-well if you're going to win then it's okay!
ken: yeah... *cocky* schuldig never does sports anyway... there's no way he can win!!
Omi: yeah! kick is ass, ken!
ken: i will!! *runs back to schu* awright, bet taken.
schu: >:)
ken: @_@;; (oh gods.... i'm not sure that was such a good idea)
schu: let's play then! <3! *drags ken to the hockey place*
ken: *follows* i'll kick your ass!! i_í v
schu: sure you will.. >XD after i win! you sore loser
ken: no way!!!! *at the place, ties his skates on* i'll show you!!
schu: puts his on too and grins.. monetering ken's thought's carefully for his every move* *-*
ken: *walks like a peguin to the ice, puts one skate on and voooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom!!! ends up a few feets forward, flat on his ass* x_X
schu: ^_^ care to surrender now?
ken: no way!! it looked sooo easy!!!! *tries to get back up*
schu: *skates circles around him*
ken: *finally gets up, legs shaking a bit, trying to keep his balance*
schu: *spins* ready to have your ass kicked, kitten?
ken: where do you come from?!! you're really a figure skater in disguise, right?!! *falls flat on his butt again*
schu: ^_^ i told you i know what i'm doing! <3! We -did- have ice in Germany
ken: we have ice here too!!! (about 1/16 of an inch thick though)
schu: true, but.. we have more!
ken: argh, damnit!! i am going to win!! *pushes himself upright, flings his arms about to keep his balance and ends up clinging to schu* >_<
schu: Oh, bowing down to me already! <3! *chus at him*
ken: ########.Ô########## what the... ?!!!! HEY!!!!
schu: Mwuaha! do you give up yet?
ken: NO WAY!!! *pushes away from schu and wails as the movement sends him skating backward faaaaaaaaaaast* heeeeeelp!!! x_x
Omi: Ken!
schu: >XD give it up!
ken: *slams into the thingy surrounding the icering* owwww.... x_x
schu: give up, give up *chants, following after ken and skating around like he was born on the ice*
ken: NEVER!!! *pushes himself up again* i have to protect my and omi's honor!!
schu: -.-; whatever.. you may say that, but i know what you're really thinking!
ken: and WHAT is it i'm thinking!!!! ò.ó
schu: you want to loose.
ken: ######################ò_ó######################### i do -not-!!!!!
schu: yes, you do
ken: WHY would i want to lose, eh? WHY?!!!
schu: because you think the idea of your chibi being my little sex slave is hot.
ken: *sputters* what the HELL!! *lundges at schu, but falls instead* x_x
schu: spins around again* you know it's true<3
ken: shadup!! you don't know ANYTHING!!! ###>_<###
schu: i know -everything-!
ken: *huddles on the ice, looking miserable* i'm not supposed to think that.. it's so wrong...
schu: *crouches and slids over to him* but you can't help it.. it's not your fault
ken: it's horrible... i'm such a bad guy when you think about it... poor omi... he should hate me now...
schu: pets ken's hair* no.. i'll make sure he doesn't hate you
ken: *sniffles and looks at him* how..?
schu: *sighs dramatically* because i'm the all powerful schu-sama.. and i can make anyone do anything i want ^,~
ken: but i still gotta beat you!!! *wipes his eyes angrily and pushes himself upright*
schu: why? you can't beat me, not at this game
ken: i will!! i have to!! *he says as he clings to schu's arm*
schu: pets ken's hair* awww
ken: *blushes and blinks* what areyou doing?
schu: i'm petting your hair, silly
ken: #######.Ô######## why?!!!
schu: because i think it's cute! and i' sure you'll enjoy it!
ken: c-c-c-c-c-cute?!! e-e-e-e-ejoy WHAT?!
schu: enjoy being petted.. ^_^ and cute! you are cute! i shall add you to my harem of ukes!
ken: eeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE??!!! ####################@___@############## OMI, HEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!!
schu: *pets him again*
Omi: Hai! i shall save you! *jumps onto the ice.. in converses.. and slips.*
ken: *just looks very very confused, torn between purring and clinging to schu more than he already is an running away as fast as he can*
schu: /stay right here, kenken../
ken: *blinks and stad there numbly, that is, until the skates decide to move on their own and he ends up on his butt again*
schu: giggles fora bit then crouches down again and gives ken a big push in omi's direction, giggling as the two weiss boys crash into one another, and the wall* We're all gonna have such fun together!
Omi: @__@! oroo
ken: uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *slams into omi and cllings* >_<
Omi: clings to him back* kennn!!
ken: i'm sorry, omi!!! you ok?!
Omi: my ass hurts! ><
schu: *stops by them and giggles* i can help with that! <3
ken: g...g...gomen!! (damn, no sex for me for a while..) *blinks at schu* huh?
schu: (what do you mean?! you're gonna get -lots- of sex)
ken: *BLUSHES!!* wh.. h.. i mean... why...?
schu: /Because i think you're cute, and i want to have sex with the both of you.. and i'm sure nagi-chan does as well!/
Omi: why what? *pouts and hides behind ken*
ken: *can't help a little moan* n... no.. i... i'm omi's... alone....
schu: /Aww..but just think.. you could have both of them.. and i could have you../
ken: *reaches backward to hold onto omi* (i don't want to hurt omi!!)
schu: rolls eyes* /please, ken.. he'll like it/
ken: (you sure...?) #.ò##
schu: /positieve.. i can turn pain into pleasure.. and pleasure.. well it's all good.. ne?/
ken: *hesitates, then nods slowly* i lost anyway...
schu: Mhm! come on then.. let's get you home!
Omi: *blinkblink* ken-kun?
ken: *gets up, blushing, not looking at omi*
Omi: gets up too and looks confused*
schu: *heads off to the outside, taking a seat and getitng out of the ice skates* come on kittens!
ken: ummm... omi... i.. i'm sorry... but.. we... we're going with him....
ken: *manages to get to another bench without falling too often and removes his too*
Omi: looks confused even more and glares at schu*
schu: grins happily* wait until i tell nagi-cha~n!
ken: nagi too?!
schu: Hai! ohoh! i have to tell him! /Nagi-channn!!!/
nagi: /what is it..?/ -_-
ken: *finishes to get the skates off and puts his shoes on*
schu: waits until ken has his shoes on then grabs one of his hands, and one of omis then drags them both out to his car*
ken: *blushes and tries to get his hand back to himself*
schu: *gives him a look of warning*
Omi: yanks at his own hand* leggo!
ken: @_@ *stops trying to wriggle out* (oh gods!! dangerous sexy man!! *__* )
schu: /Yes, i am!/ *looks at omi for a little bit*
Omi: blinks oddly and stops trying to pull away, finding his having a hard time getting his body to do what -he- wants it to do*
ken: *looks at omi, checking for his reaction*
schu: *gets to the car and lets go so he can open the door for them* come on! ^_^
ken: *hesitates, trying to catch omi's eyes* (gods, i hope i'm not doing the biggest mistake of my life!!)
schu: *strokes up his arm* come on.. get in, kitten.. *motions to omi who gets in almost like a zombie*
ken: is omi alright...? ó.ò
schu: of course he is! he's just a little sleepy.. but he doesn't want to admit it ^_^
ken: *gets in the car, looking at omi worriedly*
schu: *gets in too, starts the car and drives off towards home*
Omi: *blinks blankly, mentally curseing schu*
ken: *shifts nervously, looking out the window to try and distract himself*
schu: /what's wrong, kenken?/
ken: just nervous and worried, s'all
schu: worried about what?
ken: omi... and... y'know... you... you're not exactly the guy i'd trust with my life...
schu: *waves a hand dismissingly* he's just being a little uptight! and don't worry.. i won't kill either of you
ken: you won't hurt omi, will you? not at all?
schu: He won't feel any pain
ken: *frowns* that's not an answer!! that means you'll hurt him but he won't feel it! it's not right!
schu: Why not? if he doesn't feel it then it shouldn't matter
ken: what if he feels it later? i don't know... you won't do anything he doesn't sgree to, will you?
schu: *smiles darkly, looking at ken as they come to a stoplight* he's mine for the next few days anyway.. so it doesn't really matter
ken: *puts his head in his hands and groans* what have i done?!!
schu: oh don't be like that.. enjoy the fun! *zooms along*
ken: yeah, i'd better enjoy it cause i have a feeling there'll be hell to pay after
schu: Like what? you think he'll be mad at you?
ken: *nods and sighs*
schu: nooo.. he'll have fun! ^_^ and you too! *comes to a suddne stop in front of the shwarzy home* we're heerreeeee!
ken: *peeks curiously out of the window*
nagi: *is waiting on the stairs, looking bored, but mildly curious*
schu: *hopes out excitedly, getitng the door for omi and ken and ushering them out of the car* come on!
Omi: gets out and follows schu*
ken: *is a bit slower but gets out*
nagi: why did you bring weiss here?
schu: ^_^ Nagi-kins! *goes to glomp onto, and practically molest him on the spot* i brought home presents for you! <3
nagi: *eyes weiss* presents? -_-;
ken: *stands and shifts uncomfortably*
schu: *once their inside and the door is all locked, lets go of his hold on omi* Hai! sex slaves! <3
Omi: @_@ *grrs and waves fist threateningly at schu*
ken: *eyes widen* oh shit!
nagi: *eyes them, then give schu a look* well?
schu: ^___^! *proud* o,o well what?
Omi: *clings to ken*
nagi: you brought them here, now what?
schu: uhm.. now.. o,o we all have sex?
ken: *can't look at omi, but still trying to place himself between him and schwarz*
Omi: hides against ken's chest*
nagi: *nods* ok
schu: yay! *dances*
ken: *Whispers* i'm sorry omi... i'm sorry...
nagi: your room has the biggest bed....
Omi: it's okay.. it's not your fault.. *whispered back*
schu: and the most lube! *poses proudly*
ken: but it is!!
Omi: iyaaa
nagi: let's go then.. *walks off towards said room*
ken: i shouldn't have accepted the bet. i shouldn't have lost.
schu: come now kittens! don't make me make you! *follows after nagi*
Omi: just.. i-it's okay
ken: *stays where he is, clinging to omi, until nagi sighs and turns around, picking both of them with his power and makes them float forward*
Omi: eeps, almost worried at first that he's going to end up smooshed in a wall*
schu: *draps himself over nagi like a second skin* nagiii *nibbles on his ear*
ken: *clings tighter!!!!* @_@
nagi: *makes his way to the room and opens the door, dragging ken and omi behind* can't walk with you hanging onto me like that, schu.
Omi: clings bkac*
schu: but you're just so cute! i can't help it *fondles nagi's ass happily*
nagi: *sighs and makes the two weiss boys flop onto the bed* let me at least get to the bed...
schu: oh alright!
nagi: *Sits on the bed next to omi* they don't look too happy to be here...
schu: that's only because they lost the bet!
Omi: *looks at nagi shyly, but still clings to ken*
nagi: *blinks* bet?
ken: was supposed to beat him playing hockey.
nagi: you can't play hockey.
ken: couldn't even stay on the damn skates! -_-;;
nagi: ..... baka.
schu: ^_^ but i coulldld!!
ken: and -i'm- supposed to be the athlete here!!! *groans and tugs at his hair*
Omi: it's okay.. *rubs ken's back reassureingly*
ken: *sighs softly and turns to schu* ok, do what you gotta do, man
schu: ^-^ okay! strip for us, kenken!
ken: ############@__@############# STRIP?!!!!
nagi: obviously, we can't have sex if you are dressed.
ken: b..but.. i... i mean.. oh gods.. #################-_-###########
schu: and make it sexy! *grabs ahold of omi and drags him away from ken, stealing a few gropes here and there*
Omi: *squeaks* ken!
ken: omi!! let go of him, you~!!! *advances on schu like he's gonna beat him into bloody pulp*
nagi: *sighs and holds ken with his power* you are an idiot...
schu: Kenken, be good, or elsee.. *nibbles on omi's ear*
Omi: *tries to wriggle out of his grip and get back to ken, wher ehe feels safe*
ken: *grits his teeth and starts removing his shirt, raging and glaring daggers at schu*
schu: grinz happily, letting his hands wander over omi, and into the boy's shorts, petting him gently* make it sexy, ken
Omi: gasps, blushing brightly*
ken: stop it, i'm stripping now, let him go!! *looks just about to cry or burst and attack something, removing his clothes until he'S standing naked in the middle of the room*
nagi: /schu... leave the kitten, i want him.../
schu: /awww but nagi.. he's so darling!/ *eyes ken up and down hungerly, licking his lips* that's good, kitten
ken: *blushes and tries to conceal himself, not liking, yet loving the hungry look in schu's eyes*
nagi: /you're scaring him and his boyfriend will go psycho. let me make him beg for it.../ *small grin*
schu: *chuckles and lets omi go reluctently* /Very well, love../ *scoots over to ken and tugs him down so they're eye to eye*
Omi: *scrambles away from schu and backs up into a corner of the bed, watching him like a hawk*
nagi: *crawls slowly to omi* are you ok...?
ken: *tries to pull away from schu*
Omi: *looks at nagi, worriedly* I... don't know
schu: *wraps his arms tightly around ken and crushes his lips to the brunette's*
nagi: schu's a little rough, but he didn't mean to scare you... *reaches with his powers to caress omi's cheek*
Omi: *finds the caresses to be rather soothing,,* He didn't?
ken: *tenses and tries to push away, even hitting schu's shoulders with the sides of his fists, but schu is a GOOD kisser, and soon, ken melts against him*
nagi: he wants you to find pleasure, but he's too rough about it. i told him many times.... *keeps caressing his cheek, but also his hair*
schu: nudges him down to the bed, crawling atop him, kissing the daylights out of him*
Omi: *sighs softly at the petting* will he be more.. careful..?
nagi: i told him to leave you alone until i say it's ok. and i'll wait until you're ready. -if- you let him touch you. it's your choice. but ken seems to enjoy it. he was fighting not 30 seconds ago, and now, look.. *eyes ken who just lets a soft hungry whine from the back of his throat, hands clinging to schu's shoulders, writhing under the taller german*
Omi: *looks.. blushing like mad at the sight before him. turns to look at nagi again* k-ken likes that?
nagi: apparently. it seems to turn him on nearly as much as your cute and sweet innocent reactions. but here, he's not in control. how do you feel when ken makes advances on you? that's how he's feeling now.. *lets his invisible hands caress down the boy's neck and shoulders*
ken: *moans, undulating under schu, kissing back enthusiastically now, arms locking around the german's neck*
Omi: *purrs softly, letting his eyes close for a moment* i love it... but.. it's ken... my ken..
schu: *grinds down against ken happily, letitng his tongue slid over every little inch of the soccer player's warm mouth* Mmm
nagi: isn't there anyone else you'd like to look at you...*looks at him* ... like he wants to worship you body and take you to heaven....? *voice lowered to a murmur, normally jaded eyes looking intense and hungry*
ken: *rubs up against him, using his whole body to invite schu to do more and more by wriggling and rubbing and undulating and caressing*
Omi: *looks nagi in the eyes, shivering upon catching sight of that look in the dark blue depths* I..i...*swollows hard*
schu: smirks inwardly, letting a hand trail between them, moving to grip ken's uncovered erection and stroke it slowly*
nagi: no one at all...? no one you'd like to have caress and kiss you until your very breath is stolen away...? *moves the tk hands to caress his sides gently*
ken: *gasps and cries out, arching his head back, eyes closed*
Omi: shivers, a soft little moan escaping his lips* Nn.. what are you doing..? i.. but ken and i..
schu: *grins, nibbling on ken's lower lip and stroking him painfully slow* pretty kitty..
nagi: are lovers, i know... and so are schuldig and i. but you want to know what? i -love- seeing him enjoy himself so much. and i know soon it will be my turn. and he'll make it so good, i'll see stars. it's worth it.
ken: g..gods..!! wha... what are you.... hggnnn!!! aannn!! <3 *is thrusting into schu's hand*
Omi: it is..? S-so.. you mean you both.. *blushes at even thinking what he's about to say* sleep with other people..?
schu: *nips down to his ear, pauseing his movments momentarily*
nagi: *shrugs, like it doesn'T matter* of course. we both have other interests and desires. but he's the only one with whom.... *blinks, realising what he's saying, and blushes, looking away* ...n..nevermind...
Omi: no.. *reaches out, touching nagi's hand* please.. continue...
ken: *cries out in frustration, trying to get schu to move again* schu!! please.. please!!! don't stop!!!
nagi: *shakes his head* i can't say it.. he'd probably leave right then and never look at me again...
schu: grins.. and sucks gently on his earlobe* you want this?
Omi: but.. no.. he wouldn't.. what were you going to say?
ken: stop teasing!!! oh gods!! i want it!! i want it!!! give it to me, please... i beg you!!! *groans and writhes*
schu: that's what i want to hear! <3! *slips down, moving to replace his hand with his mouth, taking ken in fully in one quick motion*
nagi: that he's the only one.... i have feelings for... i desire other people. like you.... i've wanted to touch you for so very long.... but... i... *barely audible* i love him...
Omi: aww's.. then blushes at schu and ken* b-but why do you.. both.. with others.. if you love each other..?
ken: oh GODS!!! *thrusts up, hands grasping schu's hair desperatly*
schu: *sucks him hard, scraping his teeth over ken's erection carefully, just enough to tease*
nagi: *shrugs* because we know they don't matter. are you jealous of the icecream ken eats or are you happy to see him enjoy it?
ken: *whimpers and moans* oh yes!! more!! more!! please!! schuldig!!! fuck me!! oh please, fuck me!!
Omi: erm... i..i'm happy that he enjoys it, but.. *eyes turn to ken's cries of pleasure* but.. god he hot..
schu: *swollows him, sucking hard, bobbing his head up and down*
nagi: *little smirk* isn't he? wouldn't you like being in schu's place while -he- fucks ken's ass?
ken: *writhes some more* oh gods.... please!! more... ungh!! i.. i'm getting... so.. so close...!!!
Omi: blushes, the very thought getting him hard* Hai... *watches the other two intently*
schu: *sucks a bit more, then pulls off, smirking like a fool* not without me, kitten.. *licks his lips*
nagi: ...and me.. touching you... as you pleasure him.... *lets his invisible hands roam down to gently rub on omi's crotch*
ken: *whimpers* oh gods!! please... don't stop.... don't stop!! i need it so bad!!!
Omi: moans, tossing his head back softly* Yess..
schu: i'll give it to you, but you must wait.. *moves away.. going and retirveing a small thing of lube, squirting a gernrious ammount out and rubbing it over ken's entrance, carefully teaseing one finger in a little bit every now and then*
nagi: /he's nearly ready, schu.../ *crawls forward and places his real, physical hand on omi's crotch, petting it softly*
ken: *moans and spreads his legs wide for him* oh yes... YES!!! deeper!! hnggg!! oh gods...
Omi: *groans, thrusting up helplessly against nagi's small hand*
schu: /*purrs* good job, darling../ *slips a second finger into ken, grinning and probing around for that perfect little spot*
ken: *groans and pushes back against the fingers, pumping his hips until he suddenly goes regid and curses as schu finds his spot. soon, he's humping like a bitch in heat, trying to get more of it* oooh GODS!!! yessss!! oh gods, more, MORE!! that feels so fucking great!!! oh schu!! pleasee!!!
nagi: *leans forward to his ear* don't they look just too hot? *licks and purrs, undoing omi's shorts discreetly* don'T you just want to go there and make them do you the same...?
schu: *smmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiirrrrrkkkkkkkkkkssss. Twists his fingers around inside ken, pushing up against that spot, leaving them there to brush up against for a good while*
Omi: eyes locked on ken and schu, licks his lips like there dry as hell* H-hai..
ken: *writhes like he's possessed, trying to get more, as precum drips from his cock* oh gods!! close!! m..more... gimme more..!! i need it!! i'm going crazy!!!
nagi: go on... they're waiting for you.... can't you see how much ken needs it...?
schu: *thrusts his fingers in and out, then adds a third, leaning down to taste the salty dribble of precum from ken's strained cock* Mmm you taste devine <3!
Omi: *shivers* b-but.. is it okay..? *moces forward a little*
nagi: *tugs the shorts so they loosen on omi's hips* they're waiting just for you...
ken: *cries out, pushing back on schu's fingers*
Omi: *doesn't seem to even notice that his shorts are being loosened.. crawled forward a bit more, nearly to schu and ken, stareinga t them like he's been hypnotized*
schu: *grins, eyeing ken, then nagi, omi, then ken again, slids up, fingers still deep inside ken* look who's coming to visit you, ken-chann
ken: oh gods!!! hmmm!!! pl.. please.. *turns to look at omi with lustfilled eyes* omi.. please... my cock's aching now... please... i need you!!!
nagi: *crawls behind omi, tugging the shorts and undies to pool at omi,s knees*
Omi: *nods to ken and moves over to his cock, gripping it softly with one hand, bending down to gently suck at the tip*
schu: *smirks, giving nagi a wink before moving down to claim ken's lips once more in a heated kiss*
ken: *moans, cock twitching in omi's hand, a groan of want and pleasure escaping his lips just as schu engulfs them in another of his mindblowing kisses*
nagi: *gets the lube and starts preparing omi gently, delicately, slipping one finger in and thrusting it in and out as his other hand wraps around the other teenager's cock*
schu: *lets his mind wander over the thoughts of those around him, groans deeply into the kiss, happily sapping excitment and lust from the other three*
Omi: *gasps softly at the intrustion, automatically arching his ass back against the probing fingers, while leaning forward to take more of ken in his warm mouth*
ken: mmmm.... m'gonna cum!!!!
nagi: *slips in two, then three, hurrying with the preleminaries*
schu: /no, you're not.. ken.. wait.. wait for us../ *pulls his fingers out of ken.. eyes turning to nagi* /hurry up, love.. he's too close../ *shifts around a little, grabbing ken and moving him to a sitting postion. Moves his hand around to undo his own pants and releases his hard erection, taking time to cover it with lube* /come.. sit on my lap, kenken-chan../ *purred into his mind*
Omi: *moans around ken's cock, thrusting back onto nagi's fingers wantonly*
ken: whimpers at the loss, pushing omi off a little just enough to go sit on schu's lap, facing away from him, legs wide open and welcoming to omi to come back to him.*
nagi: *rapidely removes his clothes while the others change positions*
schu: *groans deeply as ken takes a seat on his lap* Mmmm
Omi: *eagerly takes ken's cock back into his mouth, sucking on it roughly*
ken: *rubs back on schu, his crack teasing the hard cock of the german telepath* take me!! fuck me!! i need it so bad!!!
nagi: *lubes his own erection, positioning himself behind omi* ready..? *pushes in slowly until he's completely in, gasping a little*
schu: rubs up against him, needing it as much as ken does.. moves so that his cock is positioned at kens entrance, and holds it there* have to want it, kitten.. if you go down.. then i'll gladly fuck you silly
Omi: *pushes back against nagi, whimpering softly, pulling almost all the way off ken, grabbing the brunette's erection with his hand*
ken: *groans and pushes down, neatly empalling himself on schu's cock* oh gods YES!! FINALLY!!! *wriggles around, trying to get schu to brush against his prostate, but then thrusts into omi's hand* omi... pleasee......
schu: *purrs, nibbling on ken's neck, gripping onto his hips and lifting him a bit before tugging him down roughly while thrusting up*
nagi: *grips omi's hips and starts thursting into him, in and out, in and out, liking the silk heat around his cock, laying soft kisses on omi's back* so hot... so fucking hot... you're so perfect around me...
ken: *gasps and cries out* oh YES!!! schu!! hmmm!!! *grasps omi's hair, trying hard not to tug, but it's hard*
Omi: gasps softly, thrusting back onto nagi more, amazed at how different it feels to have someone else beside ken inside him.. leans his head back down, giving in to ken's want and sucking him again, all the way down to the base of his cock*
schu: growls, fucking ken faster and faster, harder and harder* So fucking good!
ken: *groans* oh gods... oh gods!!! so close... oh yes!!! hmmm!!! more...!!! *bounces wildly on schu's lap, thrusting into omi's mouth, letting his head fall back onto schu's shoulder* just.. a ... little more...
nagi: *wraps an invisible hand around omi's cock, stroking and petting, caressing his balls, as he pounds into him faster, matching schu and ken's rythm*
Omi: *bucks wildly into nagi's invisable hand, and back against him, and onto ken's cock, over and over.*
schu: moans, fucking ken happily, though picking up on omi and nagi's thoughts.. nearly drowinging in pleasure, not just his but the others as well* N-nagiii mein gott!
ken: *gasps and cries out, spurting his seed down omi's throat as he cums, muscles clenching around schu*
nagi: /he's so tight, schu!!! you'll love him!!! oh gods!/ *thrusts in faster, aiming for omi's sweetspot*
schu: /I will.. gods i will.. but later.. later.. i want the both of you..!/ *bites down harshly on ken's shoulder, thrusting into him a few more times before cumming himself*
Omi: *greedily swollows ken's cum, savouring the familiar taste.. nearly jumping off the bed when nagi hits his prostate* Mmm!
nagi: *started later so lasts a little longer, but he's a teenager and it doesn't take him too long, after thrusting repeatedly right on omi's prostate - if he judged by omi'S reaction- he finally let go and came too*
Omi: *follows not long after, mewling softly as he's filled with nagi's seed, and cumming not long after that.. then slumping down to the bed below, gasping softly*
ken: *is putty, all molded against schu* oh gods... oh my gods.. i think i saw stars... *pulls omi closer to kiss him silly*
nagi: *pulls out and crawls to schu to kiss -him-.
Omi: *kisses ken back happily, crawling into his lap*
schu: *purrs against nagi's lips, kissing the daylights outta him* /you're the best, love/
ken: *wraps his arms around him, still fully seated on schuldig, kissing him and moaning at the intensity of the kiss*
nagi: /baka. look at ken now and tell me that you aren't the best. he's putty. i have a feeling we'll see more of them soon.../
Omi: *rubs up against him happily, moaning softly into the kiss*
schu: /*chuckles* but, baby they're ours for the next few -days-!/
ken: *purrs* already want another round...? *rubs back against him, the movement sliding schu's cock deeper in and making him moans lustfully* oh gods!!! that feels to good....
nagi: /days? that'S good.../ *eyes them* /i think it shall be very interesting*
Omi: Mhmm *licks over his lips* if you think you can handle it
schu: *groans at ken's movment, it making him hard alll over again* /Mhmmm... just think of what we can do../
nagi: /what's the next arrangement...?/
ken: handle it? you amke me so hot and horny, i'm gonna fuck you into the mattress!!!
Omi: *giggles and moves back* i'd like to see you try
schu: *eyes them.. then nagi* /Well... that depends.. do you have any prfrence..?/
nagi: /ken seems intent on screwing omi... i could have omi take me while i suck you off..../
schu: /if you like.. or i could fuck you.. and maybe you'd give kenken a try?/
ken: *moves forward to follow omi's movement, moaning as schu slips free of his body, but intent on screwing omi, as nagi said*
nagi: *eyes ken's ass* now -that's- an idea...
Omi: *eeps and backs off to the edge of the bed*
schu: *laughes, nuzzling up to nagi* you like?
ken: *follows on all four, showing a very nice and rather nicely muscled ass*
nagi: *eyes said ass some more* oh yes!
schu: *looks around to get the lube again, then nibbles on nagi's ear* sayyy.. nagi, darling.. could i ask a favor of you..? *opens the tube and gets some on his fingers, moving it down to tease between nagi's buttcheeks*
Omi: *scoots back*
nagi: *moans and pushes back on his fingers* wh.. what.. *breathily*
ken: omi.... where are you going..?
schu: *nips, pushing a finger inside* would you mind.. terribly useing that talent of yours.. for me?
Omi: i dunno.. away.. *grins playfully*
nagi: *chuckles* as if i've never done that before... then everyone can be happily screwed, huh?
ken: *pounces on omi!!*
schu: Mhmm! <3 thank you! *slips another lubed finger into nagi, stretching him roughly*
Omi: *eeps and is pounced*
nagi: harder, schu!! you know i like it rough!!!
ken: *kisses him, hands roaming all over omi* hmmm...
schu: hai! *pushes two more of his fingers in and stretches them apart inside nagi's ass* i know how you like it..
Omi: *mewls softly* ken... *lets his hands wander down to ken's ass, playing with it teaseinly*
ken: *moans* omi... *tweaks his nipples, nibbling on his neck*
nagi: *pushes back against schu, fucking himself on his fingers* oh gods, yes!
Omi: *archs to the touch* k-ken.. baka.. fuck me..
schu: *grins, nudgeing nagi forward* /we mustn't play without the kittens/
nagi: *grins and crawls forward, bringing the lube with him and presenting it to ken just as he starts looking for it*
ken: thanks! *lubes his fingers and starts prepping omi, though the boy is already mostly ready since he's just been stretched by nagi*
Omi: *mewls softly, pushing back against ken's fingers* kennnn! *whines* do it nowww! come on, fuck em.. pleaseee
schu: *chuckles, crawling a little on nagi, rubbing his arousal between the boy's cheeks*
ken: *lubes his cock* coming, omi... just a second... *passes the lube back to nagi and tugs omi to him, nearly folding the boy in two as he pushes into him*
nagi: *moans and quickly lubes himself, not waisting time lubing ken, thinking he's ready, but thrusting in him , surprising the soccer player who gasps*
Omi: *cries out sharply as he's penetrated, leans up in an amazing act of flexability and kisses ken hungrly*
schu: *follows nagi's lead and pushes into him as he moves into ken, groaning softly* Mmm
ken: *groans and kisses omi deeply and thouroughly, pushing deep into him, then pushing himself hard against nagi, completely taking him in*
Omi: *hums softly, pushing back against ken, forceing him further onto nagi*
nagi: *lets out a soft mewl, humping on ken (And into him) a few times before remembering and sending his power to push into schu and even another tendril to wrap around omi, jerkng him off*
ken: *moans* oh gods... omi!! *twists his hips, trying to reach omi's prostate even as nagi brishes against his own*
Omi: *his brain doesn't even regester the fact that whoever's jerking him off isn't physically one of the other three men, just thrusts up into the warm enveloping him* Mm!
schu: *gasps, arching back, tossing his head back, hair moving with it wildly like fire* G-gods! n-nagii!
ken: *thrusts harder and faster, growling and grunting*
nagi: *increases the speed on both ends to speed things up and moans*
Omi: yelps, then moans happily as ken nails his sweet spot over and over* Keennn!
schu: *lets his power go.. nearly breaking the mental walls keeping them all seperate from one another.. letting the others hear and feel one another*
ken: cum for me, baby.. i-- oh GODS!!! *feels the lust and desire and pleasure 4 times because of schu's power and it tips him over, nagi following right behind him*
Omi: *follows them at almost the exact same instant, crying out sharply as he cums, and is filll yet again*
schu: *sighs softly, right behind them all, happily filling his young love with his seed*
*they all fall into a sated pile of nakie and sweatie bishies*
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